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I am in the market for a website that will enable users to enter a string of data (just a few words) and the result, will be related data (recommendations, based on input/suggestions from other users). The "reated" data, will be determined by users/visitors to the website. Users/vistors will be able to rank how accurate the relationship is between the "compared" sets of data.

Visitors will also be able to populate the database, with new data. Example... when using the "populate database" element of the site, a user will enter "Pepsi Cola" and then also state the relationship to another existing record in the database (or enter a new record) for example "Coca Cola", thus creating a relationship in the database between the two. Any given record in the database can have a "relationship" with more than one other record. So for example, if someone types in "Coca Cola" and hits "Find results" the database can return records from the database like "Pepsi Cola" and "Coke Zero" etc. The idea is to create a database of "similar" or related sets of data, based on the market I'm in. The primary functions of the site, will be two-fold: 1) users ability to populate database with new suggestions (as outlined in this paragraph), or, to simply view suggestions/relationships already present in the data, by simply entering a query, and seeing what other users suggested for that query. User will then be able to rate how "accurate" each of those suggestions he/she feels is.

The website will of course be attractive, clean cut, and will have many additional features. Recommendations (or relationsihp between records in the database) will be entered by users of teh site. Users will have to register, and the records in the database they add/create, will store their use name, so later on, anyone can view any otehr users recommendations or additions to the database.

Every time a user rates how accurate they feel another user's recommendation is (or, relationship between two sets of data), their "approval rating" will be affected. The approval rating will act sort of like feedback on eBay or Amazon. We can use a 5-point system. If the recommendation by user "JohnDoe80" shows up when a visitor is viewing the site, and... the visitor thinks this recommendation is spot-on accurate, they can give the recommendation a 5-star approval. This will now mak JohnDoe80's user name display as JohnDo80(1). Next time they get a 4 or 5 star approval, the number will change to (2). If a rating of 2 or 3 is left, their approval rating number will stay the same, and, only if a 1 is left (for strongly disapprove) will their approval rating number drop by one. Clicking on their approval rating, will show some basic info about the user (like where they're from, age, sex, and some other basic "About me" style details, along with an optional photo, and of course, their approval rating for recommendations they've made on the site).

As an admin, I will have the ability to remove all recommendations (links/relationships between sets of data) from any user, if I feel their approval rating is too low (example... if they are clearly polluting the database with inaccurate comparisons... example: Coca Cola --> Sushi (one is a drink, one is a food, and... unless you live in the "deep south" I can't imagine the two ever going together).

All new recommendations submitted by users, will show up in a "pending approval" state, for the admin to view, along with a little check box, next to each recommendation where I can quickly select many, or all, at once, and "confirm" thus adding them to database, and making publicly visible. I can also at this point remove any suggestions (in either case, an automatic email will be sent to the user, thanking them for their suggestions, and stating which were approved for addition to the website and, which were not).

The website will also be accessible via mobile phones (and the database population process will also be possible via the mobile version). This includes of course Android, iPhone, and all latest mobile phone platforms, all over the world. The two primary functions of the site (finding recommendations, after entering a string of data, as well as, populating the data with new recommendations) will be fully functioning and accessible via mobile phones. I want users to be able to use a mobile-version of the site from anywhere/anytime.

Furthermore, the website, will also be available as a Facebook app. Again, I want the database to be available to users on Facebook, and for people to be able to search the database for recommended content, as well as populating the database, while on Facebook.

Finally, I also want a Mozilla Firefox (Internet Explorer) add-on created for this site. Just small input windows in the browsers, visible at all times, where a user can pop in any variable they want (again, example... if they're in the mood for... let's say "Coca-cola" at any time, pop this into the little window, hit enter, and see a list of recommendations...).


Users to the site will have the ability to contact other users. Clicking on any user's name on the site, will enable people to send them an internal message (email addresses will not be shown, and blocked out of any messages, as I want communication to be limited to within the website- I do not want people to be able to communicate outside of the site).

The records within the database, will also serve as keywords or tags (I'm not familiar with the right terminology here) for Search Engine Optimization. If people Google some of the content that's already in the database, I will expect my site to be picked up by Google, or the major engines.

Search Engine Optimization will be part of this project as well. When the project is finished, I expect to be able to find the site, using related content searches on Google, or other major search engines.

I will explain further details to the winning bidder.

I have experience here on ScriptLance, so I know that 80% of the bids received will be generic, cut and paste resumes, sent- without the bidding team having even read much of the project description. I will not consider such bids.

If you want your bid to be considered, please actually show me that you've read the project description, and have some understanding of what I'm after. Pasting a canned, standard, "resume" won't interest me (again... every project I post here, within a few hours, I'll get 30 nearly identical emails starting with "We've read your project requiements, understand them, and are ready to begin. Please see our work below...".

Take a moment, write a few lines, show me you actually understand what I'm talking about, and I'll seriously consider your bid.

The website, database, and all content, will be created by the winning bidder. The project will be considered complete, only after the site is live, online, and fully/completely operational. I've already purchased a domain name for this project, but... that's the easy part.

One other thing... I am VERY specific about one thing: I want the database on this website to run fast (if things go well, the number of items/records in the database will be as large as several hundred thousand... or more). The website has to be created in a format that can handle extremely large amounts of data- even by tomorrow's standards.

Furthermore, I want the database and website created in a "scrape-proof" manner. I want the data that will be populated and created by my users to be safe, and nearly impossible to steal. I will actually "test" this, by paying someone to attempt a "scrape" of the database, once you complete the project. I will consider the project complete, once I'm convinced the database has been developed in a scrape-proof (or at least, extremely difficult to scrape) manner. I'm not interested in having a site developed for me, that anyone can later copy and scrape within a few days. Again, please undrstand this: I will have a third party coder attempt to scrape the database contents after you develop the interface and database. If it can easily be scraped, I will not consider the project complete. Security and safety of this dadabase is of utmost importance to me.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. I will consider all serious bids- and I don't just look at the price. I will consider your feedback, and how well I feel you understand the project. Even if your bid is not the lowest, but... your feedback is great, your talent level is strong enough to develop this, and you convince me that you understand the project, I may very well select your bid.

One last thing... be absolutely CERTAIN you can meet the deadlines you give. I've had far too much experience here in ScriptLance with people giving me let's say... a 4-week delivery date, and 2 months later we are still not finished because they run into things they did not anticipate (or maybe took on too many projects at once). If I promise you, for example, $3000, and you promise me the project in 4 weeks... but then I only pay you $2500, you would not feel that is fair. Well, the same way, if you promise me delivery in 4 weeks, but... finish in 6 weeks, I too, will not consider this fair. Thus, please... study the requirements carefully, and provide a delivery date you not only can meet, but are certain can exceed.

Thank you for your interest.

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