One of the biggest trends in technology is automation, where we can save time and money by automating certain processes, rather than spending our time repeating mundane and repetitive tasks, for example. Excel Macros are a massive tool in this respect, and one of the massive advantages of Excel Macros is that it doesn’t require the technical knowledge of many other platforms that achieve the same objectives.

Some of the ways that you can use the platform to save time and money include the fact that you can utilize the platform to communicate with other data sources, such as other text files, apply style and formatting in a specific way, and create entirely new documents.

The truth is that for a company, large or small, to be productive, this often requires as much time spent on small and repetitive tasks as it does with long-term planning and strategy. Of course, companies that can reduce the time and energy spent on these repetitive tasks have a competitive edge in terms of increasing productivity and optimization. Excel Macros helps massively in this area, for companies of any size, and of any sector.

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    This is an Excel 2021 Microsoft Office 365 template called "bill paying checklist". I'm trying to figure out what function(s) I would use to automatically subtract the bill amount (for example, $50 in cell H4) from my Total Bills amount (for example, SUM(H4:H47) in cell H48, let's say $200) after I insert a checkmark in any cell in column K (by double-clicking). Value for checkmarks = 1. The result would indicate how much I still owe in cell J48; thus, if all bills are check-marked the result should be $0. Thank you!!

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    Relational Database 6 дні(-в) left

    We are creating two databases in Access 1. For the video shoots we have undertaken 2. For the talent employed. We need the two linking so that we can 1. select a shoot and see which talent attended and see their detail in ghe query and 2. Select talent and see which shoots they have done

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    Relational Database 6 дні(-в) left

    Relational Database We are creating two databases in Access 1. For the video shoots we have undertaken 2. For the talent employed. We need the two linking so that we can 1. select a shoot and see which talent attended and see their detail in ghe query and 2. Select talent and see which shoots they have done

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    Merge MS Excel files into a single file 5 дні(-в) left

    Hi. I have many Excel files that needs to be merged in one Excel file. One hour is allotted for turnover of the merged file after grant of project to selected freelancer as I need the output ASAP today. Please don't bid if you will just manually copy-paste and cannot deliver on time. I need someone who knows how to code or automate this task. Thank you.

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    Excel databank (Macros) 5 дні(-в) left

    I am looking for some to create excel databank along makros.

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    i need an excel VBA developer and more details will be shared in chat. happy bidding.

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    I have a sheet where in A Column I have data in each cell and I want to auto extract contact no in next cell.F For this I need a Macro which will do the work every time I run It.

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    I need an addon / extension for google sheets to assign custom or different user rights for each cell or row / column. For eg I have a sheet of stock / inventory with columns - Product name, Quantity, Cost, Sale Price. Suppose I have 20 people on staff. I want to share that sheet with all of them but with different user rights for different people. Senior managers may view & edit all columns while sales managers may see all except Cost column but cannot edit any column except Sale Price. Similarly all other staff may only see Product name & Sale Price and edit none. (see attachment for a screenshot of this file) I can restrict editing with protect sheet & ranges option but how can I restrict viewing of certain cells ? Also I want to restrict editing & viewing of many cel...

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    The details are that the old person in my job created this excel macro that takes two sources of data crosses references them, removes duplicated and pushes them to a database so I use the data in tableau - however, a couple of the lines of vba code for the macro broke and I'm wondering if you can fix it - need it done asap. Thanks and looking forward to hearing back, Pete

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    Clean up our Neat Receipts Bills We need someone to log into our Neat Receipts Account and review and clean up our bills so our accounting software can run. You don't need to be familiar with Neat Receipts as you are basically looking at the image and filling in forms. But you do need to be a quick learner. 1. You need to check and enter the vendor (if it's there incorrectly you need to correct it). 2. You need to check and or enter the date 3. You need to check and or enter the amount. 4. You need to look at the type of expense and figure out what category it is (we'll explain it). 5. You need to save it and do the next item. Once this batch is done, you may have 3-4 hours a month of work. You have to be very careful that you do not corrupt the database.

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    Excel VBS Job 2 дні(-в) left

    This is a very simple excel job. I need to examine all the phone numbers in a single column and print out all of the area codes. Please seem Loom video for clarification.

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    Hi I have a project needing doing where data from a spreadsheet with leading to a bespoke report in the form of a Slidedeck to be created. I have a template of the PowerPoint slidedeck design and the information needed to trigger population of info from the Excel spreadsheet. I think a Macro is needed? The volunteer what usually does this sort of stuff is off and I need this done!!! I will need to explain more in person what is needed I think, but if there is a better/ easier way to achieve hat I need aka a bespoke report created for each client from the data on the Excel sheet then let me know!

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    Looking for a Excel expert who can generate quality metrics for me. Please chat with me for more details.

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    транспортная фирма, приезжают машины фиксируются неисправности отмечается до когда действительны основные документы, и с какой прицеп притянул какой тягач в Excel потом раcпределяются работы по различный сервисам в зависимости от специфики работы, в процессе работы добавляются ещё разные сервисы и разная свазанная с ремонтом информация информацию вводят различные люди которые одновременно подсоединены к рабочей книге Excel. цель работы такая чтобы можно быстро, мониторить ситуацию какая машина или прицеп где находятся, какой производится ремонт, закончился ремонт или нет: что надо сделать : лист для ввода информации (информацию могут вводить одновременно несколько пользоватей ) лист : общая база данных, куда будет по...

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    I need to get really expert to improve formulas and develop a HRM in google sheets-

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    Hisse senedi, emtia ve yatırım fonu alım satımlarım için grafikler ile kar zararı gösterebilecek güncel fiyat bilgilerini internet üzerinden 15 saniye de bir çekip güncelleye bilecek excel tablosu istiyorum.

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    Excel Macro Coding, Excel VBA -- 2 1 день left

    I have to generate one excel sheet which can generate QR codes with given value Fields in excel sheet SL No., Product Name, Project, Unique Number, QR Code Unique Number and QR code should be automatically by giving the data on other field. QR code should be with label product name and project. Once its generated, its should save automatically to one folder with product name. My budget for this $5, please check and let me know if you can do. Thanks,

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    Web scraper for soccer stats, ( 1 день left

    I need a freelancer with good knowledge of excel to scrape soccer stats from multiple soccer leagues and distribute the data into excel in a nice table using VBA. The data will need to include: Country, league, home team, away team, home goals away goals, the final result of the match and the odds etc. I have a table in excel that has all the leagues that I need to be scraped and the scraper needs to be able to adapt according to the table as the table expands or contracts. The macro will also need to be able to apply some counting formulas and the ability to add the data to my database with all the historical soccer stats. The macro will also need to check for duplicates. You may have to remote into my computer to adjust any settings to enable the macro to work and fully test the macro an...

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