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I need to develop a website very like TrafficWaterfall.Com.

People get paid credits to send hits to a special page. The special page displays two advertisers pages. It needs to be a flexible system, and capable of identifying uniqueness of hits.

It needs to be ready within 30 days of acceptance... so it is hard work for 30 days, and then it is done! I am looking for someone very skilled in PHP and MySQL. It needs to be bug free and very reliable. It needs to be able to cope with up to a million hits a day on a modest server setup.

Here is basically how it works:

I need a member area and an admin area. The admin area needs to be secure! The member area has to be very clear and easy to use. The admin are has to be flexible.

The idea is that a member sends a hit to the special adverts page. The system decides if the hit should be credited, ie. is it unique. Then it decides what advertisers pages to show. It then produces the HTML page for the viewer.

There should be the ability to put a standard header on every page.

More details are included in the deliverables section in an easy to understand bullet point form.


David Hammond

I have included the full deliverables file on a .txt file (ZIPPED) attached seperately!

## Deliverables


Member Areas:

- Login Page

- Lost Password Function

- Signup Page (including name, email address and other info)

- Confirmation Email, with secure confirmation link

- Member welcome screen, with latest news box editable in admin area, showing their status, number of different points and credit splitting ratios.

- There will be two types of credits/points: ad credits, used only for advertising and member points which can be cashed out. The total of each type on a members account must be listed in the account welcome screen.

- Edit Profile page so that people can change their email address etc. When changing the email address, a new email address verification code must be sent out to check it is a valid address

- Buy advertising credits page. The system must be able to sense when a valid payment has been made and automatically add the credits to the user's account. It needs to work with both e-gold AND paypal. In the admin area different rates need to be able to be added so that bulk buyers get a better rate.

- On the buy credits page, a special code box is needed so that special offers can have a special code assigned in the admin area, and it picks up the number of credits they will get plus the price.

- Upgrade section, with the ablilty to upgrade account status. (see admin area for more) Again, the payment needs to be automatically sensed.

- A function to transfer ad credits to another member. This needs to be safe (ie. no negative numbers) and only transfer to existing members.

- A function to convert member points to ad credits at the preset rate in the admin area.

- The ability to "cashout" member points, based on a tier system editable in the admin area (ie. better rate for 10,000+ cashed out credits). Also, a clearly stated fee set in the admin area needs to be deducted when cashing out, and a confirmation page is needed.

- There needs to be a page listing the title, URL, status and number of credits left on each members URL(s) (websites). It also needs to be easy to add credits to those URLs, delete them, pause them and transfer credits between websites. It has to be easy for ALL users to understand how to do this. It also has to be safe so that people cannot add negative credits etc.

- There needs to be an autoassign system whereby ad credits earnt are automatically added evenly to all selected sites. A member can choose what percentage to be EVENLY spread accross all URLs, although admin may set a minimum amount to be assigned. The first URL added will be set as autoassigned. A system is needed to ensure there is always at least one site autoassigned. If not, the credits are lost.

- An efficient referral system with unlimited levels needs to be included. Admin can set the percentages for each level in the admin area. Also, a first level referral bonus, after the referral has sent a certain number of hits, needs to be included. This needs to be clearly shown in the member area, as well as easily edited by admin. The system must make sure that the referer is noted on signup (so they get credited for downline activity), and that it is the actual person who referred them.

- The welcome page should show total referral points earnt. There should be a seperate page listing the name, signup date and total points earnt for each referral.

- There should be a page clearly explaining which links to use for referring people, and which links to use for earning credits. More than one page will be needed, based on the number of popups the page displays. This needs to be clearly shown.

- A delete account button, with mutliple warnings, is needed. The password must be retyped before deletion.

- There must be a way to logout!

## Continued in a .txt attached file (zipped) ##

## Platform

End HTML suitable for Internet Explorer, netscape and all other broswers.

Written in a mixture of:




+ CronJobs

Навички: PHP

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