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Create Blog Website - create blogs and links for my site - repost Create Blogs and Rank them - Create Book appointment request on FACEBOOK, YELP, SOCIAL MEDIA, INSTAGRAM create book club on existing website - Create booking forms, update web design, make css work Create Booking Joomla Composant - Create bootable copy of Ubuntu linux with applications on external usb drive -- 2 Create bootstrap 3 HTML from image - create bot Create Bot / Script that can extract data from Flash File - Create Bottom of Vertical Nav in PSD, Slice and Give me Slices Create bouncing basket ball - create brand and logo Create brand animation for 5 similar logo - for Ozzomoto - Create brand new Wordpress Wedding theme create brand thing - Create breakout app from exisiting app Create Breakout style minigame - Create Brochure for Computer Company Create brochure for direct mail campaign - create browser extensions with my current c# project Create Browser freezing pop up that should just freeze the page and you cannot do anything to it. - Create buildable House Plans from my sketch create buildbox games - create burn down charts in Excel/VB Create Burst Images from Text - Create Business Card for Create Business Card Images for Vistaprint - Create business directory create business directory - Create Business Logo Design create Business Management academic course development - Create Business Reports Create business responsive website - Create button to send e-mail in Excel Create button to switch modes in player - Create C sharp webapplication for Activity/Event management Create C sharp webapplication for Activity/Event management - Create C# Trading Robot Create C# unit tests for MVC4 application - Create C2C online mall Wordpress theme - repost Create C2C online mall Wordpress theme same as Taobao - create CAD files Create CAD files for a product - Create calculations using Macros in Power Point Create Calculator Plugin For Wordpress - Create Campaign Monitor Responsive Template. Create Campaign Tracking Cookies on a Wordpress Site - Create Captive Portals Create Capture and more Plugin for JW Player - Create Caricature Logo Create Caricature Logo - repost - Create Cartoon Character logo Create Cartoon Character, "SolarMan" for Website Branding - create cartoon video create cartoon video animations commercial characters design - Create casino banners Create Casting Cards in Keynote - CREATE CATCHY TITLES Create Catchy Trendy Category Names for YouTube Videos - create category page create category pages on opencart site - CREATE CELEBRITY MYSPACE PROFILES WITH LINKS TO MY SITE Create cell model and short animation on alpha of HeLa (the immortal cell) - Create character and set sketches for a pitch Create Character and UI for my game - Create Characters, and their attack animations for a mobile game Create Chart - create chat app. like whatapp or telegram Create Chat Application - Create checkboxes with submit button and output choices to flat file Create checkboxes with submit button and output choices to flat file - repost - Create Child theme from template Create Child Theme from WP Twenty Sixteen, add Adsense code, modify CSS - create Christmas and newyear banners for me - Repost - open to bidding Create Christmas Card - Create Chrome Extension using LinkedIn API Create Chrome Extensions - Create citations on Wikipedia - repost create Citations to rank up my google maps/places listing - Create Classifieds Section on the website Create Classifieds Website - Create cleanup script for removed videos (adult site) Create Clear Image of a Control - Create Client Database create client email database - Create clone of OCX dll in c++ Create Clone of PHP website shown below - Best Selling eBay Auctions - Create cloud code and objective c code for a downloading project Create cloud formation file for a custom multisite wordpress cluster - Create CMS HTML Fluid Template Create CMS in order to update our website - Create Code Examples using Templates in Django Create code for "ajaxy" text links - Create Code to existing banner for affiliate program Create code to extract text and symbols from picture - Create collage according to Picase sample Create collage jpgs - Create colour banner A1 size Create Colour Chart - create comment box option and page archives to existing website Create comment Module in Nice, Simple Design - Create company contact information artwork from supplied details Create company details for John Tech Management - Create Company Logo Create company Logo - Create company logos Create Company Marketing Pieces - Create company profile for a construction and devt company. Create company profile for ICT company - Create company website using Wordpress Thalliumity theme Create Company WikiPedia Page - Create Complete Calculatue Program with assemly with 4 new button- plsease read Create Complete Event app - Create component for Joomla Create Component for Joomla site or Modify SOBI - Create concept for board games for learning maths for grades 2 to 7 -- 2 Create concept for board games or card games for learning maths for grades 2 to 7 - Create connection to Payment Gateway in Ecommerce CMS using API create connection to server with JSON over HTTP - Create contact database Create contact database from Excel to MS Access 2007 - Create contact form/data collection form for shopify Create contact forms for wordpress site - Create Contact us page and One-page checkout Create contact.php file and make contact form work - Create content for a website Create content for a website - Create content for website (two pages) Create content for website (two pages) - open to bidding - Create content sharing site using wordpress Create Content Through Our Joomla Template - Create controllabe LED light show setup to go with my Ableton Live DJ set create controllers - create copy of Ebay template Create copy of existing webapplication in subfolder - Create Corp Opener and Closer Create Corporate Branding / Stationary with Logo - Create corporate video Create Corporate Video - Create Coupon for Daily Deals Site Create coupon offer pluggin for my portal wordpress theme - Create Cover and Profile pic for our business Facebook page Create cover art for a graphic novel - Create Craigslist accounts with provided email addresses Create Craigslist Ad - Create Creative OnePage Joomla Template Create creative packing for fitness band - Create CRON JOB for CIM
Create Cron Job Code in PHP - Create crowdfunding lottery website sell Product Create crowdfunding lottery website sell Product -- 2 - Create CSGO Gambling Site Create CSS - Create CSS files (all for same site to give it different looks) Create CSS for 5 popup widgets - Create CSS page from image file Create CSS page layout - Create CSS to convert a website in responsive - travail en cours Create CSS to convert a website in responsive -- 2 - create csv create csv data file witch lists the cities of the world - Create CSV files Create CSV files from a database populated from API call data - create currency virtual reality Economy create currency virtual reality use of xoops - Create custom Android ROM for samsung duos s7566 Create custom android ROM for tablet (complete with installer) - Create Custom Browser Extension/Plugin Bookmarklet Create Custom Browser Extension/Plugin Bookmarklet - Repost - Create Custom Computer Packages Create custom confirm dialog for Web App - Create Custom Donation form for WordPress Site - ongoing work Create Custom Dreamweaver Extension - Create custom Facebook share button to share canvas HTML5 as PNG image on Facebook Create Custom Fake video Player with sign Up and Sign in - Create Custom Form Designer application in ASP.NET MVC with MS SQL back-end. Create Custom form for Wordpress site - Create custom graphics for hosting website Create Custom Graphs - Create Custom Images for Social Pages Create custom images on the fly with custom text - Create custom joomla template by HTML tamplate and requirements Create Custom Joomla Website w/ same Features as current website: to very similar to - Create custom Magento module Create Custom Magento Modules - Create Custom Module Vtiger Create custom modules for an October cms portal - Create custom page in b2evolution system Create custom page in wordpress + small fixes - create custom php website as per outlined plan create custom php, css, javascript 2 pages - Create custom posts page in Wordpress Create custom Power BI Maps and Routes - Create custom responsive cPanel-design (even based on x4 and x4mail? otherwise cleanpanel) - repost Create custom responsive cPanel-design (even based on x4 and x4mail? otherwise cleanpanel) - repost - Create custom searchable Google map Create Custom Segments in Google Analytics - Create Custom Spreadsheet Create Custom Spreadsheet Order Page in Excel and Google Spreadsheet - Create Custom Thesis WP Theme including graphics design. Create custom ticketing system using Laravel5 - Create custom web form in Kayako Helpdesk Create Custom Web Forms - Create custom Word Press form Create custom word press themes - Create Custom Wordpress Plugin - 14/03/2017 22:42 EDT Create custom wordpress plugin based on XML data feed - Create custom Wordpress Webpage Create Custom Wordpress Website - Create Customer Data Spreadsheet Create Customer Database - Create customizable Facebook Application Create customizable products (data and SVG files) for uniform builder database built on Yii framework. - Create Customized Ranges with Woocommerce - open to bidding Create customized RTL wordpress template - Create CV from pdf to psd Create CV Parser API - Create DailyMotion Video Accounts and Upload 300 Videos Manually [ EXPERIENCED UPLOADERS ONLY PLEASE] Create daing website - Create Data Center Operations Guide Create Data Connector to Salesforce Databases - Create data file of product specifications/images B Create Data for an Infographic - Create data table Create Data Validation Utility - Create database my cpanel Create Database & Integrate with SquareSpace Site - Create Database and screens Create Database and Search Script from Excel Data - Create Database for Non-Profit Web-Site Create Database for small Internet business - Create database of 750 companies' personal contact emails Create database of academic papers - Create database of leads from a website Create database of lobbyists - CREATE DATABASE TO REPLACE EXISTING EXCEL DATABASE Create Database to Store Leads from Multiple Landing Pages - Create Datadase using Java Create Datadase with Java - Create Dating Migration Scripts For Skadate Create dating mobile iOS application like tinder - Create DB structure Create DB Tables & Import data program - Create Delivery & Routing Plugin Create Delivery / Stock view in OS Commerce shop - Create demo for C# .NET .dll for access from plain "C" Create Demo for WebSite - Create Description of Pages Create description page for software - create design app + making mockup Create design app render - create design for image selling web Create design for logo banner - Urgent (See attached sample) - Create design from psd to html5 Create design in photoshop - Create designer website layout 3 pages Create designs and high fidelity prototype - Create desktop app for streaming radio Create Desktop App for Windos OS - Create Detailed Product Descriptions - Using The Provided Excel Template. Good English/Grammer/ComputerSkills Create detailed project plan for website - Create DFX files based on existing design - Repost Create DFX files based on existing design - Repost - open to bidding - create dicussions in a forum create die cut shapes in pdf using php - create digital story (movies) Create digital and print assets for marketing campaigns - Mid-weight experience only! - Create Digital Scrapbooks create digital seamless papers for my clothing line - Create Directory Harvester Create directory in MS Access 2010 - Create display advertisements Create Display Banners - Create DLL function to control dial up modem usting Hays AT commands Create Dll Library for Search URL Google Chrome with SharpPcap browser - Create Do a little Twek on WordPress Template Create Do follow 100 Links from DA50 + and TA 50+ sites - Create Documentation for Website. Create Documentation for Website. - Create domain names on joynic and other websites 2 Create Domain Searching Website - Create DotNetOpenAuth simple example code Create DOTX Template from DOCX - create drag and drop field; pass vars to our uploader - for mac os / 5 create drag and drop game with realtime scoreboard on website - Create drawings in AUTOCAD Create drawings in AUTOCAD - Create Drop Down Menu For Aviation Website Create drop down menu for Unlocking Service website - Create Drupal 7 Theme Create Drupal 7 Theme based on Adobe Photoshop File - Create Drupal Template Create drupal template - Create Drupal Web Service APIs and add a drupal fix Create drupal website for my maket - Create duplicate iPhone application from an existing Android app create duplicate of another website see details in zip - Create DVDs with Dynamic Menus and Complimenting Graphics