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I am impressed by how present you are in this platform and I see that you have manage to make this a fine business for yourself.

Your profile represents my goal in this platform, which means that I will simply have to do as you did.

Having said that, I thought about expedite this process. Instead of competing directly with you, I would very much rather try an opportunity to work with you.

And that is why I send you this msg (btw, sorry about this forma:"Hire me", did not find a way to call you on the webchat).

I like to work in this area. My work and academic background can bring great and differenciated value and I think I would need a far amount of time learning from you before being able to operate in optimal capacity here on my own.

Needless to say that you can consider having an extension in Brazil.

Your model is to work alone? Do you hire extra help when you need?

Are you open to discuss the idea?

I don´t mind the arrangement: Me working for you, or a partner, with you, you name it. I do what has to be done.

I know that teaming up with you will allow me to reach my milestones several months before without seeking your mentoring...

And I also know I can be a great asset for you.

Thanks for now.

Your can call me on the webchat at anytime.



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