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I need you to write some articles. Gods love a ocean deep

When life take a tole on you and you begin to ride on it, when life's been rough and rude to you. when you are always been on the defeated end, with failures greet your door and meet your end.

we start to weary and start worrying, we lose strength and confidence, our peace is stolen.

Don't begin to ride on and yield to circumstances that life brings inn. When you happened to meet the curved balls that life throws in,

Just slow yourself or else you will drift in and slip and fall.

don't rush but just stop for a while, watch and wait, rethink realign, fine tune to the waves to the book of life and then start your journey again,

Learn from your mistakes, reflect on the moments when you met success and joy entered the door and remained in your home. Your heart rejoiced as you bubbled was in confidence from within.

The cross roads of life brings in doubt and confusion, we're not sure which way seems right, the best way to react to it is by listening yo your heart. Only the inner voice enables you to direct you in your pathway that leads to life and destiny.

when we take a step to move Gods ways

moving in confidence and walking in faith and joy in heart. In joy there is strength and power to face and overcome every battle and win. Joy is a spring which turns into steams and runs up the hill and mountain and turns into fountain and meets the river of life and then joins the ocean so immerse in his love for its a ocean deep.

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