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Create 3D Animation Video expert -- 98510 - Create 3d bingoballs for a bingo site. Make them feel alive with faces. Transparent background for easy post production in photoshop. Create 3D Bottle - Create 3D character Rig/skinning in Cinema 4D for a 3D fairy model. (+ moving over from 3DS Max format) Create 3D characters - repost - Create 3D face matching picture Create 3D Face Model With Picture - Create 3D game with Unreal Engine and Visual Studio Create 3D Geological Profile using the given BoreHole data - Create 3D iPhone 5 Case using CAD Create 3D iPhone 5 Case using CAD - Create 3D model Create 3d model - Create 3d Model From Pic Create 3D model from supplement label. - Create 3D Model of Foldable Tray Create 3D Model of fragrance bottle - Create 3D model of the images -- 2 Create 3D model of town - Create 3D models for video game Create 3d models from 2Ddwg within Autocad/export to 3d studio max readable - Create 3D object model for software Create 3D objects for in a iOS Game. (cartoon look) - CREATE 3D RENDER OF A NEW HOME DESIGN Create 3D Render of Jumper - Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images - Create 3D view from DWG Plan File Create 3d view of a room - Create 4 3”x 3” graphic designs for sticker. ( 2 designs front and back ) Create 4 text file based on actual table in mysql - Create 4 CD's with articles I provide Create 4 characters w/ Quidam/Poser/CAD to create .STL file - Create 4 fully functional web pages for my website: Create 4 future sales copy /newsletters to be scheduled based on existing / previous newsletters. - create 4 jacket measurement photos create 4 job site crawlers - Create 4 outline vector illustrations - 27/09/2016 07:28 EDT Create 4 page A5 brochure - Create 4 Realistic Homeless Figures Create 4 Realistic Homeless Figures - Create 4 Tutorial Video Create 4 types of flares in the needed colors - Create 4 x 1000 Word Articles in 48 Hours Create 4 x 3-panel comics (pvt for sleazyfishstudio) - Create 40 Facebook and Hub pages for Pakistani TV Shows Create 40 farewell greeting card messages - Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages TO HUSBAND FROM WIFE Create 40 wedding anniversary greeting card messages TO WIFE FROM HUSBAND - Create 42 hand writing Fonts Create 42 Web 2.0 Accounts - Create 5 .wav or MP3 format sounds Create 5 1-2min. videos and post to YouTube - Create 5 blogging sites. Create 5 Blogs & 5 Wordpress About a person - Create 5 explainer videos (about 90 seconds each) Create 5 Facebook Account With 5000 Friends - Create 5 icons ( ICO) Create 5 icons that are similar style - Create 5 mins videos for my website Create 5 Minute Video with Ads - Create 5 pages of content for our Bathroom Renovation site Create 5 pages of content for our Bathroom Renovation site (PERFECT English) - Create 5 second long youtube animated intro of existing logo Create 5 second Ringtone Variations - create 5 spiders to extract info from website using scrapy create 5 spiders using python3 scrapy - Create 5 Video Tutorials for the Construction Industry with an Emulator Create 5 videos featuring my website products - Create 5 zombie illustrations. Cartoon / Comics Style. - repost Create 5,000 Tumblr Blogs - Create 50 animations Create 50 banner ads for a gaming site - Create 50 Freemail Accounts According to Specification Create 50 GIF's / Animations - Create 50 links. requires no special skill Create 50 accounts - Create 50 Social Media Templates & Checklists Create 50 Squidoo Lenses - Create 50 Youtube Full Accounts Create 50 youtube movies - Create 500 facebook accounts CREATE 500 FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS FOR ME - Create 500 training video clips for diabetes Create 500 Training Videos for EMR product - Create 596 Profiles on my Opencart's custom ebay profile system. Create 5k emails for me within two days - Create 6 Ebooks - Real Estate Create 6 explainer videos - Create 6 page website from a PDF desigh Create 6 page website using visual composer - Create 6 vector images Create 6 video graphics templates for web channel - Create 60 posts on Facebook with a schedule Create 60 sec Custom Character Animated Sales Video -- 2 - create 6000 US Gmail accounts create 6000 words of SEO code - Create 7 Page HTML Website from template Create 7 page PDF editable Application From from Word File - create 76 excel sheets and PDF's of said sheets Create 76 links - Create 8 pages for a project management application Create 8 pages for a project management application theme - Create 80 SQL Queries out of a ERP for Compiling Data to a KPI System create 80/20 spreadsheet - Create 9 icons Create 9 Illustrations for Website - Create 900 Listings in Ebay Create 9000 phpBB Accounts - Create a an Android and iphone application Create a Augmented Reality App - CREATE A FAST SEARCH ENGINE + WEB-BASED GUI Create a fisical service sharing website - Create a PPC Advertising Campaign only for CHINA Create a PPC Adword campaign - Create a Simple Text to Graphics Software create a simple webpage - create a website - open to bidding -- 2 Create a website for dance studio - Create a "Donate for Nepal" version of our banner create a "dropbox badge" for excel - Create a "Question of the Day" module in Flash Create a "quis" - Create a "Yo" application clone Create a "How it works" flash animation for a website - Create a 'spinning' sign from logo Create a 'state of the art' user interface presenting data from a sql database - Create a .gif from a bunch of images Create a .htaccess file to improve URL - Create a .png logo from this picture Create a .png logo from this picture - Create a 1 Flash Game -- 5 Create a 1 hours video - Create a 1 minute powtoons like video Create A 1 Minute Product Animation For A Social App - Create a 1 page Ticket purchase page using paypal Create a 1 Page visual CV - Create a 1-page with google analytics data in from 4 different websites Create a 1-wire device - Create a 10 second Promo Create a 10 second stock video - Create a 12 Page Portfolio - open to bidding Create a 12 page Wordpress website using the layouts we give - Create a 15 Second Instagram Video x 20, 1000 x 1000 Create a 15 second Intro Animation using GoAnimate or something similar - Create a 1min after effect / 3d medical animation Create a 1min after effect animation - Create a 2 minute animated video
Create a 2 minute Animated Video For Our Website - Create a 2 page wordpress template Create a 2 pager from existing one. Making it more catchy and aligned with corporate look and feel - Create a 20 articles /520 words article Create a 20 minute Unity 3D Adventure Game Demo - Create a 2D and a corresponding 3D model of transcranial stimulation in COMSOL Create a 2D Android / iOS game in Unity - Create a 2D animation based on the 70s Star Trek series Create a 2D Animation Clip - Create a 2D animation Video. Create a 2D Animation, Parallax background and ground - Create a 2D GIF Animation of a Ball Create a 2D GoAnimate video animation (with demo voiceover) - Create a 2m graphic animation video Create a 2min 2D 'flat' style animation to supplied voiceover. Explainer video. - create a 3 minute video/animation Create a 3 minute wedding video - Create a 3-minute 3D animation video to promote a software Create a 3-minute promo video - Create a 30 second intro 3D video Create a 30 second Maya Animation - Create a 30-45 second video Animation from an image -2 - Repost Create a 30-45 second video Animation from an image -2 - Repost - open to bidding - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D Animation Video - Create a 3d animation create a 3d animation - Create a 3D Animation Video Create a 3d animation video for TV ad - Create a 3D character with animations Create a 3D clipart of an officer - Create a 3D Fracking Video Create a 3D game for Android and IOS phones and tablets - Create a 3D Logo and Banner in different size Create a 3D logo And logo reveal (future work possible) - ongoing work - Create a 3D model figure wearing a full body safety harness to be used in Poser Create a 3D model for 2D box packaging presentation - Create a 3D Model of a Crochet Hook in OBJ, STP and IGS formats Create a 3D model of a cute hedgehog, based on a 2D design - Create a 3D modeling of my house from a blueprint Create a 3D Modelling - Create a 3D Render Create a 3D render for an event - Create a 3D Spaceman in Blender Create a 3D surface chart using excel - Create a 3D Video Commercial Create a 3D Video Commercial - open to bidding - Create a 4 minute videoscribe video Create a 4 minutes introductory video - Create a 45-50 second 2D Minimal Animation (3 different scenes) each approx 15secs. Create a 48page booklet - create a 5 pages of psd designs Create a 5 pages wordpress site, with great design, member login and paypal (&paysafecard) module - Create a 5-second animation converting an image into a logo. Both image and logo will be given by me. Create a 5-second animation converting an image into a logo. Both image and logo will be given by me. -- 2 - Create a 60 sec generic video promo to run on all social media channels Create a 60 sec promo video - CREATE A 7 LABELS TO A CHEESE RANGE -- 3 Create a 7 page website - Create a 90 Sec Video Create a 90 sec Video explaining services of my music related website $175 - Create a a design like the attached. I have attached all required files. Create a a field on website to apply coupon code - Create a Ad for the production -- 2 Create a ad video of an iOS app - Create a Adsence Blog $80 to $100 Per day Create a Adsense blog or site which earns minimum 10$ a day! - Create a advertisement Video for my product Create a advertiser for a retailer catalogue - Create a AlertPay Ad profit Share Script Create a all recharge online Website - Create a Android and Ios smartphone game Create a Android and Mobile App. - Create a AngularJS frontend for a Java REST Backend Service Create a Anima Music Video - Create a Animated or Screenshot Video Create a animated page with voice over on a web site to describe the workings of the product. - Create a animated video for Wedding - Save the date.... Create a animated video to promote a startup idea - Create a animation video Create a animation Video - Create a app create a app - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create a app for me Create a App for Mobile devices - Create a Application for managing customers online Create a Application Form & Setup - Create a ASPX Template Create a ASPX Template - Create a automation task through winautomation Create a Automator script (or applescript) to convert a folder of sub-folders containing HTML files to PDF - Create a Backdoor program for use on Adidas US website / Demandware Backdoor Create a backend and editor for html websites - Create a background service for my media player app- Repost Create a background slow paced Animation - Create a band logo - Must be transparent and vector Create a Band management web app in Ruby On Rails - create a banner Create a Banner - Create a banner creater shop system Create a banner for a 4 step business case - Create a Banner to match GPS logo create a banner utilizing our logo - Create a basic 10 page website (minor transition effect on home page) - Repost Create a basic admin panel for an existing mysql database with search form - Create a basic Drupal Template for a restaurant Create a basic ecommerce website - Create a basic membership plugin on wordpress with search feature on the members Create a basic mobile app with Google map integrated - Create a basic video slideshow in Adobe AfterEffects Create a basic Video/Animated presentation - Create a batch file and integrate with Garmin Communicator Plugin Create a batch file for router restart - Create a beautiful graph using excel/illustrator - $20 project - SIMPLE. Create a beautiful Highcharts theme - Create a beauty store on amazon Create a Beauty Wordpress Template - Create a Betting website using bot , need urgent . Create a betting&marketplace site for a steam game. - Create a bilingual (2 languages) Joomla website. Create a Bilingual Meme App - Create a Bitcoin Mobile Reload Script Create a Bitcoin Mobile Reload Scriptt - Create a Blender Model. Create a block for T3 Framework in Joomla - Create a blog #1 Create a blog #2 - Create a blog for my website Create a blog for my wordpress site. - Create a Blog page and template edit in Wordpress Create a blog page for a website - Create a blog web site Create a Blog Website - Create A Blogger Template Create a Blogger Template - Create A BooCover Create A BooCover - open to bidding - create a book, all text provided Create a booking adventure website, using two model of templates that I have. -- 2 - Create a Boonex Template Create a boot animation for Android - Create a bootstrap template with an elegant design Create a Bootstrap Theme - Create a Bot (api) from my server to another Webpage