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Create and manage mailchimp newsletter (monthly) - Create and Manage Social Media Pages create and manage social media profile - Create and modify web 2.0 elements Create and modify wordpress theme - Create and post a Wikipedia Profile Page Create and post a Wikipedia Profile Page - Create and Promote Web Site Through Various Methods. create and promote website on darkweb - Create and publish professional websites with adobe muse Create and publish simple Android app - Create and run wordpress template Create and run wordpress template -- 2 - create and setup an Article Directory like ezinearticles Create and Setup Program / Project Management Office - Create and Submit for backlinks Create and submit reviews and ads (no brain work) - Create and upload 10,000 videos to youtube Create and Upload 100 SlideShare and DocStoc Items - Create and upload tutorials videos Create and Upload Videos to our Youtube Channel - Create andriod and iso app for my clients to manage tickets we use whmcs create andriod app - Create Android and iOS Application Create android and ios application - Create Android App Create Android app - Create Android App - Bubble Game Create Android App - GPS Location / Napisz aplikację na Androida - lokalizacja GPS - create android app from android studio create android app from existing iphone app - Create Android app, IOs app and website. Create Android app- Bangalore location only - Create android application for my website -- 2 Create Android Application from Existing Iphone Application - Create Android Clock Widgets Create Android code library to process jpg 2 images - create android interview questions for hiring android developers Create Android interview questions for Partharaj - Create android or iphone app. Create Android patch 9 graphics from PSD - Create android version the same as IOS version just created Create Android video chat - Create angular 2 application using firebase Create Angular 2 Custom Filter Pipe - Create Animated Banner in 3 Sizes Create Animated Banners - Create animated gif Create animated gif - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 20 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 21 - Create Animated Gifs using PHP Create Animated Gifs using PHP -- 2 - Create animated photo gallery with mp3 audio for upload to Youtube Create animated photo of me - Create animated video Create animated video - Create Animated You Tube Ad Create animated, descriptive, simple educational videos! - Create Animation + Music for Kids Nursery rhymes Create Animation - long term project - Create animation for help section of website Create animation for iOS app - Create animation movie -- 2 Create animation movie -- 3 - create animation using jquery Create Animation Video - Create animation with Sparkol Create Animation, Script/Storyboard to be used to promote our products, 2 Animations - Create Anime Characters create anime gif - Create another great video Create another instance of Sobi2 on Joomla Site - Create antivirus software Create antivirus software by modifying source code - Create API Create API - Create API for existing built in registration software Create API for high resolution QR code on php - Create API Request code examples in C#, PHP, and Javascript Create API REST/JSON PHP - Create app Create app - Create App demo video - open to bidding create app demos using marvel app - Create App for iPhone & Android Create APP for iPhone and Android - CREATE APP GOOGLE PLAY FOR OUR WEBSITE CREATE APP GOOGLE PLAY FOR OUR WEBSITE . - Create App Name create APP on C# - Create app to allow scan of barcode, allow updates, allow emailing serivce request Create app to allow scan of barcode, allow updates, allow emailing serivce request - ongoing work - Create App/Automation to auto append filename with barcode reader data - Mac OS 10.10 Create app/script to read .csv file of lat/long and convert and export corresponding country. - Create application for iphone Create application for iPhone and Android to place frames to photos and allows you to share them on Facebook, twitter and Instagram - Create application that installs custom controls to the Visual Studio Toolbox Create application to batch convert many jpg files into single PDF (or Tiff) file - Create approxamaly . 8,000 pages from a template... Easy Create apps - Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech Create Arabic Youtube movies with Speech - Create around 100 simple graphics Create around 100 simple XML files - Create Article and Submit my website to Search Engines(Off Site Optimization) Create Article Categories and Post Articles to Magento Site - Create Articles For Various Dog Breeds create articles for web content - Create artwork - ongoing work Create artwork and animation layers for tablet application 3 little pigs - create ASP Email form Create ASP Form - Create ASP.NET Reporting Site Create ASP.NET Server Control - Create at least 200 sex position animations Create at membership portal for my wordpress website - create attractive wordpress site about ptergium (eye disease Create Attractive, Highly Functional Website - Create audio clip of story in female voice in Local Indian languages Create audio clip of story in female voice in Local Indian languages - Create Audiobook in Perfect English Create Audiobook in Perfect English -- 3 - Create Portal / Admin Backend From Template Create auto accept software for Altisource website - Create Auto Play Program Create auto poster for tumblr - Create AutoCAD Drawing create autocad drawing - Create Automated ''Installer'' for Delphi desktop application Create Automated Amazon Mechanical Process and Setup Hosting - Create Automated VPS Servers for Game Server Hosting Create Automated Wordpress Plugin based on XML data feed - Create Automator Workflow for a Watch Folder Create automotive award/badge design - create avertising banner for my site Create Avery Mailing Labels software for php website. Grab result query data - Create awesome looking Deal-Style banner Create awesome quirky and cool mobile cover designs - Create B2B Content for a Network Security Software Company create b2b joomla website - Create Backdoor link for Adidas UK / Demandware Backdoor Create Backdrop - CREATE BACKGROUND FOR A TV SHOW Create Background for a Website from a Picture - create backlinks create backlinks - Create backlinks for website
Create backlinks for website - repost - Create Backup System for Web Server Create Backup, Fix Space Issue, and Database Issues - create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo create bank statement temeplate for wells fargo - Create Bannar Create Banner - Create banner ads for website Create banner ads for website (repost - low budget) - Create Banner for offer Create Banner for Promotion - Create Banner,Logo and Sms Service Create Banner/header - Create banners and an arrow Create Banners and Landing Pages - Create banners from existing images Create banners from existing images -- 2 - Create base pages for a Drupal site Create base template system for Appengine website. - Create basic but attractive Life coaching website - repost Create Basic CD Cover - Create basic joomla template Create basic Joomla template from PSD - Create Basic Services Website Create Basic Site for adsense clicks - Create Basic Wordpress Website using Thesis Theme Create Basic WP Shopping Cart Plugin - Create beautiful Wordpress Template Create beautiful 3d Female Models - Create best photobank ever - include administration and all features Create best possible backlinks for website - Create big innovative app Create big online casino, only quality people required - Create Bing Ads Campaigns Create bing ads. - Create Biz Card IMages Create Bizrate and Yahoo Data feed from existing site listings - Create blocks at website and email us forms Create Blocks for Ardublock - Create Blog Entries and Send me Confirmation Links Create blog entry posts on my blog - Create Blog posts about Indian movies and celebrities Create blog posts about IT security - Create blog with paypal billing Create blog with paypal billing - Create blogs on free blog hosts Create Blogs on wordpress sites - create book cover Create Book Cover - create booking system ( for admin, workers and customers) Create booking system - First quote via email, then proceed to book on webpage - Create bootstrap json template for a landing page builder Create Bootstrap Mobile Friendly HTML/CSS from existing site - Create Bot of Account Registrations (no request of graphics) Create Bot Scrip to solve CAPTCHA - Create box in Adobe Illistrator to be made into sample Create box in Adobe Illistrator to be made into sample - Create Brand Logos of products for Website Create brand manual and packaging design - Create branding objects Create branding package x3 - Create Brochure / Order Form Create Brochure /Flyer - Create Browser Based RPG Game (MMORPG) Create Browser Bookmarklet - create budgets on excel Create bugfix for asterisk's libjack implementation - Create Bulk Whatsapp, SMS and Email application Software in Create bulk Wordpress pages - Create business card design - Repost Create business card design - Repost - Create business dashboards in Graylog Create Business Dictionary [ Vbulletin ] - Create business logo Create business logo - Create Business share agreement paperwork Create business site design - Create buttons + other images for iPad app Create Buttons and Icons for Webapp - Create C# app that can calculate my trading P&L Create C# application for - Create C# wrapper from C++ source Create C#.Net RDLC report on Windows Desktop Application - create cache system for bulk php mail system: create cache system for bulk php mail system:(repost) - Create CAD of Product and manufacture Create CAD Product Drawing - Create calendar software for our business projects Create Calendar Template/Layout in Photoshop/Illustrator - CREATE CANCEL BUTTON ON MAGENTO ORDER PAGE AND THEN CHANGE ORDER STATUS TO CANCEL + SEND EMAIL TO CUSTOMER Create Candidate Management System in Wordpress - Create car rental website Create car rental website - Repost - Create Carousel Page Create carousel that spins and stops at nth-1 div element - Create Cartoon Drawing of 2 Celebrities Create cartoon girl to illustrate the usage of ridesharing website - create cartoons from images create cartoons from pictures - create catalogue create catalogue - open to bidding - create category Create category section on sellers shop - Create CD labels from current images Create CD, DVD, Ebook Covers. Will need a header also - Create Chairlift terminal in 3dsMax and Vue from Blueprints and photos Create change management presentation - Create characters and Illustrate Children's Books Create characters and illustrations for mobile game - Create charts/graphs in PowerPoint template from Excel data create chat Android app - Create Check in to my wordpress site Create Check List - Create Child Theme from WP Twenty Sixteen, add Adsense code, modify CSS Create child theme in existing WP site from existing parent theme and run theme update. - Create Christmas Card for E-mail Create Christmas Holidays Video (30 seconds) - Create Chrome Plugin Based on Facebook API (Documentation available) Create Chrome plugin template - Create Clash Royale Bot Create clasifieds website on osclass platform - Create ClassiPress child theme & add customized features Create ClassiPress child theme & add customized features - Create Click-Through 2D animations - repost Job to be completed today Create Clickable BP ads for Adult Section - Create client-side web application Create clients and websites on a cpanel server - Create Clone of Wordpress Site Create Clone of Wordpress Website - Create Cmplete Website create cmrl file using api - Create CMS website & content to import from external sources Create CMS Website For Sales and Scheduling Control - Create code in VB.NET for ASP.NET Pages create code in xcode to post data to email - Create CodeIgniter Functions in Model Create codeigniter landing pages - Create Color Sample Swatches for our Website Create Color Sample Swatches for our Website Part 2 - Create ComDLL with TypeLib around an Library Create comercial offer template - Create companion text for video Hyper-V Installing Stand-Alone Create Company - Create Company Logo Create Company Logo - Create company logo