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Hi folks. I'm new on SL, but really look forward to this and future projects with SL programmers! This is a complex project. I don't want to assume that one person–or even one team–can necessarily handle it all. So I've broken it up into components. But, as you read this, please keep in mind: I'm not a corporation with a big budget. I'm just a guy who wants to beCOme a corporation with a big budget. (g) The Principal Programmer's role is described below. There's an overview of the components below that. The components are detailed in the attached wordpad document. *** This is a Featured Project, so I'm allowed to provide my email and ask for yours. I'm also allowed to ask for "item pricing", which I interpret to mean that I can hire a "Principal Programmer" and also buy any components the PP can't handle from other suppliers who apply. I hope I'm able to leave Feedback for each supplier used. We'll have to see if that's allowed. I would definitely "give good review" for work well done. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ## # # # # # # # # N.B.: Place your bid here, but please address # all correspondence to myxlpyx@gmail.com. # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # ## # # I may receive many responses for the various components. And, after hair-pulling delays in being able to get this Feature listed, I've got to choose quickly. [Potential start date: Feb. 16 or sooner. I'd like to have substantial function and content in place by March 5 or so.] To expedite the selection process, I've devised a format for all bids. Please see "Bid Format" below. You can save your time by sending me a standard reply. I can save my time by putting that at the bottom of the pile and concentrating on replies that match my format. For instance, if your bid includes a list of samples with no notes on why they may apply to my project...and, when I surf them, no relevant factor is apparent, you will have saved your time and wasted mine. I would, therefore, file your bid in the "F" box. That's the one right beside the "G" bin. * * * * * Table of Contents 1. Principal Programmer criteria 2. Overview of Components 3. Notes on bid format. In attachment ([url removed, login to view]): Component details # # # # # 1. Principal Programmer Criteria I have purchased a commercial php/mysql script and had it installed. That's about it, so far. I want substantial modifications to it. I've seen descriptions of php scripts, java scriptlets, etc. that can deliver just about every capability I want to add to the primary script. They are in "buckets" on ebay and elsewhere, on free script sites, some commercial programs I can get at a membership site, etc.. I haven't joined the site yet, but can do so if needed--as it probably will be. The key is finding the programmer with the knowledge and skill to merge these components (also including open source code, other [legit only!] code on his/her hd, etc.) to customize the program to my spec. The PP will: * be fluent in English, as clarity of communication is VITAL. * provide much of the technical side in modifying a commercial php/mysql script package and in adding pages and content * consult initially with webmaster on all requested new functions, take his recommendations into account, analyze requirements, modify webmaster's current sitemap draft and present to webmaster * implement sitemap proposal including merge of Components, programming new user and admin functions, etc. * help webmaster become familiar with php, css, admin functions and general site operation. See attachment for details on some of the principal components that will be involved. I hope that, in addition to being able to merge components with the primary script, the PP will be able to PROVIDE a number of the components. The more, the better...and the first 5 (A-E) in particular. I chose to base the project on hours rather than the task for many reasons. One is that I can't, due to security concerns, reveal enough to make an accurate task-based estimate possible. Another is that, in addition to coding, I'd want additional billed hours for consultation, tutoring, etc.. And I'm a night owl, so time zones are not an issue for me. I've set 2 weeks as the PP's INITIAL contract period and 35 hours total as a guess (including coding plus consultation). I have more projects, plus tweaks and maintenance that will, I hope, require programmers, artists, voice talent, etc. well into the future. So if we work well together, other SL projects are virtually assured. Notes: Bid Format In your replies, please specify: the components you're bidding on (or, if applying as PP, those you can include in your "umbrella" bid), or the hourly rate you are quoting (especially if it's different, ie lower, than your Profile rate) the number of BILLABLE hour you estimate will be needed for each task (if bidding on components only--and you have enough info even to make a guess. I will fine tune, of course, with each supplier selected). URL's from past work that are RELEVANT to the component(s) you're bidding on. If possible, tell me how they apply to my project. So your bid might start out something like this: Principal Programmer. I can also cover components A, C, D and F. I'd estimate 30 hours at $10/hr. for components. Same rate for consultation, adding content, merging others' components... A - I've done about 6 alternate tt's. Here are a few examples [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and ____.com. B-D - Lots of experience customizing php scripts. Should be no prob. [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] E - I've got several affiliate scripts. One will probably work. Maybe 4 hours or so to customize and implement. G - I can do some graphics. Banners, logos, etc. Depends on what you want. [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] ...and whatever else you want to include. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ One programmer I've chatted with already says A-E (a somewhat simpler version of them, at any rate), could be done in less than 20 hours. 2. Component overview A - Develop 2-4 (or more) custom tooltip designs B - Add elements to the existing member sign up process. C - Add functions to the admin's member AED (Accept, Edit, Deny) controls D - Construct hollow template member page E - Install and customize robust Affiliate Program script. F - Add some Flash (and more elaborate coding. ASP? Other? Not sure.) G - Graphics, illustration, fine art? H - HTML I - Voice Talent J – Java K – Editing and submitting 6 press releases Note: 1. Questions are welcome. 2. As bids, questions, etc. come in, I will add updates in the Comments section below. | | | | Thanks for your interest. V V Hope to hear from you! B.

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