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This is the working document… to spec the web site [url removed, login to view]

This web site is constructed to be "bait" for web surfers concerned with BEDBUG infestations in their home or city. [url removed, login to view] is the USA national distributor of a product that kills BedBugs on contact.

The strategy is to build a site compiling news reports from newspaper articles and local TV news… embed those into W-P pages with links back to the original source. This should make for a powerful content monster and really optimize keywords in each local city/state of the USA. We have two years of Google-Alerts/Bing & Yahoo-Reports so we can create “back-dated” content/feature pages that will give the SEO spiders lots to chew-on, and give the impression of expertise over time "instantly".

We will never have a budget large enough to advertise everywhere, so the plan is to "blog-post" and editorialize on a completely separate URL... We will take [from Google/Bing search results] the daily news, and re-post it on a URL www.BedBug-Newsreports. com .... adding original editorial commentary. As local newspapers and TV stations report on the problem, we see an opportunity to be seen next to those local stories, in each city across the USA. More local news means more interest in our product.

We believe the links back to the original news reports, plus keywords [city name, local landmarks, etc] will place us on the 1st page of any local search across the country... BedBugs in [town-name] or "Who kills BedBugs in [town-name].. etc.

We have an archive that is two years deep, of past news reports, so we can explode onto the scene [when the site goes "live"] with post "dating back" that old.

The operators of this site are tech-savvy, but NOT Word-Press experts. We are reading /studying learning, to come up with build requirements for this site. ANY NEW ideas not included are welcome. We are looking for a W-P partner, as we have 5 other projects/ different products to roll-out over the next two years.

We have ideas, but the primary goal is to NAV web surfers to the retail URL, to purchase our product(s). "Local" Content and SEO, social media plug-ins should help us spread the word.

The look and feel is not my area. I will have a huge learning curve on W-P, which is why some of my ideas are vague, not sure what / how we do stuff. It seems to be critical, based on theme.

More details, coming... since the 1st page submission form cut-this page off

The operators of this site are tech-savvy, but NOT Word-Press experts. We are reading /studying learning, to come up with build requirements for this site. ANY NEW ideas not included are welcome. We are looking for a W-P partner, as we have 5 other projects/ different products to roll-out over the next two years.

We have ideas, but the primary goal is to NAV web surfers to the retail URL, to purchase our product(s). "Local" Content and SEO, social media plug-ins should help us spread the word.

The look and feel is not my area. I will have a huge learning curve on W-P, which is why some of my ideas are vague, not sure what / how we do stuff. It seems to be critical, based on theme.

We will have some self-created video content... existing FaceBook, Twitter and G+ accounts. Any others can't/will be created. we are pre-viewing Pinterest already, but believe it a waste of time, until the retail sales site is finished.

WE have existing LINUX hosting with current W-P installed, but no pages/content. We want to "arrive" strong, on day one, so the SEO spiders get a good big pile to index immediately. We understand the content creation to be a HUGE labor chore and are [pretending] that we are ready. LOL

There are SO many questions We have about what we could do in design, themes, plug-ins ... I've become overwhelmed, but we have spent some time, working on learning W-P choices and options. I want a site built in Word-Press, with the plug-in components that optimize the organic SEO and to capture random surfer’s attention.
I believe the best template will be 3 columns, and designed to be a magazine or newspaper web site.. I am completely un-successful in finding ANY templates to accomplish what I want, but because of my W-P knowledge limitations it is not surprising.
Social media will be important. We have accounts and content ready to roll-out in Twitter, two Facebook accounts and Google+. I will create Pinterest and any others that are productive, when the site goes up. I want it to be EASY for surfers to LIKE/Re-tweet and G+ this content with nice “pull quotes” for each.
Let me tell you that I am completely new to W-P sites, but understand 4.0 HTML… just not any of the W-P admin or tools. I am reading/learning, but will need advice and help in selecting the best options. ….then learning the site operations needed to build/post these [back-dated] pages, until we start going forward.
In no particular order, these are my ideas…. wants/needs.
Let me start with individual editorial pages and return to the home/contact us pages later…….see an “article” page example attached.
I would like to create a single page for each “news item”. This is an example of “news” that this site will be commenting on. I have 100s of these pages in an archive from the past 3 years, ready to be built/posted.
I would like to post/embed their native video into OUR page…when possible [not all local TV station allow this, as you know] . OUR editorial commentary across the top will be key-word rich for BedBugs but also each twon LOCAL from city or place names. .
I would like to display THEIR editorial content across the bottom, under the imbedded video [or static JPEG image in the case of newspaper content]
I want to create static, keyword rich HTML addresses [perma-links]…. and folders to emphasis each city/state, so that each local search will find THIS page. I found SEP-Pack listed below..
AN example of this URL scheme would be
Bedbug-newsreports– com/bed_bugs_in_Greenville/WFMY_davidson_county_06082013.html [date on the end of each perma-link, re-enforcing the original publication date and preventing duplicate page URLs in error].
Over time the folder -- bed_bugs_in_Greenville—will fill up with repeat stories, especially in the larger cities….new York/Chicago/Atlanta/ etc..
Finding this content is no issues, I have Google-Alerts/ Bing &Yahoo feeds flowing to a dummy e-dress for two years. It is full of news that can be used to create individual post/pages [BACK-DATED, to make the site look 2 years old] I will get a lot of practice making pages really quick. HaHaHa
THIS SITE-- seems to have many elements I want http://freepatriot.org/about-freepatriot/
Google-adwords [on each side?] is too much? WHAT IS YOUR OPINION, of the revenue to be gained from a Google-Adwords syndicate agreement? Is the revenue worth the trouble? Would it even pay for the site? …while STILL MOVING TRAFFIC TO MY primary URL? The goal is to sell BedBug “juice”… not ads, but if it offers a 2nd $ stream, I am interested.
I would prefer the social media plug-in that scrolls-/moves with the content on the left [1st column], as seen on THIS page http://www.zdnet.com/android-trojan-attempts-to-spread-via-bluetooth-7000016598/
the content in the middle of 3 columns will be editorial and a right column for my own static, clickable ads…to MY Product web site at a completely different URL. Plus twitter/Facebook feeds and GOOGLE-ADwords
The FaceBook feed needs to be imbedded and visible… plus twitter and Google+ account in MY case… about the last 4 post on each displayed
Comments… and I want moderated comments, but also a way to “rename” the commenter… and the comment date, so I can create the illusion of historic interaction. [this will be key] I like the askmet spam-filter plug-in below… I think.
Subscribe to our email list….. may gather a marketing list, but it must auto-feed to a spreadsheet. We don't have unlimited time in each day.
On the home page/sidebar "Recent post" should actually be a “top post” that I can define.
AUTHOR footer in the plug-in notes below will link to “personal” FB and G+ and Linked_in accounts. We have created a straw-man, who will be the voice of the company, giving up his personal ID for the company good. LOL
I will have some original VIDEO, so we can use the Video-Tags plug-in too??

The home-page of my example should look something like this template? …. http://freepatriot.org/news/
Listing the latest stories in reverse order…. Maybe going back 10 post in the center section. The option to list “most popular” on the right side-bar, [that I can control will be REALLY important] on the main page, because I will have some pages I prefer to highlight. If there is a "better" way to do this home=page NAVigation, I am happy top look at suggestions.
This is a spot to place FaceBook and Twitter with Google+ feeds… plus MY own Banner ads.... and maybe the Google-Adwords account?
WE will need two other static pages... contact-us and maybe one describing the product... ?

Links to example for the rest of these comments, at the bottom of the page.
I’ll need an XML- site map generator to maximize the keyword/URL- and content SEO value of the rest of each page. I found one listed below.
I want Google Analytics or a great traffic stats tool… noted below on the plug-in list. Plus the –NO-self-Ping? Plug-in too… to keep stats “true”.
Simple Pull-quote from the plug-in list will make ME look good, when posted on FB/G+ and other blogs.
Editorial Date Plug-in will allow me to assign date/time to posts… matching the original publish date from up to 3 years back, I have waiting for comments. THIS WILL BE IMPORTANT, early to give the oldest [but first ]post we create the appropriate "age" matching the orginal date of the news report.
WPVN-Username Changer is probably a good idea, for security in general?
I researching plug-ins…. and reading articles, I think we need most/all of these [or better ones that do the same thing ]
Add Post Footer By Freetime
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Akismet By Automattic
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Contact Form 7 By Takayuki Miyoshi
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Dagon Design Site Map Generator By Dagon Design
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Disqus Comment System By Disqus
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Dublin Core By Tim McCormack, Salvatore Vassallo, Joan Junyent, Alex Oberhauser
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Google XML Sitemaps for Videos By Digital Inspiration
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JetPack By WordPress.com
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No Self Pings By Michael Adams
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nRelate Related Content By nRelate
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Simple Pull Quote By Llamaman/The Mighty Mo
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I look forward to hearing from you.

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