Decompile java program and figure out how packets are encrypted

My friend and I play chess on a spanish based site called [url removed, login to view] . I want to setup an erlang proxy to feed moves from a chess engine but I can't figure out how the program encrypts / decrypts packets. When signing up they allow selecting if the account is computer assisted, so it's not about cheating or making some kind of malicious bot. I don't really even play there that often but the frustration of not being able to figure it out brought me here.

Go to [url removed, login to view], click chess, launch jnlp, click rooms -> disconnect. When I click login I want to know how the packets are encrypted when they are sent to the server, and how they are decrypted when they get back. Maybe you're an encryption guru and can figure it out with wireshark if it's some kind of common 2 way encryption. Maybe it's a custom function. I'm not asking to reverse engineer how the packets are structured or what they do. I want to know if everything going out or coming in is passing through the same encryption routine and if so what's the function(s), or the name of the encryption routine if it's a common one.

## Deliverables

If I replicate all the packets I can login, meaning the user is the one that sends the encryption key probably in the first packet. If not, every time I login the packets sent and received are different.

The class files are linked in the jnpl that downloads after clicking chess from the front page. JD can decompile them but I don't know java well. Maybe someone skilled can identify a common routine as being from a standard library by just testing common ones or from its structure in wireshark.

Ideally I want the name of the encryption routine.? Let me know if you're confident you can figure it out. I'm not paying more than $100. If you want a dummy account try user: findtheprotocol pass: asdf1

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