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Create a responsive cost calculator for my html website - create a responsive funeral plan provider website Create a responsive grid-styled Wordpress theme - Create a responsive Joomla template from a design provided. Create a responsive Joomla Template from PSD - create a responsive one page website Create a Responsive One Page Wordpress Website - Create a responsive web app for mobiles iOS, Android, HTML5 etc.. create a responsive web form including an image picker - Create a responsive website using Bootstrap and jQuery. Create a responsive website with 2 pages and login - Create a Responsive Wordpress Template Create a Responsive Wordpress Template - Create a Responsive Wordpress Theme -- 3 Create a Responsive Wordpress theme based on current design - Create a REST API in Magento with Mobile Application usage (Android and iOS) for checkout module Create a REST API in PHP to update / inquire data - Create a Resume Create a Resume - Create a Review to my site. Create a review Video - PK, IN, BD, SL - Create a ringtone piano music for alarm clock app (I will provide you an idea) Create a ringtone sound effect for me - Create a Roku TV App Create a Role and custom capabilities for post type - Create a RSS feed generator Create a RSS feed that MailChimp can retrieve data from - Create a Sage 50 sales commissions report (MySQL) Create a sailing magazine - Create A Sales Page Video For Me (Audio Is Done) paying well Create a sales PDF - Create a sales/landing page Create a salesforce apex code that will enable all IPs in network access - Create a sample project after installing requirejs, angularjs and create a project structure using yeoman Create a Sample project for download files in xamarin crossplatform - Create a scale floor diagram from a drawing Create a scaled floor plan for retail store - Create a Scope of Work Document with Flow Chart Create a score sheet - Create a scrapper Create a scrapper scrape all businesses from - Create a screen scraper and do some data analysis Create a screen scraping app that retrieves download information from an Android Market Place Publishers Account - Create a Script based on times & days create a script captcha bypass by cURL - Create a script for providing Instagram Followers/Likes - repost 2 Create a script for scrapping partner website - create a script or software to search for duplicate files. Create a script or tool - Create a script that will autoclick in a part of the website create a script that will check a domain status and then register it VIA API - Create a script to count the number of emails sent from Outlook on a weekly basis Create a script to crawl a few websites and dump data into database - Create a Script to modify wiki Entires Create a Script to Monitor System Health/Status of a Ubuntu Server - create a script to view software installed Create a script to visualize a data set - Create a scroller menu like the google cardboard demo app for launching 360 Videos Create a scrolling banner - Create a Search Engine (814630) Create a Search Engine and a crawler - Create a search query to search an address from 904625697166532776746648320380374280100293470930272690489102837043110636675 pages create a search results page based on a template I provide - Create A Secondary Portal Create a section to control footer - create a self signed cert for Java applet so users can click to trust and bypass warning messages Create a self signed ssl certificate for our Windows SBS/exchange 2003 server - Create a seperate folder Create a seperate Mobile Website just for mobile and ipad, not desktop - Create a Series of Instructional Videos Create a series of Jasper Reports. - Create a server emulator for a small 2D online game. create a server entry for psiphon app android code. - Create a set of 125 animations or static images of different sex positions Create a set of 14 banners for google adwords - Create a set of forms Create a set of forty One Direction themed 120x120px cartoon PNG icons - Create a setup program for existing Outlook Add-In create a setup project/file for php application - Create a SharePoint Workflow process Create a Sharp Favicon from the existing logo - Create a shop online using wordpress and woocommerce CREATE A SHOP ONLINE/ ECOMMERCE - Create a Shopify store Create a Shopify store - Create a shopping cart that will integrate with Amazon's shopping cart API create a shopping cart to my existing site - Create a short 2D animated video Create a short 2d animation of a flying bird - Create a short animated video Create a short animated video - Create a short beautiful powerpoint presentation Create a short book trailer with music. - Create a short fun video Create a short high quality video - Create a Short Screencast Demo of Product Features Create a short seamless looped Gif - Create a short video - open to bidding Create a short video - round two - Create a short video in existing look and feel create a short video intro - Create a Showreel from images and video footage Create a showreel video for my portfolio - Create a Signal execution for Binary options . Brokers = Bee options & 24option Create a signature font - Create a similar game to Flappy Bird Create A similar game to Travian on Android and IOS - HIGH GRAPHIC - create a similar site like or create a similar site to - Create a similar website create a similar website - CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE FOR PLUMBING 5 pages! CREATE A SIMILIAR FUNCTIONING WEBSITE LIKE THIS - Create a simple "quiz game" in an existing Android App Create a simple & attractive banner ! - Create a Simple 3 level Wordpress Membership site Create a simple 3 page site using html, css and javascript - Create a simple admin site Create a simple admin to control user comments and rank - Create a simple Android App Create a simple Android app - Create a simple animated intro for my logo Create a simple animated logo gif - CREATE A SIMPLE APP FOR A FREE MAGAZINE Create a simple app for a university club in QLD - Create a Simple ASP.NET MVC 5 application in Visual Studio 2013 Create a simple web application - Create a simple BitCoin trading robot in Excel VBA Create a simple BitCoin trading robot in Excel VBA - Create a simple but modern Website using Web2 create a simple but working anti-virus - Create a simple COMING SOON page create a simple coming soon weboage - Create a simple data driven website /webservice Create a simple data entry form that has integrated webcam for taking picture to attach to data entry - Create a simple design mobile responsive create a simple design with C SS/HTML - Create a simple event attendance responsive website Create a simple excel based form - Create a simple file manager Create a simple filering back and front for wordpress - create a simple form on wordpress Create a simple form that prepopulates data from button click - Create a simple GIF Mockup Create a simple GIF Mockup - Create a simple html page Create a simple html page - Create a simple image recognition app -- 1
create a simple inapp storefront template for a newstand app - Create a simple iPhone app skeleton -- 3 Create a simple IPHONE app to get a few data and sync it back to a cloud server - Create a simple Javascript MouseOver DIV on the current page Create a simple javascript to use URL references to open an accordion - Create a simple line art illustration from this picture of a car Create a simple Link to the other product Tab - create a simple logo for a website------- create a simple logo for a website-------- - Create a simple Microsoft Word Template - examples given Create a simple Microsoft Word Template - examples given - Create a simple MySQL database, populate it through excel-like file upload, and print in PDF template Create a simple mysql update web page - create a simple online scheduling program to reserve times for service Create a simple online store - Create a Simple Php & Mysql Query Create a simple php based website - Create a simple PHP/HTML Web 2.0 Template Create a simple PHP/HTML Web 2.0 Template - create a simple poster / ) create a simple poster / need to see a mockup first - Create a Simple PowerShell App to read and Write from registry Create a simple PPC search engine for agents - Create a simple Rails app that uses jQuery File Upload with multiple upload prompts on one page Create A Simple Ranking System For Browser Game - Create A Simple Sale Video For Me (After Effects) Create a simple sales total and sort sale by date - Create a simple site in php - Apriori Algorithm -- 2 CREATE A SIMPLE SITE MAP FOR MY WEBSITE - Create A Simple SSO handler Create a simple static banner for existing Shopify website - Create a simple tool for annotating images Create a simple tool that enables/disables a port on my computer - Create a simple Vektor graphic Create a simple version of an existing logo - Create a simple web based customer refereal Portal Create a Simple Web Based Customer Referral Portal - create a simple webpage design create a simple webpage for a website - create a simple website create a simple website - create a simple website design----------- create a simple website desingn - Create a simple website template Create a simple website template -- 2 - Create a simple windows application Create a simple windows audio track recorder - Create a simple wordpress page template for products Create a Simple WordPress Plugin - Create a simple Wordpress Template Create a simple Wordpress Template - Create a simple wordpress website 6 pages Create a simple wordpress website 6 pages - repost - Create a simple, clickable html5 carousel animation Create A Simple, Economical Antivirus Software For My Start-Up Tech Support Provider Firm - create a simulink model for euler ,ode23,ode45 methods Create a simulink model same as that in explained in the attached pdf - Create a Single Page form submission app Create a single page HTML -- 2 - Create a single responsive page with masonry / Salvattore template using bootstrap Create a single responsive web page - Create a site Create a site - Create a Site for License Plate Recognition/Automatic Number Plate Recognition Create a Site for LPR/ANPR - Create a site like another site Create a site like AppleShark, TechReBuy - Apple BuyBack - Create a site making atleast $30 per day Create a site map - Create a Site Similar to or Create a Site Similar to with some modifications - Create a Site the earns £20 a day Create a Site to generate "Triggar URL" by User's Demand. - Create a Sitemap for Google with SEO considerations Create a sitemap for MTDb - Movie Database website - Create a Skin Create a skin for an aspdotnetstorefront store - Create a Slide show Video Create a Slide show video with multiple pictures. Add effects and background music - Create a Slider/Carousel for Homepage Create a SlideShare - Create a slogan generator and insert on my site Create a slogan/tag-line for our company - Create a small Android app Create a small android app that calculate the tips of a waiter - Create a small cartoon with After Effects Create a small clone of a classic game in Unity - Create a small flash clip for the home page Create a small form based page - Create a small mobile app Create a Small Mobile App - Very Urgent - Create a small presentation and 5 minute video on an NGO Create a small presentation on PDF - Create a small timed PHP daemon Create a small tool in my wordpress website - create a small website create a small website - Create a Smartdbapps Tracking Site Create a smartphone app - Create a SMTP Server Create a SMTP Server - open to bidding - CREATE A SOCIAL CONTENT SITE WITH PHP FRAMEWORK Create a social crowd-funding site - Create a Social media store Create a Social Media Viral Competition app/widget - Create a social network site sharing user-created contents Create a social network site with coding like facebook. - Create a Social Networking Web Site Create a Social Networking Website - Create A Socket Based Client Server Application Create a socket programming - Create a software and website Create a software application - create a software for saloon management Create a software for social media - Create a software similar to hitleap or jingling traffic exchange Create a software similar to hitleap or jingling traffic exchange - Create a software virtualisation platform Create a Software vote - Create A SOLR search engine for site Create A SOLR Search Engine- new/similar - create a sound file for a cartoon character.(repost) Create a Sound loop from an existing Track - Create a special FONT by drawing or illustrating for my logo. I has to be from scratch with details on it create a special function onexcel - Create a spider for crawling a website Create a Spin to win Game - Create a Sports Video Create a Sports Video - Create a spreadsheet of contacts Create a spreadsheet of game stores in the US - Create a spring banner for a floral company Create a Spring MVC application with a REST Web Service - Create a squeeze page Create a squeeze page with my aweber form - Create a Standalone Embedded Internet Explorer Create a standalone Mac App from Django project (Py2App) - Create a static build of VLC Create a static build of VLC ( ) including all codecs - create a steam bot URGENT!!!! Create a STEAM lottery. [Not for real money, for in-game items] - Create a stock photo website Create a stock portfolio excel document - Create a Story Board Message Create a Story book about the visit of a company official. - Create a story iPhone app