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Create 3D Model with my Label - Create 3D Models from five 2D pictures which needs to be imported into Unreal -- 2 Create 3D Models from Photographs - Create 3D of a product to insert into after effects template Create 3D Online Shed Designer - Create 3d render/animation Create 3d render/animation - repost - Create 3D solar (PV) photovoltaic models to quantify solar resource for a given residential site. Create 3D solidworks model from 2D drawings and images - Create 3D video animations, with Men and Women models, and tools Create 3d video game charactor Live and Breathing - Create 3x Company Overviews in Powerpoint Create 3x Images using Photoshop - assets provided - Create 4 Banners - quick! TODAY! Create 4 Banners - quick! TODAY! - Create 4 facebook accounts and 4 google+ Create 4 facebook apps - Create 4 illustrator files from 4 super simple designs. Create 4 Images - Create 4 modules for prestashop Create 4 Movie Clips - Create 4 player adventure game on Unity3D - small 3 minute demo Create 4 Player Multiplayer Card Game - Create 4 Simple Images in PhotoShop Create 4 simple java programs - Create 4 web pages Create 4 web pages from Photoshop design - Create 40 '30th birthday' greeting card messages Create 40 '40th birthday' greeting card messages - Create 40 new born baby greeting card messages Create 40 new born baby greeting card messages - ongoing work - Create 40+ Profile(repost)(repost) Create 40-50 short professional videos. - Create 45 pages Company Profile using Adobe Indesign 1 Create 45 question and answers for a quiz - Create 5 Alternatives Simple Landing Page Create 5 anatomy of hair animations - Create 5 crash derby arenas Create 5 custom ads - Create 5 game playing videos Create 5 Good Portfolio Graphics - see examples - Create 5 images for facebook marketing Create 5 images for website - Create 5 nursery rhymes video's with sound Create 5 ombre/gradient prints in PSD file - Create 5 Photorealistic Renderings - 2 Exterior, 3 Interior Views -- 2 Create 5 photos from other photos- High Quality - Create 5 short 0,5s - 3s transition animations between videos with a logo Create 5 short animation videos - Create 5 Spreadshirt Designs create 5 squido and 5 hub pages - Create 5 Videos same structure as this sample video here Create 5 Videos. real life acting. - Create 5,000 Tumblr Blogs Create 5,000 word E-Book ready for sale (including formatting, images, polish e.t.c) - Create 50 Blogger Blogs - Keywords Provided Create 50 blogger vefiried accounts - Create 50 Gmail accounts Create 50 gmail accounts - Create 50 people articles Create 50 people articles (Feb 2011 - 1) - Create 50 Vector Clipart Create 50 VERY BASIC slides/images - Create 500 conversions per day on my website Create 500 Daily - Create 500 profiles, create 3 backlinks in each profile account, and create report of profile URLs Create 500 SEO Website Links - Create 50K US FB Account - No Phone verified -- 2 Create 52 5-6 line of content labels - Create 6 CMS pages and fill each page with text + images (3-5 per page) Create 6 CMS pages and fill each page with text + images (3-5 per page) - Create 6 Instagram posts Create 6 javascript functions - Create 6 simple HTMLs Create 6 simple icons for "Pain Management Help" section of doctorellison.com - create 60 emails account Create 60 Forum Posts + Make 1 Post Each - Create 600 Accounts Create 600 email accounts BY HAND (200 yahoo, 200 hotmail, 200 aol) and create 600 Craigslist accounts using these emails ~URGENT!~ - Create 7 facebook tabs/apps for a facebook page and fill it with the content and images I will provide Create 7 facebook tabs/apps for a facebook page and fill it with the content and images I will provide -- 2 - Create 70 website directory listings / citations entries from my list - ongoing work Create 700 company records on wordpress website - Create 8 images that we can use as banner on our website create 8 joomla sub-pages for a url - Create 8 x single page pdfs, using an existing pdf and matching its theme Create 8-10 Page Website with Lead Capture Pages for Marketing Funnel - Create 8x Custom Wordpress Templates Create 8x Product Images for 8 Products for Online Ad Agency - Create 90 INTERESTING PROFILES create 90 sec animation - Create a "Whiteboard animation video" Create a "Camera Class" Flash Player interface - Create a demo Dashboard Create a Directory Utility API in Java - Create a marketing Campaign in China Create a marketing plan for me - Create a promotional video for my academy create a psd design for a website - Create a vector image based on a low res jpg Create a Video - Create a "Business Sale and Buy" website Create a "calculator" website from a Google Sheet - Create a "members area" for our website. create a "mini data base" - Create a "TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHAT YOU ARE UP TO" Module Create a "Terms of Use" agreement for my social media iPhone app. - Create a ''Proposal of Service'' document for Internet Marketing Services Create a ''time-limited'' web page - Create A ***WORLD CLASS*** Web Based Movable Floorplan Addon For Our Storage Management Platform Create a *CLICKABLE* header to incorporate in a LeadPage. - Create a .net Exe to upload images create a .net form privte job for cms n custom - Create a .sav SPSS-file-format using visual basic Create a .spec file for nginx, php 5.6 and phalconphp (rpm building) - Create a 1 Minute (roughly) Promo Video Create a 1 minute 10 seconds promo Video - Create a 1 minute video ad for app Create a 1 minute video animation to explain how a website works - Create a 1 page website from psd(only home page) Create a 1 page website to sell product - Create a 1-page with google analytics data in from 4 different websites Create a 1-wire device - Create a 10 second "start" clip to a video Create a 10 second Animation (2d or 3d your choice)for a truck company happy birthday message! - Create a 100% vector (.ai or .eps) from a .psd file. Create a 10s Animation exactly like my sample - Create a 15 sec TVC Create a 15 sec Video - Create a 16 x 16 windows Icon of the letter K Create a 16-bit gothic Wordpress theme - Create a 2 min Christmas Product Sale Video Create a 2 min explainer video with voiceover - Create a 2 mionute explainer video for android app security product - Appvigil Create a 2 or 3 Modern Responsive Email Templates - Create a 2-3 minute video Create a 2-3 minute video for Indiegogo Campaign - Create a 20 seconds animation (maximum badjet 30 euro) Create a 20 seconds animation / teaser - Create a 2D animated game trailer video -- 2 Create a 2D animated infographics - Create a 2D Animation based on our character. Looping. 12 frames -- 2 Create a 2D animation based on the 70s Star Trek series - Create a 2D Animation Video with 3D Elements Create a 2D animation Video. - Create a 2D Floorplan, and a rendered Elevation View - Repost Create a 2D Floorplan, and a rendered Elevation View - Repost - open to bidding - Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) Create a 2D Video (30 Seconds) - ongoing work - Create a 3 minute cartoon
Create a 3 Minute Cartoon (Animating + Character Design) - Create a 3 videos, one of them animated Create a 3 wheel roulette HTML5 Animation - Create a 30 sec Video about an App Create a 30 sec video for our orthodontic practice - Create a 30 Second Video for Youtube / HD Create a 30 Second Video Intro - Create a 30sec app preview video Create a 30sec commercial (tutorial of desktop) - create a 3d android mission game Create a 3D animated advertisement - Create a 3D Animation Create a 3D Animation - Create a 3D animation video create a 3d animation video - Create a 3D character animation using MAYA Create a 3D character for a logo - Create a 3D explanation animation 90-120 seconds Create a 3D face for an existing MASK - Create a 3D Intro count down for may brand create a 3D IOS APP - Create a 3D Model Create a 3d model - Create a 3d model in maya from 2d picture Create a 3d model of 3 boxes - Create a 3d model of an existing 2d character Create a 3D model of floor plan CAD / Skechup - create a 3d object from a room Create a 3D object from an outline - Create a 3D Rendered Model in Sketch Up of a 4 bed house on site Create a 3D rendering from an existing logo - Create a 3D Tree with Face - Single, High Quality Image Create a 3D Tree with Face - Single, High Quality Image - Create a 3D video commercial for new website Create a 3D Video for a company Logo and some more work - Create a 4 page brochure in Indesign 3 Create A 4 Page Client Brief in Word/PDF - Create a 45 Second "How it Works" Video Create a 45 second LIFELIKE 3d animation movie of Christs' resurrection - Create a 5 page template in HTML, CSS and JS/jQuery Create a 5 page website - Create a 5-7 minute music video montage with my pictures and video clips Create a 5-7 page WordPress.com website - Create a 60 - 90 Second Video Create a 60 articles /520 words article - Create a 60-sec promo video in flat design for a mobile app Create a 60-second animated Explainer Video for my website/service - Create a 8 Videos about diffrent services Create a 8-10 Page Mobile Website - Create a :30s animated video (primarily text) but some images too (very sleek and impressive text animation) Create a <10 Flash animation - convert After Effect into Flash - Create a Acc+ Html5 Player (jquery) works on Chrome Safari Edge Create a access database with specific requirements - Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes Create a admin panel that can deliver Instagram followers/likes - Create a advance design for my client website!! Create a Advanced Wordpress Functionalilty - Create a after effects video Create a After effects video.. - Create a Amazon lambda function to send data to Google calendar and add event. Create a Amazon Landing Page - Create a android app (Celfie) Create a android app - repost - Create a android web crawler Create a ANDROID/IOS app - Create a animated logo Create a Animated Marketing Video - Create a animated Video Create a animated video - create a animation app Create a animation approx. 1min30sec - Create a animation video to market a solution (LineB) Create a animation video to sell my services - create a app - open to bidding create a app like whatsapp - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - Create A App For My Social Media Network create a APP FOR SOCIAL NETWORKING AND CLASSIFIEDS SHARING - Create a Application for a website and a facebook page Create a application for control raspberry pi - Create a ASP.NET Website, add CSS, fix design issues Create a ASP/MySQL db for QUOTES - Create a automated web page Javascript Create a Automatic Checkout Script - Create a B2B, B2C website and do some customization Create a b2c affiliate network - Create a background homepage short video Create a background Image - Create a balance sheet and profit and loss statement in Excel from a Trial Balance in PDF Create a balance sheet forecast from a cash flow forecast - Create a banner Create a banner - Create a Banner and put it on linkedin & twitter company page + create a Brochure Create a banner and skyscraper ad for site - create a banner in illustrator Create a banner in InDesign or Illustrator for print (Second project) - Create a bash file Create a bash file - Create a Basic Backend CMS For A New Web Startup. create a basic bot for an online game - Create a basic HTML website from Image or PSD Create a basic illustration in style of previous ones from photo - Create a basic racing game Create a basic REST API using PHP/mySQL and token-based authentication POC - Create a basic website for data processing for accountants Create a basic website of buying and selling items like olx, Quikr in JAVA - Create a batch Slideshow Generator create a batch upload module stockphotoscript 1.0 - Create a beautiful responsive TablePress Table Create a Beautiful Resume -- COPY Design - Create a bespoke virtual event simulator Create a Best design Wordpress Template - create a bibliography section Create a bibtex bibliography - Create A Billing Software Create a Billing Template in Excel - Create a Bitcoin Mobile Reload Script Create a Bitcoin Mobile Reload Scriptt - Create a blank plaque with photos provided create a blast email campaign- using my 20,000 email addresses - create a blog create a blog - Create a Blog for a Startup create a blog for a website - Create a blog list based on technorati Create a blog little blog template for me - Create a Blog site or advise me which platform to use. Create a blog site which is easily update-able by all users - Create a blog within a blog Create a Blog Wordpress Template - Create a bluetooth data acquisition library for a wii remote Create a Bluetooth device calibration mechanism for Android app. -- 2 - Create a Book Cover Design for a Fun, Heretical Book Create a book cover for me - Create a booking system that display all booking on calendar like event manager Create a booking system with solidres.com - Create a bootstrap from Vectorial graphic elements Create a Bootstrap Joomla Template - Create a Bootstrap WordPress Website Create a Bootstrap/WordPress-Codex-Based Template from PSDs - Create a bot for MaddenMobile NFL -- 2 Create a bot for MaddenMobile15 - Create a bot to fetch tweets *(long term working)* Create a bot to fill and submit a specific google docs form - create a box in a website indicating which song is being played in a radio station &amp;&amp; Create a box in AI of 8/8/3 cm with simple design - Create a brand and logo .Build a Website