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Before I get into the project requirements, please review the following project requirements. This particular project is very important to our business, and we simply cannot hire a programming student or hobbyist. The person we select to work with us must be very experienced, very professional and very willing to be a team player. We need programmer who is: -able to devote the time and energy to complete my project within two months, -creative and easy to work with, -easy-going in his communications, -professional in his work ethic and work product, -able to understand our entire project and goals in order to provide advice and expertise regarding the best way to set up everything on a dedicated, -not willing to take short cuts to get the job done quicker, -able to create script files that are concise, non-repetitive and easy to install, -willing to provide updates (via email or showing work product) at least every other day (THIS IS ESSENTIAL!), -flexible enough to accept changes and suggestions to better the script, -experienced enough to make wise suggestions on how to change the script concepts so they will work better, -efficient and direct in his programming skills, -accepting of the fact that we are not technical people and that he is hired to provide the programming expertise, and -proud of creating the best possible portal product for strangers located half-way around the world. If that describes you, then please read about our city portal project. Keep in mind, some of it is obtuse, but I need the programmer we hire to know everything he is getting into before accepting our job. So please take the time to read the requirements before bidding, so you will know what you are getting int:0). We will expect our programmer to do the job for the agreed upon quote. ***OUR GOAL: Be a portal but have the look of a friendly local site. We don't want the cold, generic portal look. And after the initial set-up, we need each portal website to be self-sufficient and self-sustaining. And besides approving uploads, the scripts should require very little work or input from our firm.*** We are creating a network of city domains. An example of such a site would be [url removed, login to view] or CitiesUnlimited.com. These sites have a lot of cities' data on one site. In our network, we will have each city's data on each city's individual site. Ideally, we would like to install the portal scripts once and use them for all our domains, but we don't know if this is possible or even feasible. If it is, the admin could view stats of a single site or all sites at once. Also, this would make it easier to upgrade scripts in the future. You should also know that all our city domains will be retrieving data from a single, outside site (arcade-style games from an arcade site, for example). Unless you have a better suggestion, we have decided to go with iframes even though it doesn't work with all browsers. Also, some of the scripts you create for us might be used on our outside sites. Here are the actual scripts required for our project. Some scripts note outside scripts as examples. These must not infringe on copyrights. Please advise if you need more in-depth information before placing a bid. Please also keep in mind that these scripts outline the major components for our project. The scope will not change, but your bid should reflect that there might be minor changes or additions as the project comes together. >>>Membership/Login Script: To be able to access the advanced features of the portal users must sign up for membership. There will be several level including free access, pay monthly access and pay only for services. Login script like Scriptlance with working email address (admin has ability to block some domains), lost password module etc. Login id will be the created email address (mike (at) [url removed, login to view] for the domain [url removed, login to view]). This will also be the login for our other outside sites like the game site, etc. After login, the User Panel might offer some of the following options: COMMUNICATION -Mail (filtered option) -Instant Messenger -Chat -Mobile Messenger ORGANIZATION -Calendar -Address Book -Tasks ONLINE PRESENCE -Mini Site -Photo Gallery My Info UPGRADE! FAQ COMMERCIAL -Banner Ad -Business Profile -Classified- Subscription -Classifieds-Single Ad -Email Ad -Coupon Marketing Packages >>>Private Calendar/Address Book/Task Organizer System with options for reminder emails to self or others >>>Bad language flush script: As companies and individuals will be uploading data and even creating their own user-id, I don't want any bad words/connotations or anything related to adult-sites. I'd like the flush script to immediately get rid of bad words. Further (as I will indicate in the in-depth features of a few of the scripts), I want any image uploaded (including banner ads, coupons, and all other images on the public site) to be emailed to me with a link for immediate approval. I will be able to click the link to either approve of deny the image on our site. If denied, the user will be sent a denial email saying the image is not acceptable on our site. If I do nothing, the image is automatically approved after 24-hrs (changeable by admin) and the banner or etc will go into rotation. I would also like a page on my site where I can bulk approve/deny public images by checking boxes. Any images already approved by clicking the link will not be shown on this page. As for the private password protected galleries, these images will automatically be approved, but I also want a bulk viewing page where I can quickly view them and delete any inappropriate ones at my leisure. Any that aren't denied will be automatically approved so they aren't continually on the viewing page. >>>Simple Online Poll: Admin option to only show user percentage or show #hit with user percentage. I will be using the same poll on all our sites. But in the future, I want to have the option of showing the stats from only one portal. >>>Send-a-Card (static or flash): This will be used on a stand alone site with flash card, but we will also use a less mini-version on each city domain for users to be able to send photos of local places found only on that one domain portal. >>>Rotating Photos/Gallery (click to take user to Site Photo Gallery) To make each portal more distinct and local, we will have a rotating photo on the home page with four mini photos to the side (click the mini photo to show it in the large position.) The user can then click the main photo to go to a photo gallery of all the local photos. The photo gallery should allow for title, description, click the thumbnail to a larger image, option for user to forward local photo for admin approval to add to database. (Admin should be able to view a page of all submitted photos -for all city domains - check the boxes for the ones to not approve. Then the approved photos are entered into gallery and set to correct size. All users are automatically sent a thank you email stating whether their photo was approved or rejected). This might be a good place to insert the mini Send-a-card option. >>>Users Photo Gallery - similar photo gallery script installed for users to have private galleries. Users can create mini accounts for friends/family to view their gallery. As already stated, photos will be immediately uploaded, but admin can bulk view/delete photos, if necessary. >>>Bulk Photo Uploader into Database - need a way to efficiently upload large numbers of photos (in zipped files?) and have the go into a photo database with categories, title, description, etc. >>>Census Database. I am downloading the stats from the US Census Bureau, but the problem is that it isn't in table format. All the data is in one file and the "record" cities aren't uniform in the number of lines they have. So I need your expertise to figure out a way to bring up a single city's statistical info. (I can provide an example of this data if necessary) >>>Yellow Page Search Database - This is going to be a separate site, but each portal will be able to call up the info onto the portal site. Needs to be optimized to search quickly. Another issue is that I have these huge files to ftp and would like a way to upload a zipped file and have it unzipped once on the server. >>>Simple Community Calendar script - for users after login. >>>Complete Rotating Banner Ad System w/ Statistics: PayPal-integrated, extensive stats, zones/groups, user and admin panel features (complete features available upon request). >>>Coupon-Builder/Database - I just found this great script at [url removed, login to view] The requirements it doesn't provide are: 1) No index page with featured advertisers, 2) No +Coupon Builder (that automatically inserts a "Coupon by [url removed, login to view]")- we should be able to, and 3) The coupons don't rotate. Their ads are one-column across, but I think advertisers would appreciate this larger size. But besides those, I think that script offers what we're looking for. >>Classified Ads System w/ photos and thumbs (with features of [url removed, login to view] and powerful/flexible admin) for use with realty, autos and general classifieds - PayPal-integrated: set-up for singular ads and ad-subscription - for realty agents, etc. (complete features available upon request). >>>Web-Mail System and set up through server for account creation, exact features of (At)Mail ([url removed, login to view]) (complete features available upon request). >>>Small CMS System for especially for static pages. I don't have any examples sites here, but I'd like a way that we could just click to a site and quickly change some of the static content without changing it offline and then having to upload it. >>>Horizontal Menu System with horizontal sub-menu and mouse-overs etc. Needs to look very clean and professional and be easily updated by us. >>>We will be using a Cookies to remember login, color scheme, map(?), etc. Collect IP address. >>>Site Search function by city site, metro-sites (domains of cities in close proximity to one another) or our entire family of sites. >>>We need a little java (?) script that will change welcome area (under the local photos) on all sites at once. Also one to change the "welcome John (if not John, click here" area-like "happy holidays, John," etc.) >>>Installation of Weather Script ([url removed, login to view])/ Customization & Activate Cookie feature >>>Integration of PayPal Payment Gateway: Products will be offered subscription-base (Paypal's recurring payment) or one-time. We will also offer a combo of services: banner + business profile + ad subscription, etc., so essential to be familiar with PayPal. >>>Integration of scripts into login system - this might be the most important part of our project - the efficient and professional integration of everything. This is the main reason why we were interested in one firm created our project instead of a lot of programmers doing parts of it. >>>News Publisher - with features of Article Manager at [url removed, login to view]) to use with local news sources. Also, a version of this script will be installed for local "experts" to enter home/garden tips - (name, photo, project title, project description, project photo link to internal business page - no external links, etc.) (complete features available upon request). >>>Banner Creator - features of [url removed, login to view] (complete features available upon request). >>>Multi-page Business Profile Builder: To see an example of how we want this to work, see: Builder: [url removed, login to view] . Website: [url removed, login to view] . Admin: [url removed, login to view] (Password: pass for editing) These mini profiles will still be apart of our site with a header directing user back to our home pages. (complete features and screenshots available upon request). >>>Nice clean PHP/ Flash Chat Room: multiple rooms with an instant messaging system (IM users must only have to download the IM system and not additional components ie .NET software) ____________________ Other important points: -Optimization for IE and Netscape as well as look nice for AOL customers. For resolution, please use the standard minimum resolution, 800x600. -PHP scripting in English -Cookies enabled with login feature -Template-based scripts -The entire project must have an elaborate and highly flexible admin panel. We need to be able to adjust settings and make changes on our own. -The entire site must look very professional. ____________________ ***Please only bid if you accept that our firm will own the copyright to all the scripts that we purchase.*** Thank you for your time and consideration. This is a featured auction and there will be no fees for the chosen programmer. Please PMB me any questions regarding this project.

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