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Create 6 Instagram posts Create 6 javascript functions Create 6 LIVE Videos (Script Provided) Create 6 logo's Create 6 Mailchimp one page emails promoting our company at an upcoming tradeshow Create 6 maximum 60 seconds whiteboard Video Create 6 movies for our youtube channel. animotto style or stupeflix or other.... Create 6 Original Icons For Windows App Create 6 page Catalogue Create 6 page Catalogue - repost Create 6 Page Flash Website with Chat Room and Message Board Create 6 page website from a PDF desigh Create 6 page website using visual composer create 6 page website with admin create 6 pages in HTML/BOOTSTRAP Create 6 pages in our admin panel from scratch with PHP 5.5 + New database and 1 x frontend page create 6 pages of high quality content for new web site (including a few pictures) Create 6 pages to Finish a Site
Create 6 pages using html5 animation Create 6 pages with no header or footer. Create 6 pictures from text I provide Create 6 pieces of Circles Create 6 Posters/Banners for an E-Commerce Rotating Banner Create 6 Print and Packaging Designs Create 6 sample banners Create 6 second Vine videos create 6 sets of email templates on wordpress mymail1 Create 6 sets of emails Create 6 sets of Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers (each cover in 2 versions needed) Create 6 sets of Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers (each cover in 2 versions) Create 6 Short Tutorial/Demo Videos for Website Create 6 short videos - fiverr gig testimonials Create 6 simple ( and responsive ) email templates from a PDF design. Create 6 Simple 2D eBook Covers / Images CREATE 6 SIMPLE CARTOON 2D CHARACTER ILLUSTRATIONS