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Hello and Happy New Year To You All,

I wish to have a 60-80 page report which will help people lose weight, get slim and get healthy, someone who's in a similar position to what I was a year ago.

I was grossly overweight by about 10 to 12 stones and my waist was about 50 inches and I struggled to do any meaningful exercises.

Most people do not have the patience or the time and want to have techniques that will produce results in the shortest amount of time. They need to know it can be achieved.


Everything that is suggested must be factual, safe and proven.

Therefore the report needs to include:

Exercise - all the known techniques including the latest ones which produce results.



A work plan



Speed of results

Do-able and

Measurable i.e. 30 days, 60 days, 90 days etc.

They must be able to see results


I am looking for a writer to write a 60-80 page report on this topic –

How to lose weight for people who are obese.

WORKING TITLE I WOULD LIKE TO USE: How To Lose Weight For Those Who Are Obese and How To Keep It Off

Write simple report on this for both men and women of all ages.

(We will supply you with title headings along with some bullet points to cover within the report once we select you).

This is a basic outline in order for you to understand our requirements from the outset.

PLEASE NOTE I am looking for a writer to work with LONG TERM and will need you to also write other reports on regular weekly basis in the very near future, providing your work is of quality material, grammatically correct and price per report is reasonable.


All material must be original content, that has not been published before and that you are the sole writer of the work.

NO PLR content or other work that has been thrown together from PLR content.

It has to be high quality and unique.

My staff will check and any material found to be plagiarised will be reported to the proper authorities and not paid for.


Upon being successfully chosen and you accept to complete this project you, the freelancer agree that:

It will automatically create a binding contract between us and you, the freelancer.

100% of the copyright will be transferred to us upon all work submitted and completed and that you will no longer own the work and that we will own all copyrights including sale and distribution rights.

We can request you, the freelancer, to make a reasonable number of changes and edits during the period of production of the written content and within 7 days of completion of it.

That you will maintain full confidentiality about this project.

Please keep in mind that I do require the following from you;

The report must be written in;

Font size - 12 points

Font type - times new roman

Single spaced

Margins no more than 1” on all sides (left, right, to, bottom)

I also need you to include;

- A basic 2-3 paragraph summary / report description that simply explains what the report is about and what it covers. (THIS IS A MUST!)

- A Table of Contents (Necessity)

This will be according to the guidelines we send you, if successfully chosen.

The completed project is to be delivered in Microsoft word within 14 days of me selecting you.

Your suggestions are welcome.

Again, I am looking for a writer to work with long term on a variety of topics as long as your content is of quality and your price per report is reasonable.

This is a very easy job, especially if you are a great writer, so please bid fairly, from our previous experience we are expecting a good response and it is important you do not price yourself out.

Thank you for taking a look at this project and I look forward to developing a long and lasting working relationship with you.


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