need someone to make stats task in excel

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Mini Case 1 using Excel: Data Tables for the Walsh borne Extended-Stay Hotel

The weekly price at the Walsh borne Extended-Stay Hotel (renting by the week for business travelers) is $950. Operating costs average $20,000 per week, regardless of the number of rooms rented. On a new worksheet in the Midterm Exam workbook, construct a spreadsheet model to determine the profit if 40 rooms are rented. The manager has observed that the number of rooms rented during any given week varies between 32 and 50 (the total number of rooms available).

a. Use a one-way data table to evaluate the profit for this range of unit rentals.

b. Suppose the manager is considering lowering or increasing the weekly price by $100. How will profit be affected? Create a new two-way data table to account for this change.

Mini-Case 2 using Excel: Regression Analysis at Medex Medical School

A recent ten-year study conducted by a research team at the Medex Medical School assessed how age, systolic blood pressure, and smoking relate to the risk of strokes. (If the blood pressure is 120/90, the systolic blood pressure is the top number). Assume that the data in the Health Data spreadsheet are from a portion of this study. Risk is interpreted as the probability (times 100) that the patient will have a stroke over the next ten-year period. For the smoking variable, define a dummy variable of 1 (indicating a smoker) and 0 (indicating a non-smoker). Complete the following:

a. Create a correlation matrix to assess for correlation and multicollinearity. Comment on this sheet whether multicollinearity exists between the independent variables. Also cite which independent variable is the most correlated to the risk of having a stroke.

b. Develop an estimated multiple linear regression equation that relates risk of a stroke to the person’s age, systolic blood pressure, and whether the person is a smoker. (Assume a linear model, not a curvilinear model, for this mini-case.)

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    Scottsdale,  United States

    Excel and VBA expert. Statistical and mathematical modeling. Machine learning, including regression modeling, decision trees, etc. Linear and integer programming.

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    United States

    awesome worker. great at computers, data base management and statistics. will work on science experiments as well

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    Hi! My name is Fernando Téllez. I’m a senior year student of Electrical Engineering at Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB), one of the most prestigious universities in my country (Ranked 34° at the QS University Rankings: Latin America 2015). My career in university has made me code all kind of Matlab tools in order to solve different engineering, logical and/or mathematical problems. I can guarantee you a quality job. In August the first (2016) My Undergraduate Thesis ''R.A.M Analysis of Electrical Power Systems on the operative context using Monte Carlo Methods'' was awarded with honors. As a native spanish speaker, I can guarantee a top quality English-Spanish translation in little time. These skills are comfirmed by the tests this website offers. I look forward to be able to work with you and achieve the same high standards as I’ve always pushed myself to.

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    I am Expert in Geographic Information System (GIS), mapping, remote sensing, artificial intelligence and geographic databases. High skill in ESRI/ArcGIS systems and programming languages.

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    Science and Technology Consultant I am extremely passionate about solving problems in the following domains: Web development and design: expert in HTML, CSS, Javscript, Bootstrap. Writing research essays and e-books on any topic related to healthcare/ Social science/ Engineering/ Sociology/ Management/ Finance/ Economics/ Psychology/ Business proposals. Biotechnology- microbiology-molecular biology-bioinformatics Data analysis- data mining-forecasting using R, SPSS, Excel and WEKA. Machine learning- KNN, PCA, LDA, Random forest., k-means/Hierarchial clustering Chemical Engineering - nutritional products, cosmetics, extracting compounds, Pharmaceuticals / Ayurvedic medicine formulations Services I provide: -Website design and development. -Report writing, Blog writing, E-book writing,journal writing. -Assignments and course help in all subjects -Statistical analysis + report writing. -Scientific research , Ready to publish paper writing -Creating chemical formulation/ Products

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    Hello! I am a psychologist with a varied academic and applied experience. I have gathered this through a mid-level position in a multinational company as data processor and statistics analyst, as well as multiple NGO management jobs and positions. I have been involved in multiple scientific research projects as well as cross-cultural experiences. I am mainly interested in aiding your projects with statistical analysis and data preparation, at the same time I hold experience and proficiency in translation and writing. If you browse through my fields of interest you will see that the range is from Data Processing and Statistics to Leadership and Training. You have a particular job? just ask and we might accommodate :)

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    Finance professional with management consulting background. Employment history includes working for a Big4 consulting firm and finance departments of industrial companies. Freelance consultant since 2011. Major skills include financial modelling, data analysis, presentation preparation, procurement.

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    Tbilisi,  Georgia

    I am working at Turkish-American International Company. As HSS Administrator Making Data Bases, Charts, Presentations, Reports

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    Rosario,  Argentina

    I am Industrial Engineer graduated in 2005 with a certification as Project Manager Professional in September 2015. I have been working during the last 12+ years in industrial management in leading companies of Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. This experience has enriched my skills as a professional in terms of multidisciplinary teamwork and effective coordination of teams of different cultures. In recent years I have worked in areas such as logistics and supply, quality assurance, continuous improvement of products and processes, strategic planning, among others. I specialize in providing Excel based solutions, including template design for reporting, interactive dashboards, business and financial modeling, application development, VBA programming, and data analysis. Additionally, I made models in Arena Simulator and I have good command of English and Portuguese. I am looking for a long term association based on the "Good faith and mutual trust" principle.

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    Rabat,  Morocco

    An engineer in statistical and applied economics graduated from the National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics an African leader in the field, with 2 years experience as an analyst for the Moroccan minister of finance and 2 years experience as a freelancer (this is my new account). Expert in Data analysis and econometric modeling using : SPSS, SAS, R programming, STATA, Minitab, E-views, Excel ... and with my high English level, my professional reporting and my professionalism i guarantee a high level work.