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Subject Task - WiFi

You have to code mobile app for Android platform. This app will use WiFi networks scan and based on nearby WiFi network app have to identify correct building and floor for Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU in Bratislava building. You should first code first stage of app, what is recording WiFi networks for certain building and floor. App have to work at buildings A,B,C,D,E other are mandatory.

App also have to contain a simple text navigation step by step to certain office. To make it simple lets define and use standardized office numbering ( i.e. C606 - first letter is building and number at position of hundreds is number of floor at that building = building C , 6. floor = C606).

As a bonus feature you may implement also a upload and download of existing WiFi positioning data to your server. So if someone install app it will be immediately working without recording first.


Android app have to at least :

show current place = combination of building-floor (i.e. C6)

add new place = combination of building-floor (i.e. C6)

WiFi scan for chosen place

WiFi scan results of available networks nearby for chosen place compare with existing data

choose / un-choose WiFi networks determining place

saving WiFi networks and places pairs to device storage

show list of WiFi networks for place - at least SSID a BSSID

show list of places with their last update ( last WiFi scan)

search for office number (for building A,B,C,D,E standardized office numbering)

for specific office number show in which building and floor it is

provide a text navigation step by step to specific place based on office number

Bonus feature upload/download:

update (download) databse of Wifi networks assigned to places

contributing (upload) to database of Wifi networks assigned to places


Working app preview you can see at this page:

[url removed, login to view]

Note: Clicking on active sections you can going through screens

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