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Create an iphone app for deals app - Create an iPhone application Create an iPhone application - create an iPhone application -- 2 Create an iPhone application + Web Service with API - Create an iPhone game Create an iPhone game - Create an iPhone version of an Android application Create an iPhone, android, and web interface to tie together - create an iptv software for streaming live channels from dreambox - repost Create an IRC bot that will serve as an D&D GameMaster - Create an License and update Api for software Create an list on every business in Dallas / Ft. Worth metroplex - Create an Magento 1.9 Module which converts Excel/XML files to magento products automatically Create an Magento Webshop - Create an modified Animation Create an Module for PES PRO 2.0.2 - Create an MS Word 2007 template & style - ongoing work Create an MS Word Status Report Form - CREATE AN OAI WAREHOUSE Create an Oath login page for Android application - Create an on-line Sign-Up form for college labs with calendar create an on-line surround video for my rent by owner site of my Port St Joe Beach home - create an online biometric machine learning facical recognition platform with analytics reporting Create an online book making - Create an Online Community Social Network Create an online community website - CREATE An ONLINE DESIGNER PLATFORM LIKE EXAMPLE Create an online directory by using PremiumPress template - Create an online forum create an online game - create an online marketplace Create an online marketplace a bit like ebay. - create an online POS on Google App Engine (GAE) Create an online presence for my company - Create an online shopping store using Unity3D Create An Online Shopping Website Using Magento - Create an Online Store / Erstellen eines Online Stores Create an Online Store and integrate Payment gateway - Create an online student enrollment private webpage Create an online subscription module to be used to download an educational course - Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - repost Create an Online Video Streaming Site like Netflix - Repost - open to bidding - Create an OpenCart Page create an opencart plugin - Create an operation record database create an operational budget plan for a company - Create an order form for logo design (WP-Site) Create an order form for my Joomla website - Create an original small soundtrack for videos about Tennis Create an original sock design based on Nike Lebron Everglades Shoes - Create an outstanding Video for my Android Game create an Outwit Hub macro - Create an Promotional Animation Create an property rental listing plugin - Create an RSS feed for wordpress blog Create an RSS feed from a spreadsheet - Create an short 5 second "YouTube" channel Intro / Animation Create an short Animation - Create an smtp server for sending bulk emails Create an Social Network App - Create an storboard for an existing Cocos2D application Create an Store Online - create an ubuntu/debian package for existing software Create an UI for a sample healthcare flow - Create an update script on my c# software Create an Update/Append Query - Create an Video Editing Iphone & Android Application Create an Video For My Song - Create an website similar to: / Create an website with cartoons - Create an Xcode-packaged screensaver app for Mac App store Create an xls to make format letters - Create an Youtube Program Create Analog Clocks For Website - Create and add minor feature to Iphone App -- 2 Create and Add Modifications to a Directory Script - Create and animation Create and Answer Intriguing Questions - Create and build a website Create and build a website - Create and Configure Report in JasperSoft BI. (repost) Create and configure targeted advertising campaign on Facebook - Create and deliver facebook accounts Create and Design - Create and Design a Power Point in a Day Create and design a research paper on Travel and Social Media - create and design an iOS and android application create and design an iOS and android application - Create and Design Iphone Game Create and design label for a shampoo packaging - Create and Design website Create and Design website targeted at high schoolers - Create and Easy html Email Template Create and Ebay and Etsy store - Create and Edit Software Profiles Create and Edit Videos in Adobe Premier - Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF -- 2 - Repost - open to bidding Create and EXCEL file like the original PDF -- 2 - Repost - open to bidding - Create and gain visibility for environmental website Create and generate pay per sale advertising relationships for Legal Highs websites - Create and Implement an Oxwall Theme for Our Website Create and implement Cam4 features to existing website - Create and insert subtitles in a small movie. Create and insert subtitles in a small movie. - Create and Install Guestbook for Domain Create and Install Header for Travel Site - Create and integrate a deck building application for a card game website Create and integrate a feature in Joomla - create and intigrate module for magento marketplace website Create and IOS App - Create and maintain Facebook page Create and maintain facebook page of photo editing - Create and manage a Kickstarter campaign Create and manage a Kickstarter campaign -- 2 - Create and manage an e-marketing and sales campaign Create and Manage an EBAY campaign on EBAY - Create and Manage our Facebook page Increase Likes Fans Followers Create and Manage our PPC project - Create and Market Create and Mobile App in Android and Iphone fast - Create and optimize professional automatized Amazon, eBay and etsy stores from our Prestashop store (furniture) Create and or modify an AppleScript that Extracts Metadata from iTunes including album info and put into Filemaker pro - create and post image ads on craig list Create and Post listings for returned store items - Create and publish 12 hubpages - 5 Create and publish 12 hubpages - 6 - Create and redesign excel template Create and redesign my Wordpress/Buddypress site - Create and send out 3 newsletters CREATE AND SEND OUT EMAIL MARKETING (SPONSORSHIP AND VENDORS WANTED) - Create and solve a quadratic program Create and solve Exponential Growth - create and Submit some Articles create and Submit some Articles -- 2 - Create and upload 301 redirects for small site moving from WordPress to HTML format Create and Upload 50 SlideShare and DocStoc Items(repost) - create and uploading Create and Use Thread in Java or C Program - create andriod app - open to bidding Create Andriod Apps Partnership Big Money - Create Android and iOS Application Create android and ios application - Create Android App Create Android app - Create Android App - Bubble Game Create Android App - GPS Location / Napisz aplikację na Androida - lokalizacja GPS - Create Android app for taking tests (multiple choice) with paid addon question packs. Create Android App for Video Website - Create Android app with In-App-Purchase with verification on server in PHP
Create Android app with low latency video capture/display - Create Android Application based on XCode Project Create Android Application basing on my details - Create Android Charts Widgets with existing Android Libraries Create Android chat app (Mockup provided) - Create Android game, similar to classic Snake - repost Create Android games - Create Android Mobile app for wordpress website Create Android Mobile Apps for Blogging Website - Create Android version of iPhone app using Titanium Appcelerator Create Android version of my App - iOS App already Live - Create Android/Iphone App Create Android/Iphone Application - Create animated 3D Model create animated 3d model of a snowman - Create animated ecards Create Animated Explainer - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 11 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 12 - Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 42 Create animated gifs from Vector characters - Part 43 - Create animated logo to being a video Create Animated Logo Video - Create Animated Video Create Animated Video - Create Animated Videos Create Animated Videos - create animation create animation - Create animation for a mobile app showcase demo Create Animation for a Product - Create animation from a video Create animation from existing 3D model (model made in Luxology Modo) - Create Animation Political Ads Create Animation Product Video - Create Animation video for Product Demo Create Animation video for Product Demo - repost - Create Animations for an HTML5 Application Create animations for animal characters - Create Annotations and Measurements In PDF.JS Create Annotations on Kindle - Create another simple animation. All graphics provided. Create another theme for osCommerce 2.4 - Create any website about your hobby or interest create anybody logo - create api between prestashop 1.5.4 and external shipping companyy Create API between veeqo and detrack - Create API from our checkout solution to integrate with Shopify Create API from public website scraping with node.js - Create Apis for existing CRM Create APIs for Mobile Apps on a Wordpress built in website - create app Create App & Web Mockup for demo - Create App for Apple Watch Create app for BassGold website - Create APP for me Create app for mobile devices/website, please read description. - Create App Icon-2 Create App Icons - Create app puzzle game (iOS) like '4 pics one word'. Create App Related To Whatsapp - Create app to scrape email and phone number from LinkedIn user\'s own network Create app to support event management website - Create Apple Mail Stationery Create apple numbers spreadsheets for real estate forms - Create application fro website - open to bidding Create application from scratch in C#, C++ or Java. - create application used at multiple locations via online Create application using Facile Forms - Joomla - Create APPs to work with Vtiger - open to bidding Create Apps which store url - Create architectural drawings of furniture products Create architectural drawings of shade sails showing shaded area at different times of day/year - Create around 40+ custom products in Woocommerce Create around 50 images in Corel Draw - Create article for our blog everyday Create Article Form - Create articles in Joomla Create Articles on Sports Betting Software - Create Artwork For a Wedding Design Create artwork for an outdoor A-Frame sign - Create ASP or PHP version of Perl Script Based on Vendor Specs Create asp pages for client portals - Create ASP.NET Web Application Master page Template Create ASP.NET Web Forms - Create ATC programme for Supreme to run online via server Create ATEC score sheet - Create attributes for configurable products create attributes for my cvs and categories and create cvs or excel file - Create Audio Clips for Music Calendar 2009-03-11 Create audio clips for Music Calendar 2009-03-15 - Create Audioboooks of 5 mins for different topic Create Audios from Transcript - Create Auto Acceptor Software for email Create Auto Ad Poster on Gumtree - Create auto poster for tumblr Create auto Push notification GCM on my APP - Create AutoCAD Drawing create autocad drawing - Create Autolike Bot Create Automated ''Installer'' for Delphi desktop application - Create Automated Testing for OpenCart create automated timesheets joomla - Create automation process in "Sauce Labs" Create Automation Script for my web application - Create Avatars Create Avatars - Create awesome content for an Anti-Smoking Brochure -- 2 Create Awesome Fanpage - Create Azure and Intranet Network Create Azure ARM VM using puppet --Urgent - create back office(admin+member) create back up of complete site & email to me - Create backend in plain PHP+MySQL Create backend site for members - Create Backlink Analysis Software Create backlink and Rank kewords - Create backlinks for my .de casino website Create backlinks for my .de casino website - repost 1 - Create backup create backup and restore page of DB2 Database - create bank statement temeplate for Chase create bank statement temeplate for chase - Create Bank Statement Template - Repost Create Bank Statement Template - Repost - Create Banner AD's, Product Images Create Banner Administration System or Screen - Create Banner for a website Homepage Create Banner for Adwords and Facebook format - create banner image for adult toy store create banner in arabic ` - create banners create banners - Create Banners for Homepage Slideshow Create banners for LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook - Create barcode in LibreOffice Calc (OpenOffice) create barcode in php - Create basic Android app for baggage registration and receipt printing create basic Android App just to pass Google Play - Create basic GUI on Java Swing/AWT Create basic html form to enter data into mysql database then allow data to be edited via another html page. - Create Basic Member Profiless Create Basic Mobile App Screens and add in GPS in short time frame - Create basic website - Website Design & Graphic Design Create Basic Website for Marine Network - Create BBPress Forum in WordPress Site and Import Web Wiz Forum Data Create bbPress forum on Wordpress site - Create beautiful highly polished weather animation videos