Article Writing in Microbiology and Biotechnology Topic

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The maximum bid accepted for this project is $30 as it is a test project. The time frame to complete this is project is 15 days (with a report for checking on the 7th day and 14th day) so we do not expect a lot of work done but we do expect quality work. If satisfied with these two conditions, only then should you bid for this project.

I would like two 3000 word articles or one 6000 word article with references (in a well known and well accepted referencing style such as APS or MLA style of referencing). The topics for these articles are related to microbiology and biotechnology. The sub-topics from which you can choose to write are as follows below:

Microbial Genetics :

- Gene transformation, transduction, conjugation, plasmids and their

biological significance.

A brief account of genetic phenomenon in eucaryotics. Recombinant DNA


- Bacterial mutation and mutagenesis, types of mutation, mutagenes,

biological significance of mutation, induced mutations, isolation of mutants,

role of mutation in strain improvement, artificial chromosomes, Cloning in

bacteria virus, Yeasts and other eucaryotes.

- Recombinant DNA and gene cloning, cloning and expression vectors,

chimaeric DNA, molecular probes and gene libraries.

- Polymerase Chain Reactions (PCR) and gene [url removed, login to view] PCR & its

modifications, application of PCR in biotechnology. & genetic engineering.

DNA polymorphism, RAPDs, VNTRs, SSRs, gene tagging, DNA finger


- Isolation, sequencing and synthesis of genes.

- Gene synthesis machines and human gene therapy.

- Yeast artificial chromosomes.

The articles must have the following characteristics:

1. It should be atleast 3000 words long (if giving two articles) or one long 6000 word article. (We will accept 2000 word articles as well provided we feel that the topic is well covered in that quantity of words).

2. It must have proper references from where the information is obtained. Information is preferred to have been taken from journal articles, and textbooks but not from other websites.

3. The article must have a minimum of 5 references.

4. The articles must not contain any copied text. You can paraphrase from the information source but do not write it word to word. It should be capable of passing a copyscape test.

Payment for the articles will be at the rate of 2$ for every 500 words. Therefore a 3000 word article would be worth 12$, while a 6000 word article would be at 24$.

These articles are to be posted on a website. Hence all your copyrights for the articles will be transferred to us and you will not have any ownership of the articles once the payment has been made.

If satisfied with the content quality, we may decide to hire you for future jobs.

For more information and clarification please feel free to contact us on this job posting.

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