Чим ми можемо Вам допомогти?

Contests vs. Projects

Do you need a job done but you’re not sure whether to post it as a project or a contest? Here's some advice to help you decide.


Post a contest if you want to crowdsource a job. For users who intend to review a wide variety of submissions from skilled freelancers, holding a contest is an excellent choice. It’s an extremely cost-effective way to receive and review original works from professional freelancers while paying only for the ones they like.

If a user is still looking for that one idea that pops out from the rest, then getting skilled freelancers involved is a good way to start. For as low as $10, users can hold a basic contest. But of course, the higher the offered prize money is, the more entries a contest is likely to attract. Our Money Back Guarantee for Regular Contests means that if no one wins, contest holders can get their prize money back within 30 days after their contest closes (this excludes Guaranteed Contests).

Contests work well for design jobs such as logos, t-shirts, and websites. However, you can hold a contest for all of the other job categories as well!

For freelancers, joining contests is an excellent opportunity to get to know a number of employers and showcase talent. They serve as good practice for honing one’s skills, too!


Post a project if you want a job completed by a single freelancer. Some employers may have specific requirements for a project that they want to be completed by one skilled freelancer only. In this case, opting to post a project is advisable since it lets freelancers bid first, allowing employers to evaluate their suitability first for the job at hand. Freelancer.com’s feedback and rating system ensures that employers are matched to the best professional freelancers so that they get their money’s worth.

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