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Create & manage a database Create & Manage Email Campaign for a direct mail company Create & Manage PPC Campaign Create & Manage PPC Campaign for us Create & modify DotNetNuke and Module Skin Create & name 700 folders, modify 700 files Create & optimize DVD file from video files Create & Rebuild Database Daily Create & revise letterhead Create & Submit FreeWare - Long Term Create & Submit FreeWare - Long Term(repost) Create & Submit Site Map Create & Upload 1 Video Per Day to YouTube for 30 Days Create & Upload Drupal / CivicSpace CMS Create & Write Wikipedia Page Create & Combine 2 MP3/FLV Files Into One File Create &Manage a PPC Campaign - Adword Accounts Need Old
Create "14 Day Free Trial" from Game File Create "a flash" Shopping Website create "adapter" PCB circuit board Create "Auto-fill" feature for employment website Create "Build & Price System" for HTML site Create "Careers" Web pages to advertise positions Create "Complete Outline" of a Citscape. (Image Provided) Create "e" Design Logo/Header/Menu Create "easy to use" corporate identity Create "File Safe" From Windows Calculator. Create "Free" hotel affilliated wordpress blogs and SEO Create "How did you hear about us?" dropdown on checkout page and contact page. create "how to use website" presentation in Flash Create "How to" Video Tutorials - Screen Capture Create "Likes" on Facebook Create "photo stories" with music in Adobe Premiere Elements or Album from scanned pictures Create "Skull" Vector Pattern