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Develop Android Game App - Develop Android UI Layout from PSD Develop Android User Interface from Wireframes - Develop Angular 2 Blogging Web App. Develop angular email client and calendar - Develop API for communication between app and aws server Develop API for ERP Server to Bridge Data to Magento - Develop App Develop App - Develop APP exactly like the FORBES AFRICA iOS App for Android, iOS and Blackberry platforms Develop App for 30% of profits made - Develop APP for Iphone -- 2 Develop app for iPhone with CMS control - Develop app module for Magento develop APP MODULE which can DECODE ULTRASONIC signals - Develop Apple Hour/Calendar App Develop Apple iOS app for radio station and slight upgrade to Android App - Develop Application for Smartphones - Miayuco Develop application for Udoo (like this - Develop Appointment System For Existing Java Project Develop Apps - Develop Architectural Drawing Package from Concept drawings Develop Architectural Drawing Package from Concept drawings - Develop ASP.NET website from existing UI design and content Develop Asset Inventory App incl. Barcode Scanner via. Iphone - Develop AutoIT3 Script - Automation Develop automated algorithmic forex trading system using REST API/Java - Develop back-end for a Custom Web Application Develop back-end for media website - Develop Banner Poster Develop Banners and Recruit Affiliates - Develop beer rating system for restaurant web-site Develop Belle app for iOS and Android - Develop block chain database for carbon credits Develop blockchain solution - Develop Brand Name and Marketing Strategy develop brand name/logo and brand identity - Develop Bulk Lister / Turbo Lister for Auction Software Develop bulk PageRank tool in PHP with proxys - develop business processes with flow charts develop business proposal - Develop C# objects used with WinForms for managing users and roles for the SQLEXPRESS Develop C# Service to access Amazon S3 as drive letter d:\ - Develop Caller Ring Back Tunes for Mobile service Develop CallShop Stand-Aloan windows application - Develop Category Icons Develop Category Images for the Hospital Industry - Develop Chatbot(repost)(repost) Develop chatroom - Develop class Polynomial Develop Class to burn with ImgBurn - Develop CMS in PHP Develop CMS in PHP - Develop codetemplates for MyGeneration Develop cognos graphical reports - Develop Company Mark&Logo Develop Company Overview Presentation - Develop Complex .Net Application -- 2 Develop Complex Cascading Style Sheets - develop content for my site / digital brochure - open to bidding Develop Content for My Website - Develop Corporate Identity Develop Corporate identity - Develop course content Develop course content and supporting materials - Develop cross-browser extensions with JavaScript and jQuery Develop Cross-internet Product Search Engine - Develop current website into something more functional and user friendly. DEVELOP CURRICULUM FOR BASIC BOOK-KEEPING & ACCOUNTING - Develop Custom Email Formatted Templates using Freemaker Template tool Develop custom ExpressionEngine add-on - Develop Custom Payment Module for OpenCart Develop custom paypal form - develop custom software for Mac Develop custom software using codeignitor, bootstrap, PHP, github - Develop Custom Wordpress Voting Plugin Develop Custom WordPress Web Application - Develop Data Entry App for Internal Business Use Develop Data Entry Function to Populate Data onto New Website - develop database of theatre groups in usa Develop database of theatre groups in India - Develop Delphi Application Develop Delphi IMAP Email client - Develop desktop and mobile webcam community site Develop desktop app with Adobe Air - Develop Digital Signage Restaurant Menu in HTML5 to Load on Media Player Develop diploma level ICT units - Develop Draft Press releases for company in 3D space Develop Drag and Drop Email Editor - Develop Dulara lakshan Develop Dynamic Creative Website - Develop e-commerce website Develop E-commerce Website - repost - Develop EA to work on 600+. EA works fine on Build 418 Meta Trader Develop easy algorithms - Develop Ecommerce Enabled Website and Get traffic with SEO Develop Ecommerce Functionality - Develop Education Courseware for Kids and students Develop educational animations for kids - Develop Email List and Send Emails for dance business Develop Email List For Business - Develop Embedded Mobile Linux Develop Embedded simple embedded browser for multiple platforms, mainly C++ - Develop Emoji Application Develop Emoji Application - Develop entire back end of custom website PHP, MySQL, and some HTML5, CSS, Javascript where needed. Develop entrance cards / gift cards (credit card size) for family entertainment center - Develop example oracle java jsf Develop example Swift application for OS X reading and manipulating images - Develop Existing 3D Software develop existing algorithms and compare them after development - Develop Existing Whatsapp Software or start from scratch develop existing WordPress eCommerce Website - Develop External Links Develop Extesions - Develop Facebook Apps Develop Facebook Apps - Develop Facebook Web App Develop faceook memory matching game - Develop features of a website develop few IOS pages - Develop financial organizational application Develop Fingerprint API (to enroll and Verify) using Verifinger SDK to use in jsp/J2EE - Develop Flash (flv) player with XML feeds multiple parameters Develop Flash 5Card Game - Develop Flash Greeting Card App For Website Develop Flash Intro - Develop For Custom Altcoin Creation - repost Develop for me a readling list on a business subject - Develop four "skins" using DevExpress SkinEditor Develop Four (4) eCommerce Sites - Develop Front end for website Develop Front End of the Website - Develop full website Develop full website (+php development) - Develop game develop game - develop games Develop Games , graphic design3D Unity and 2D - and website development - Develop Golf Application for iOS and Android Develop good animated Menu based on graphic provided in few mins - Develop Graphical Interface Develop graphics and brand identity for our Social Media project - Develop Health App with AI develop health care project - Develop higly convertible landing page budget max 600 inr Develop hispanic health/medical blog - Develop HTML / CSS for a project Develop HTML 5 GAME - Develop HTML5 Mobile App - Then Convert to iOS, Android
Develop html5 mobile banner with call to action - Develop Icons for App Develop idea acquisition strategy - Develop in Tally Erp9 Develop in Tally Erp9 -- 2 - Develop Instant Quote Application For Website Develop Instant Quote Calculator - Develop internal site on 365 and sharepoint consulting -- 2 Develop internal tools using Amazon MWS API + PHP/MYSQL/FlatUI + Git - develop iOS & Android app Develop Ios & Android App for a delivery service - Develop IOS and Android App with nice UI Develop IOS and Android Application - develop ios app develop ios app - Develop IOS Application (iphone/ipad) develop ios application (replica of an android app) - Develop ios Nearby app Develop iOS new app - Develop iPhone & android application Develop iPhone Application - Develop Iphone and Android apps for DJs Develop iPhone and Android Apps for Food Delivery Service - Develop iphone app develop iPhone app - Develop iPhone app. Design will be provided in PSD. Develop iPhone app: hosting, finding, & managing events - Develop iPhone Font Scanning App Develop iphone game - Develop iPhone/Android application with platform backend develop iphone/ipad & android app - Develop JAVA API for Sharekhan API Develop JAVA API fro Sharekhan Tradetiger - Develop JavaScript code to inject in browser extension Develop javascript pinch zoom - Develop Joomla module for Stock Ticker Develop Joomla Online Learning Platform Module - Develop K2 workflows on SharePoint online Develop kamailio custom module - Develop layered navigation in word press - repost Develop Lead acid rechargeable battery - Develop Linux Based Operating System For Guest Computers Develop Linux distro for embedded system - Develop Logo Develop Logo - Develop Logo; Build a Website w/ an Online Store; Product Brochure Develop look alike Figure1 System - Develop Mac Develop Mac app - Develop Magento Extension Develop Magento Extension for SMS Notification on Order - Develop MailBox Message Cake PHP Develop MailBox Message Cake PHP - develop marketing strategy for website develop marketing video for insurance company on goanimate - Develop Maze Game on Java OO design Develop MCDST Online Content - Develop Member Website with Email/RETS/Database Develop Member's Area for Website - Develop Micro Sites and Graphic Design Develop Microcontroller(STM8S103F2) programming in embeded C - Develop Mobile Android and Server Applications Develop mobile Android App - develop mobile app for all operating systems Develop mobile app for all platform. - Develop Mobile App like Whatsapp Develop Mobile App MVP + Full Development - Develop mobile application (meet people app) Develop Mobile Application (Social Media) - Develop mobile comunication with database (Unity3D) Develop mobile food ordering APP - Develop Mobile Version For a Website Develop mobile version of existing landing page. - Develop module for prestashop Develop module for PrestaShop (carousel banners) - Develop Mortgage Sales Genie Website Develop Mosquito Killer Android and IPhone Application and logo design - develop multi file upload as product + search bar category search list + admin marketplace commission Develop Multi Level Marketing module on OpenCart - Develop my VirtaCoin exchange place like BitCoin develop my website - Develop my domains to help me earn $30-$40 DAILY develop my excel model with VBA - Develop my PSD into HTML web-page Develop My Questionnaire - Develop my website Develop my website - Develop Myspace Robot / Auto Friend Request Develop MySQL "nested stored" procedure using a cursor to loop through a table - Develop new Android App Screens -- 2 Develop New Registration Process for Wordpress/bbPress - Develop new feature for my web. Develop new features and add twitter bootstrap templates - Ruby on Rails - Develop New iPhone App Develop New iPhone/iPad game - develop new search engine Develop new section for custom PHP site - Develop new website develop new website - Develop next module for my product - Company goal-setting and planning -- 2 Develop next step of a existing Corporate Identity - Develop of a web based management system for an insurance agency Develop of an android app - Develop one APP for Android and Iphone Develop one APP for Android and Iphone - System Delivery Food - Develop one report in htmls5 pages using Bootstrap v3.3.x Develop one responsive page - Develop Online Coaching Site Develop online coloring pages - Develop Online Ohm's Law Calculator & RANK #1 in Google Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management Software - Develop online store functionality Develop online store in magento - Develop OpenCart Module Develop Opencart module to connect to Teapplix - Develop or Implement a Tinder Clone iOS Script for mobile dating app develop or improvement for IOT Protocol like (6lowpan, zigbee, coap, mqtt, xmpp) - Develop our business Develop our business management software - Develop our team site in Sharepoint Develop our templates into shopify theme using prebuilt theme - Develop Paid Subscription-Based, Data-Driven Site (PHP/API) develop pair trading software for indian stock markte - develop payment plugin for wordpress Develop Payment Portal for bulk sms application - Develop Perl scrip to work with vSphere SDK Develop Person Repository Class Based on Provided Interface - Develop Photo Edition Tools/Module Develop Photo Editor app for iPhone and iPad - Develop php file to load and parse an xml file pulled from a url develop php files - develop PHP website Develop PHP Wordpress PSD of homepage redesign - Develop Platform web - repost Develop Platform Web III - Develop plugins for BuddyPress Develop plugins for CMS - Develop Postcard Develop PostgreSQL Database Schema from Schema Map and PHP Script to Read Data from DB - Develop Prestashop E-commerce web site to sell Tea. Also need to setup the servers for the site & integrate it to IPG develop prestashop image display - Develop Pro Forma for start up company in excel Develop process to create Magazine Stand App from HTML5/CSS/JS files. - develop program - открыт для заявок Develop Program and Convert files (URGENT!) - develop proper video conferencing system develop proposal - Develop prototype assembledboards from block diagram (5 pcs)