Projects Directory : Create a airline booking website that includes servlet, Java server pages (JSP) - Create a demo Xamarin Forms application to scan barcode and read passport

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Create a airline booking website that includes servlet, Java server pages (JSP) - Create a Android & iOS app for a wordpress site! Create a Android & IOS Tinder-like application for a product catalog - Create a Android custom ROM focused on security and privacy Create a Android game - Create a animated hud and some other moving objects create a animated image with pivot - Create a animated video Create a Animated Video - Company and Services Intro Video - Create a animation for children's book Create a Animation for our chemical plant. - Create a antivirus / dashboard mobile app for android Create a Apache config file for multiple domains - create a app like whatsapp create a app like whatsapp - create a app similar to watsapp Create a app /desktop gadet - Create a app similar to Instagram CREATE A APP TO HELP OUR CLIENTS ENTER THEIR DATA - Create a Arabic Videos Create a Arabic WordPress website - Create a audio-chat Create a authority blog for lead generation and set up social network right - Create a b/w vector graphic from bitmap Create a B2B Flyer - Create a Background Create a background - Create a backtest module for Ninjatrader that would enable parallel computing (master and slave windows application) create a backup for my POS software - Create a banner Create a banner - Create a Banner - Ugliest Room Contest - Need a rating? Create a Banner - Ugliest Room Contest - Need a rating? - Repost - Create a banner for me (.gif) must be animated! Create a banner for my clan's facebook page in Heroes of Newerth - Create a Bar Graph create a bar graph for ios using dummy json value ( objective c) - create a basic app Create a basic app for beverage Industry - Create a Basic Game of Mancala Create a basic graphic js drawing app exporting valid GrandOrgue console files. - Create a basic PHP Website with blog and form Create a basic product listing management link via website apis - create a basic website Create a Basic Website - Create a batch script for filetransfer Create a batch script to compile and run java program - Create a beautiful Responsive CMS Design Website for PreBrand Create a beautiful responsive TablePress Table - Create a bespoke virtual event simulator Create a Best design Wordpress Template - Create a bid (simply an extra message) on dolphin boonex\" Create a bid sniper feature for Ebay - Create a Bing Ads API tool for updating ads Create A bing campaign for my tech support website. - Create a Bitcoin Transfer Tracker Create a Bitcoin Wallet for Android - Create a Blog Create a Blog - Create a blog and add posts create a blog and complete my facebook fan page.. - Create a blog header and page buttons Create a blog image based on supplied idea - Create a blog post - best job finding resources Australia Create a blog post about one of our products - create a blog which generates 5-10$ a day Create a Blog which generates money. - Create a Blogger Template Create a blogger template (Re-posted) - create a book create a book - Create a Booking Form on Word Press Create a Booking Form on WordPress with Payment Integration - Create a bootable ISO image based on current server setup Create a bootable USB drive from my ISO image - Create a bootstrap theme Create a Bootstrap theme based admin and customer panel for A2billing 1.5 - create a bot for an android imulator Create a bot for android application - Create a Bot that Logs into Our Site - Easy Create A Bot That Makes Accounts On A Website and Likes Comments - Create a bottle flip game (Under Cproductions Company Name) Create a bottle flip game (Under Cproductions Company Name) -- 3 - Create a Brand And Logo Create a brand and logo .Build a Website - Create a Brand name for Leather Jackets mainly for motorcycle riders and fashionable youngsters Create a brand name for nail salon - Create a break-even chart in excel from a variable data range Create a breezing form with some features - create a brochure and help with some forum topics for a php complex script Create a brochure design - Create a Browser Extension for Google Chrome Create a browser extension that collects URLs visited - Create a bug (a short animated video) for a youtube channel + logo Create a build for Kodi - Create a bus connection website Create a Business / Company App - Create a business card design - repost Create a business card design, stationary design and an icon from a provided logo - Create a Business Introduction Video create a business joomla template - create a business plan create a business plan - Create a business web site on Wordpress Create a Business Website - Create a button on my spreadsheet that emails the entire work book -- 2 create a button to print a contract / invoice of the customer php/mysql cms Stivasoft - Create a C# Application using Freelancer API Create a c# class for html data scraping - Create a C++ Program Create a C++ Program - Create a CAD model for 3d printing from a given prompts Create a Cake package, Cookie box, paper bag, paper cup for Patisserie Cake shop - Create a calender module (Magento) Create a Call Management Module - create a captive portal from new subway restaurant website( am a subway franchisee. Create a captive portal using provided php that allow easy customization - Create a Caricature from Individual Photographs Create a caricature from my rough sketch - Create a cartoon animtion Create a Cartoon based on my idea - Create a Cartoon low poly 3D Model with Animation -- 2 Create a cartoon mascot for website - Create a cartoon-yet-clean style character from picture(s) Create a cartoon. - Create a catalog in indesign Create a catalog of all AWS permissions - Create a CCS Project for CC2640 Create a CCTV Surveillance Mobile App for my hostel guests - Create a chalkboard Animation Create a Challenge and response functions that can be used accross a site built in Codeigniter - Create a chart Create a chart for a wordpress website - Create a chat software for communication Create a chat system - Create a Cheshire Create a chess application - Create a chess software - Create a child theme in WP Create A child theme to a woo theme. - Create a Christmas Lights Animation using custom software Create a Christmas themed banner for email - Create a Chrome Extension that Copies Selected Text Create a Chrome extension that finds free eBooks - Create a city illustration Create a City Map - Create a class for Visual Composer Grid/ Create a class for Visual Composer Grid1 - Create a classified website for my local community. Create a Classified website to sell dogs and puppies - Create a clean CSS table-less xhtml page from current site
Create a clean customisable Wordpress Template from an existing theme - Create a clickable custom background Create a clickable mockup of a mobile app on InVision - create a clone crm from existing crm with vtiger or sugar Create a clone for a website ecommerce trade sys - Create a clone of the Create a clone of the website classifieds - Create a cloud page Create a cloud service similar to dropbox for my company - Create a CMS Template (preferably for Contao) -- 2 Create a CMS Templates from HTML, competencies required: XSLT, HTML, CSS, Javascript - Create a code Intuit to Business Catalyst synchronization Quickbooks Online Create a code let google read the post title - Create a collage of newspaper headlines Create a collage of web site screenshots - Create a Comic Character Create a Comic Illustration - Create a Comment Script with option to Rate Article Create a Commercial - Create a community site Create a Community site somewhat like Facebook using the Elgg Open Source Script - Create a company Logo Create a company logo - create a company mobile website Create a Company Name - Create a company video Create a company Video - Create a compelling Kickstarter camapign video Create a compelling marketing email to Sales Leads - Create a Complete PHPFox Blueprint or Manual Create a complete product manual. - create a complicated pdf fillable Form Create a compnay logo - Create a concept retail-store in 3D for electronic cigarettes Create a concept retail-store in 3D for electronic cigarettes - Create a connector between ERPNext and Office 365 Create a connector between multiple database engines and storage data - Create a contact form based on the design attached Create a Contact Form for website - create a Contact us page and tidy up website Create a contact us page and upload it to my webhosting company - Create a Continuous Background for Mobile Game Application & App Icon create a contract or schedule - Create a cool design for a great site. Only Tanvi can do that! Create a Cool Form - Create a copy of a Wordpress Theme Create a copy of an Android App from the source - Create a copy of Create a copy of the form for orders creation - create a core php website Create a Corel Draw flyer from a pdf/ppt version of the graphic - Create a corporate image and create a web site Create a Corporate Introduction Video for a company - Create a corporate video using after effects template Create a corporate video using after effects template -- 2 - Create a couple of game sprites Create a couple of pages in HTML/CSS from my mockups. - Create a Courier Tracking Android App create a course - Create A CPA network with lots of features Create a CPA offer for my company/product - Create a creative internet marketing email for blast emailing Create a creative iphone Video with my image on the iphones - Create a CRM in php - Jquery on a MVC or Yii framework - relisted - Repost - open to bidding Create a CRM in PHP/Bootstrap using Inspina Theme - Create a cross platform mobile app Create a cross platform mobile app -- 2 - Create a crowdfunding plateforme with a wordpress template Create a crowdfunding site - Create a Crystal Report from Teradata Create a CS GO trading website - skins for cash -- 2 - Create A CSGO Gambling Website Create a CSGO Gambling Website - Create a css for two developed components in Joomla Create a CSS form - Create a CSV file from Mobile App Create a CSV file to upload to Amazon - Create a Custom 3D Texture Create a custom 404/401 error page - Create A Custom Artwork File For Our Caps (5-panel/6-panel) Create a custom attack module for AppSpider in C# language. - Create a custom checkout, my account, cart page in woocommerce Create a Custom Chrome and Firefox App-Extension - Create a custom databse of mining equipment specifications Create a custom deck of cards, a logo and the box - Create a Custom Excel Chart with supplied data (Easy) Create a custom Excel dashboard - Create a custom font using my handwriting that can randomize the characters being used while typing.. Create a custom font, replica of another font - Create a custom hover flip effect for a Wordpress Template Create a custom HTML5 player with DRM Support - create a custom learning portal based on joomla and moodle Create a custom LEGO set or LEGO figures - create a custom micros push button sheet with mutipul tabs and functions Create A Custom Minecraft Launcher - Create a custom page and upload to my website Create a custom page design in Wordpress (onetone theme) - Create a custom plugin Create a custom plugin for displaying vehicles for a car dealer website - Create a custom PSD for different sized images Create a custom pulgin for php site! - Create a custom Shopify template Create a custom Shopify theme/template - PLEASE READ HOW TO SUBMIT PROPOSALS - Create a custom theme for the Galleria jQuery image gallery Create a Custom Theme for Wordpress - Create a custom web form using a conversion scale for Wordpress Create a Custom Web Portal - Create a Custom Wordpress Page Template for Photo Gallery (Genesis Framework) Create a custom wordpress plug in - Create a Custom Wordpress Template Create a Custom Wordpress Template - Create a custom Wordpress theme Create a custom wordpress theme - Create a custom Wufoo form and integrate in the website Create a custom XBMC Android Build - Create a Customer Service Training Video Create a customer spreadsheet in Excel Format - Create a Customize menu left of the joomla website Very urgent Create a Customize Rave Slider like example - Create a customized RuneScape client Create a Customized Script Based off on FiverrScript Clone - Create a CV Template Create a CV(Resume) Wordpress - Create a dance flash game! Create a dance flash game! - repost - Create a Dashboard using Jasper report server Create a dashboard with qlikview (excel files included) - Create a Data Visualisation with Flex (Tutorial Provided!) Create a Data warehouse from the historical and live data sets. - create a database Create a Database & Submission Form - Create a Database Editor which converts forms to excel data Create a Database ERD flat files - Create a database in the access. Create a Database list of Furniture/Homesware/Gift stores Australia wide - Create a Database of online music blogs and online music publications Create a database of online product sellers - Create a database using QR code Create a database website in Visual Studio and MySQL - Create a dataset of all medical associations in Canada and contact information Create a datasheet - create a Dating Website create a dating website - Create a deal of the day function - repost 2 Create a Deal Website - Create a Demo Data Generator Create A Demo Euipment Tracking Website - Create a demo website Create a demo website - Create a demo Xamarin Forms application to scan barcode and read passport