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Develop limited email solution (cloud) with internal operations/external service touchpoints -- 2 - Develop login and MLM WEBSITE Develop login function for car parts website - Develop Logo for new Internet Radio Show Develop Logo for Photography Interview Website - Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration with integrate with the program - repost Develop Loyalty program + POS configuration with integrate with the program - repost 2 - Develop Macro to Find Duplicates Which May or May Not Be Exact Matches develop Magento extension from Wordpress plugin ( notes in Korean) - Develop Magento Theme Develop magento theme - Develop Marketing Materials Develop Marketing Materials - Develop Mathematical Tasks Develop matlab function - Develop me an IOS and Android Application Develop me an IOS and Android Social Application - Develop Messaging App Like WhatsApp For iOS And Android With All My Requirements Develop Messanger - Develop mikrotik customized radius hotspot -- 2 Develop Mindmap / Treemap application or Website - Develop mobile app Develop mobile app - Develop Mobile App for iphone Develop mobile app for iPhone / Android - use in NZ - Develop mobile app using Xamarin. Forms Develop Mobile App with PhoneGap - Develop mobile application to interact with bluetooth 4 LE sensor device - Android version Develop mobile application to interact with bluetooth 4 LE sensor device - iOS version - Develop mobile games Develop mobile games on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile - Project #01 - Develop mobile-first landing page with form for lead capture Develop Mobile-friendly Form/Widget - Develop module for Shopify Develop module Mangopay - Develop MRP software Develop MS Access (MSAccess) forms for database. - Develop multiple Applications Develop multiple Applications - 30/12/2016 13:51 EST - Develop my Business Develop my business website - Develop My Game In 3 days Only Develop my hotel website - develop my role applicaton 2parts...... develop my Search website better(repost) - DEVELOP MY WEBSITE - open to bidding Develop my website -Phase3.1 - Develop name for education company Develop narrative of physical modeling for biological applications. - develop new App Develop new app and website incl gps, login etc - Develop new features for our node.js Web application Develop new features for our node.js Web application. - Develop new Joomla component Develop New Leads for Established Company - Develop new site at USA$ Develop New Social Media Network - DEVELOP NEW WEBSITE Develop New Website (Template & Pictures provided) - Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs Develop Nice WordPress Template From Designs (re-post 2) - Develop of an Android App... Develop of Android App with bluetooth interaction - Develop one APP for Android and Iphone - System Delivery Food develop one application in php - Develop one report in htmls5 pages using Bootstrap v3.3.x Develop one responsive page - Develop online coloring pages Develop online course - Video tutorials - Develop Online Ohm's Law Calculator & RANK #1 in Google Develop Online PHP Accounting and Business Management Software - Develop Online Store & Upload Products Develop online store functionality - Develop Opencart color filter plugin Develop Opencart Extension for Sales Order Export to CSV file - DEVELOP OR BUILD A WEBSITE & MOB APPS WITH THE INTEGRATION OF KOLMISOFT (MOR) API OR a2billing API Develop or Customize an IT HelpDesk System - Develop our 1st class branding ( only best in the world! ) Develop our Affiliation network - Develop our prestashop into a functional selling tool Develop our PSD files to responsive wordpress website in 2 days - Develop page (UI) for existing web site Develop page (UI) for existing web site (buy page) - Develop Payment Gateway Module For Broadleaf Commerce Develop Payment Gateway module in WHMCS - Develop pedestrian rekognition - OpenCv in Java Or Python develop pedometer app using accelerometer that can interact with another app using bluetooth - Develop PhoneGap application iOS / Android OS - repost Develop PhoneGap application to support iOS, Android, Windows backed by PHP API. - Develop PHP application and provide additional functionalities(repost) Develop PHP based FV calculator for my website - Develop PHP script to extract image location url & integrate Develop PHP Script To Generate Flash (SWF) files (using something like Ming?) - Develop PIO Wordpress Theme(repost) Develop Plagiarism checker Plugin - Develop plugin for wordpress Develop Plugin for Wordpress and Emby Media Server - Develop polling & debating plugins for WordPress Develop POP print display - Develop Premium link generator and Torrent leecher website with registration and payment facility. Develop premium wordpress - Develop Printing function & CVS for website Develop Private Advertising Plugin for bbPress - Develop professional Responsive wordpress website + Onpage SEO Develop professional software Skin - develop project dashboard Develop project for vacational rental - Develop PSD Website Template Develop PSD Website Template - Develop Python script to convert Geospatial PDF to KML preserving styles Develop python utilities - Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress Develop Quiz Plugin for Wordpress - Develop Real Estate Trading Platform Develop Real Estate Website - Develop registration software to correct print issue Develop registration website - Develop Reports in OFBiz (Apache OFBiz) Develop reports in ZuckerReports for SugarCRM - develop Responsive website . Develop Responsive Website from HTML Template - Develop Retro-Space, Adventure, Survival Video Games Develop reusable Flex 3 dialog - Develop Roulette Game In WPF -- 2 Develop router / firewall software - Develop SalesForce Mobile Applications Develop Salesforce triggers - Develop scraper in PHP to get opening hours of insurance company Develop Scraper Property Listing Website - Develop Script to make VirtualBox Send a shutdown signal when logging out of the Mac Host Develop script to pull info from HR app to google calendar - Develop security for unity 3d web application Develop security training slides - Develop Server part of simple Android app- Develop server software for a social mobile app - Develop SharePoint master page and implement two page site in SharePoint Online using Twitter bootstrap framework Develop SharePoint masterpage based on a specific webpage design (provided) - Develop short JavaScript that make HttpCall and parse the response Develop short videos for social media - Develop simple android app for online quick cash loan website Develop Simple android app using HTML5 - Develop simple Dart Game Develop Simple Desktop Application - Develop simple iOS game similar to Bubble Diver Game Develop Simple iOS Games for a Mobile Startup - Develop simple mobile app in IBM Bluemix Develop Simple Mobile Application - Develop simple Program urgent Develop Simple Prototype Native IOS app in PHP - Develop simple website in PHP or CF or .NET or HTML
Develop simple website script - Develop Single Use-Case iPhone App Develop single web page design (Photoshop) - Develop site/script like Develop site/script like - Develop small module using d3.js Develop small PCB for 6VDC/1A output converter - Develop SMS Application(repost) Develop SMS Applications - Develop Social Media News Feed Develop social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) - Develop Social Sports Betting website and IOS. develop social work site - develop software Develop Software - Google And Amazon Data Extractor - Develop software for custom POS terminal application Develop software for digital image processing - develop software for Y O U T U B E views develop software for Y O U T U B E views -- 2 - Develop software through IBMs Watson Develop software to access websites and download - Develop Software with Amazon API Develop Software/ Desarrollar Software - Develop some modules of iPhone App Develop some modules of iPhone App - open to bidding - Develop some software Develop some software - develop some software that turns your Discovery board into a USB-controlled signal generator. Develop some Sound effects for my 3D Game. - Develop Specifications for Pulling Down Exhibits from EDGAR data Develop Specifications for Pulling Down Exhibits from EDGAR data(repost) - Develop standalone frontend to librsvg Develop Standalone Twitter Trend Topic Program - Develop story points in Java Develop strategies for GRE verbal section - Develop Survey Code for CrateJoy Website Develop Survey for Mobile Browsers - Develop system tray application in Java Develop System Value Online basic Android - develop teaser page with contact form Develop TEASER-ads network - Develop test suite Develop test suite - develop the app develop the app on Android, and develop it's web services on Joomla Platform - Develop the Digital Specifications of a Boutique Hotel. Develop the Digital Specifications of a Boutique Hotel. -- 2 - Develop the MapReduce program develop the mechanical spare parts - Develop the site Imgur Clone Develop the site Imgur Clone. - Develop the wordpress site (end to end) develop the.tpl file for prestasshop -- 2 - Develop TimeCard web and desktop application (1964015) Develop timetabling software for the European market - Develop Training Menu in .psd / .pdf develop Training Needs Analysis module in Moodle environment - Develop Twitter account Software Develop Twitter bot / Desarrollar bot para Twitter. - Develop two reports with display and printing with blocks / boxes. Develop two Similar Websites from an Existing Drupal Theme - develop understanding of children's interests and developmental needs Develop same web - Develop User Interface on AutoCAD Develop User Manual for a web application - develop vbulltine Develop Vegas Video Plugin -Camera Shake - Develop Video File Organizer Develop Video Game - Develop Vista training material Develop Visual Composer add-on (WP plugin) - Develop Wakeup Call App using Twilio API Develop wallet application for new cryptocurrency - Develop Web APIs / Web Services for application Develop Web App - Develop web application modules Develop web application on java technology - Develop Web based Lead portal Develop Web based Payroll System using ASP.NET - Develop web parts Develop web portal and app - develop web site and vidéo plateform upload ect...... develop web site and vidéo plateform upload ect...... - open to bidding - Develop Web-Based EEG Browser for Analysis of Large EEG Data Develop web-based furniture color picker - Develop webpage in html,css,php,mysql develop webpage into a web site - Develop Website Develop Website - Develop website Develop website - develop website develop website - Develop Website , Simple One product website Develop Website - 02/12/2016 02:03 EST - Develop Website Backend in NodeJS with MongoDB. Develop website base on client requirement - Develop website for company Develop Website For Exporting and Importing - develop website for us Develop website for viral quizzes - Develop Website in VB.Net Develop website in woordpress - Develop website like Develop website like - Develop website on Yii Framework Develop Website Prior to our discussion - Develop website to sell E-books-Audio needed Develop Website to upload-view-delete documents,audio & video online. - Develop Website with API Data Calcs Develop website with - Develop website_Hotel Co. develop website_sree - Develop wholesale website Develop widget using a plugin search.php - Develop Windows Logon/off notification service Develop windows mobile app - Develop WooCommerce extension for the Apruve payment gateway Develop WooCommerce Payment Method - Develop Wordpress Booking Engine Plugin using API Keys. Develop Wordpress custom plugin that will bridge with a CRM - Develop Wordpress Plugin Develop Wordpress Plugin - Develop Wordpress Plugin to add custom fields to new post Develop WordPress plugin to check broken links & 301 redirct - Develop Wordpress Site Develop wordpress site - Develop Wordpress Theme Develop Wordpress Theme - Develop Wordpress Website Develop Wordpress website - Develop Wordrpess Top Menu develop work place policy and procedures for sustainability. - Develop wp website to pass Googles PageSpeed Insights into GREEN zone Develop wp website to pass Googles PageSpeed Insights, READ BEFORE BIDDING - Develop your understanding of the components of the scientific method. Develop your website for just Rs. 2900/- Basic to Advance with free payment gateway. Offer valid till 30 Aug only. - Develop, implement & test an design in C++ Develop, implement & test an OO design in C++ for a system - develop/design a website with front end and back end CMS Develop/Design a Wordpress Review/Ecommerce Responsive Website -- 2 - Develop/Modify a WordPress Theme Website or build new-- 2 Develop/Modify a WordPress Theme Website or build new-- 2 -- 2 - Develope a Accumulator and Odds App Develope a Android app based on existing iOS app. - Develope a complete web portal Develope a corporate ID - Develope a iOS and Android App with web backend. Possible partnership if programmer keen. Niche market for app in South Africa. develope a iphone app - Develope a Magento Store Customized Extension