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PHP, Scripts, Coding, Worpress knowledge required. - Detailed webcam chat review for one site Detailed Webpage Mockup - Detailing and drafting with Tekla Detailing and drafting with Tekla -- 2 - details about all colleges,schools,univercities in india in excel sheets details about all colleges,schools,univercities in india in excel sheets - Details discussed with you Details Drawings for Ice Cream Shop - Details in will be discussed privately=1 Details in will be discussed privately=2 - Details of suppliers on Alibaba.com DETAILS OF THE JOB YOU WANT ME TO DO - Details Verification details we discussed - Detalles constructivos L5 Detalles constructivos L6 - detect activex plugin Detect ad clicks (Private Project ) - Detect and redirect visitors using Alexa toolbar Detect and REMOVE a virus from our site ASAP(Today) - detect browser in php Detect browser script - Detect CPU hog in ASP.NET app Detect Crank movement - detect empty parking space using openCV detect empty parking space using openCV - Detect Global Key Hooks Detect google ads on a website - Detect IP Reassembly in Java Sniffer Decode Detect IPV6 wifi name and ssid - Detect my android Detect names of players in your game - Detect private navigation mode of active tab for Internet Explorer and Firefox -- 2 Detect process over-clocking - Detect switch user screen in Windows Detect system-wide key press - detect video end then have it slide off page detect video frame and extract file - detect windows 8 metro users Detect Windows Reboot - Detectar un triángulo equilátero con OpenCV Detectar y solucionar problema que dispara el consumo del CPU al 100% bloqueando la web - Detecting deception in transcripts Detecting Doors - Detecting object detecting object - Detecting watermark in image Detecting when application is playing sound - detection application detection crack of image - detection of faces Detection of Fault Location in Transmission Lines using Wavelet transform - Detection of speakers
Detection of squares, output as svg - Detective puzzle Detective Stories - Detergent Logo Detergent-Lable-Design - Determination of the nitrate content of beetroot juice Determination to success - Determine cabinet sizes and angles etc. from photographs Determine carrier given a mobile phone number? - Determine Gender of First Names Determine geographic coordinates - Determine IP class. Determine Javascript functions in existing code-base on website. Required to call one via browser url input and, if possible, disable one by setting a flag if one existsa url textbox and disable one if possible. - Determine precise cause(s) of Google penalty Determine Preferred Audio Playback Device from Registry with VB in NT - Determine the motor specification and manufacturing the mechanical structure of Robot Determine the number of blog posts on my blogs - Determine Why a Site is Ranking so high / how to get above them Determine why emails are not being sent from CodeIgniter site - Determining whether the 16 emails accounts I will provide are accurate and working today Deterministic automata in JFLAP - DeTomaso webshop Detour - Songkick website - DeToxing website and Backlinking Strategy for English website DetoxUO.com - Redesign - Detto Fatto -- 2 detube plus html 5 audio player integration - Deutsch - Spanisch Übersetzung Deutsch -->> Englisch Website übersetzen - Deutsch Korekturlesen Deutsch Language Vertical Search - Deutsch to English Professional Translation Deutsch to English translation - deutsch-sprachige Texte Deutsch-sprechender Freelancer gesucht - Deutsche Blogkommentare, Forumbeiträge, Facebook etc... Deutsche Bookmarks Texte - Deutsche Sprecherstimme gesucht (m) Deutsche Stimme (m)/Voice Over für Verkaufsvideo gesucht - Deutsche Texte umschreiben für Partner-Webseiten in Österreich, Schweiz und Luxemburg -- 9 Deutsche Texte umschrieben - Deutschen Werbetext Korrekturlesen Deutschen Wikipedia Artikel schreiben (Voraussetzung ist, dass Du schon mehrere Artikel geschrieben hast) - Deutscher Texter gesucht - Muttersprachler Deutscher Texter gesucht - Texte für eine IT-Unternehmenswebseite - Deutschsprachige Audio Datei abschreiben - Anhören und abschreiben Deutschsprachige Designer für InDesign/Illustrator Projekt - Deutschsprachiger Web-Programmierer (m/w) deutschsprachiger Wordpress Entwickler - Dev and designer needed Dev and Fix - dev discussed Dev Dotnetnuke - DEV GmbH - Votech Group Dev Help wanted to customise and work on a job board script - dev needed for fast project php Dev needed for Native iOS Video Streaming App - Dev out Wordpress Site dev part 2 - dev room again and again dev root almost full - Dev with Ionic and Native experience dev with Ionic experience - dev. wordpress dev.advanceadr.com - devayani restoration devbrother project - develepment of Worepress download plungin Develepoment of Android application - Develop Performance measure for IT project Develop Website - Develop a website corresponding mobile app develop a website like Zomato ,2gis, - Develop homepage for stock market website Develop Interface screens for an ATM/ Cashier touch screen - Develop VIDEO PORTAL/CMS Develop Vitual Classroom Software - Develop & Design Facebook App Develop & Design of Website - Develop & create an Adsense websiting making $100+ a day Develop & create an Adsense websiting making $50 by day - Develop + Maintain Develop + Maintain - repost - Develop / Design Website Develop / Fix website functionalities - Develop 13 simple iOS mobile application at the cost of sgd $1000 Develop 130 static webpages (from MS Word to Layout Provided) - Develop 2 landing pages Develop 2 Magento page layouts - Develop 2x font families to align with company font Develop 3 & 6 months Math course for ACT. - Develop 3 Websites Urgently (Themes, Plugins, Content, etc. will be provided) Develop 3 Websites | Paypal Payments | Spanish Versions - Develop 3ds rendering Develop 3G GSM module - GPRS/EDGE/HSPA - M2M - Develop 5000 votes into 2 voting list site. Legally, no spam only Promotion(repost) Develop 5000 votes into a voting list site. Legally, no spam only Promotion - Develop a iOS and Android phone Application Develop a iOS Software - Develop a "SEO" Application for Mac Develop a "Simon Says" type iPad application - develop a 20-25 minute video that captures and highlights key moments of Ben Carson’s visit to Sanitarium on the 10th July 2014. Filming time will only consist of 1 hour, post production skills are preferred. Develop a 2D 8-bit Game with Unity - Develop a 3D car racing game Develop a 3D Character with Basic Animations - Develop a 60-min Elearning course on finance and banking Develop a 60sec & 15sec Movie - Develop a an iOS application integrated with Parse cloud services. Develop a Andriod Application - Develop a Android Application Develop a android Application - Develop a Android application which Records Device Charging details Develop a Android application which Records Device Charging details - develop a app develop a app - Develop a Apple Application Develop a apple Application - Develop a automata and visualization Develop a Automated Software That Will Perform Automated Tasks! - Develop a backup software Develop a badge-tracking application for Girl Guides of Canada - Develop a basic iphone/ipad Application Develop a basic Linux application (Angstrom 2.6) - Develop a Bitcoin Based Live Casino Develop a Bitcoin Gambling & lottery site with lot of features - Develop a booking and event listing site Develop a booking calendar feature at backend on Wordpress website - Develop a Brand Guide for our company Develop A BRAND iDENTITY - Develop a brand name and help me modigy a logo Develop a Brand Name and Logo - Develop a Browser Extension Develop a Browser Plugin software to analyze data on Amazon.com - Develop a Business Identity Develop a Business Identity - Develop a business presentation for me Develop a Business Process Management Software - Develop a calculator Develop a calculator - Develop a career Plan Develop a cartoon character for a company - Develop a chart for SAP Lumira using Vizpacker Develop a Charter for a project - Develop a chess-like board game for Android Develop a child's colour learning iPad application - Develop a Chronoforms personilised form with multiplier fields and image attachments Develop a chronological release dates feed for Wordpress site - Develop a classifieds website