Random access data virtualization for Listview in C#

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I need a ListView control that can start from where the player score position is on the table and allow the user to scroll the table up or down to see other scores. The highscore table is on a server so whenever new data is required the game will need to contact the server and get more scores.

The listView needs to use random access data virtualization to preserve memory (as the high score table list can get quite large). Attached is a working project that can retreive the scores from the server.

I have attached a working project. The project is in C# for UWP (Windows 10).

What is Random access data virtualization

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Random access data virtualization lets you retrieve a subset of data from anywhere in the complete data set. For example, if a ListView is bound to a collection of 100,000 items and the user scrolls to the middle of the collection, the Listview might download only items 50,000 – 50,050. If they then scroll to the end of the list, the Listview downloads items 99,950 – 100,000. The scroll bar's scroll indicator, or thumb, is always sized to represent its position in the complete 100,000 item data set.


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