Frontend Development is one of the most important parts of creating a website or digital product. The role of the Frontend Developer is to ensure that a website looks and functions as intended, using their knowledge on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and other programming languages. They have the ability to implement design into code and create engaging frontend experiences. Whether it’s creating an interactive user interface, building a website from scratch, or simply cleaning up the code of an existing site, the Frontend Developer is essential in delivering excellent results to any client.

Here's some projects that our expert Frontend Developers made real:

  • Creating visually appealing websites with modern elements
  • Integrating external services such as Artificial Intelligence API into existing platforms
  • Building a seamless user experience in video sharing platforms
  • Linking cloud computing with HTML pages to put user data in motion
  • Developing custom mobile applications for IOS and Android devices
  • Creating dashboards along with data feeds for end users
  • Developing Laravel powered webpages along with Vue JS

The skill of a Frontend Developer can truly bring any digital products to life. Our experts have helped many clients to realize their vision, by translating their ideas into sophisticated code. If you are looking for efficient high quality results, now might be the perfect time to post your own project in and hire a Frontend Developer!

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    Portfolio Website Developer 6 дні(-в) left

    I need a talented Web Developer to create a professional online portfolio. - I'm looking for a website that can elegantly showcase my work and accomplishments. It should be well organized for easy navigation and user-friendly. - A good understanding of visual design principles is important for this project. The site should look polished and professional. - I'd appreciate suggestions on how to improve the UX/UI to make it more engaging and interactive. Briefly showcase your proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (if applicable) for building web applications. Demonstrate your understanding of Bootstrap's core concepts and components. If you have additional skills, such as UI/UX design or front-end development frameworks (React, Angular, Vue.js), mention them strategically,...

    $35 (Avg Bid)
    $35 Сер. заявка
    26 заявки

    Fitur Sidebar: 1. Tambahkan tombol '+' untuk membuat board baru. Saat diklik, muncul form untuk mengisi nama board. 2. Setelah nama diisi dan disimpan, board baru akan muncul dengan nama tersebut. 3. Setiap board memiliki dua tabel: "TODO" dan "COMPLETED". Tabel TODO: 1. Fitur "Add Item": o Saat tombol "Add Item" diklik, muncul form untuk mengisi nama task. o Form ini harus mengirimkan 'name_task' sebagai form-data ke endpoint '/task'. o Setelah task dibuat, tambahkan baris baru di tabel TODO. o Simpan 'user_email' dari response JSON untuk penggunaan selanjutnya. 2. Kolom "Person": o Terdapat tombol '+' di kolom ini. o Saat diklik, muncul form dengan tiga field: a. Nama email (harus dala...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Сер. заявка
    2 заявки
    Create a questionnaire registration 6 дні(-в) left

    Work summary Create a questionnaire registration process that supports Chinese and English. Specific steps: Enter the registration page: Click the red button "Start for Free" to enter the registration page. Registration process steps: Registration 1 interface: Select the course subject (Chinese, Mathematics, English), which is a single choice, and fill in the number of students. Registration 2 interface: Select the expectations or goals for the course. Different topics will jump to the corresponding questionnaire registration process. Each interface has a "Next" and "Back" button, but there is no "Back" button on the first page, and there is a "Finish" button on the last page. Registration 3 interface: Select the stu...

    $112 (Avg Bid)
    $112 Сер. заявка
    21 заявки
    Looking For Web Devlopment - Front end and backend (All in one) 6 дні(-в) left

    Hi i am looking for all-in-one website devloper that include all, front-end-devloper, backend devloper, php, python and you must have experinced in all format: To know what the job is, kindly check out the job description here- First kindly open this doc file where we mention everything what we need, If you do random proposal with ai content, will be rejected immidiately and must know what you can provide. If you think you can't give 100% to this job then don't apply it. Thanks

    $534 (Avg Bid)
    $534 Сер. заявка
    56 заявки

    I'm in need of a freelancer to develop a comprehensive HR portal for my organization. The platform should be user-friendly, secure, and scalable. Key Features: - Employee Management: Implement a system for managing employee data, performance, and records efficiently. - Attendance Tracking: Include a feature to monitor and record employee attendance. - Payroll Processing: Develop a system for processing and managing employee payroll. Please provide a detailed proposal of your experience and expertise in developing similar platforms.

    $4672 (Avg Bid)
    $4672 Сер. заявка
    20 заявки
    Agricultural web service 5 дні(-в) left

    I'm looking for a professional who can help me develop a management app with a strong focus on The ideal candidate should have experience in developing management apps and a strong background in integrating DevOps tools. Key Features: - The primary focus of the app should be on reporting and analytics. This includes data visualization, KPI tracking, and customizable reports. - It should also cover standard management features like task management and team collaboration. However, these features should be secondary to the robust reporting capabilities. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in developing management apps. - Previous projects that demonstrate a strong focus on reporting and analytics. - Proficiency in integrating DevOps tools, specifically Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernete...

    $4481 (Avg Bid)
    $4481 Сер. заявка
    33 заявки
    Telegram Mini Web Mobile App Redesign 5 дні(-в) left

    I am in need of a React front-end developer to overhaul the design of my Telegram mini web mobile app. I want to completely change the color scheme, restructure the layout, and update the font style. I will provide the figma file for the new design. Budget: 100$ Timeline: 3 days

    $118 (Avg Bid)
    $118 Сер. заявка
    31 заявки
    Next JS Server Side Rendering for Performance Boost 5 дні(-в) left

    I'm looking for a expert to improve the performance of my website by modifying two specific pages - the Product and Category pages - to incorporate Server Side Rendering (SSR) of data from our API. This change is necessary to enhance the SEO performance of my website. Key requirements: - Modify the Product page and Category page to implement SSR to render SEO data, product descriptions, product images, and other page details. - Ensure that all SEO data (page title, meta description, canonical URL) are rendered correctly on both pages. The ideal candidate for this project is someone with: - Extensive experience with and server-side rendering - Proficient in handling and integrating API data - Strong SEO knowledge and experience with SEO implementations on websites - Effective commu...

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Сер. заявка
    7 заявки
    Full Stack Developer for Business System 4 дні(-в) left

    I'm looking for a talented Full Stack Developer to create a new system for my existing business. This is a crucial project, and I need someone with a solid track record of developing applications and systems from the ground up. Key Skills and Experience: - Proficient in both front-end and back-end development - Experienced in creating new systems using react for Frontend and node.js for backend . - Proven track record in building successful business applications - Strong understanding of user experience and scalability - Strong experience in payment gateway integration , WB API integration. Your application should include your past work, specifically any similar projects you've worked on. Showing me your previous projects will help me understand if your style and s...

    $1265 (Avg Bid)
    $1265 Сер. заявка
    121 заявки
    Servicio web gestión de partidos de padel 3 дні(-в) left

    Necesito un programador que me pueda crear un servicio web que permita a diferentes organizadores de torneos introducir los partidos de los torneos que organizan. Los partidos se guardan en 3 tablas diferentes (inplay para partidos en directo, ended para partidos terminados y upcoming para partido futuros) Todas las tablas se guardarán en una BD POSTGRESQL (supabase) Backend en nodeJS y front se puede elegir el que más experiencia se tenga. El servicio web debe contar con las siguientes características: 1. Sistema de login con gestión de usuarios en firebase. 2. Página para introducir información sobre el torneo 3. Página para introducir información sobre cada jugador 4. Página para introducir los partido futuros (upcoming). So...

    $430 (Avg Bid)
    $430 Сер. заявка
    20 заявки
    Banner code design 3 дні(-в) left

    I need a banner design with styled-components, but this isn't just any typical design job. I need it by tonight or tomorrow max. The right person for this job should: - Be experienced in styling components - Material Ui - Can make interactive elements stand out in a web design - Is patient and willing to explain the design process to me Communication is key in this project. Let's make my website design engaging and interactive together!

    $142 (Avg Bid)
    $142 Сер. заявка
    52 заявки

    ZLECĘ PRYWATNEMU FREELANCEROWI Z POLSKI - poprawki w dedykowanym skrypcie PHP + MySQL - poprawki JS, HTML, CSS - dodanie OAuth ('Kontynuuj przez Facebooka') Wymagam umowy o poufności, gwarancji zrealizowania zadania przed udostępnieniem kodu źródłowego i możliwości poznania dotychczasowych osiągnięć (otwarte repo na GitHub, działająca aplikacja pisana od podstaw).

    $451 (Avg Bid)
    $451 Сер. заявка
    19 заявки

    I am looking for a Full Stack Developer with experience in blockchain technology. I need a professional who has the capability to develop smart contracts and master solidity programming for a blockchain project. The ideal candidate will also have experience in front-end development and the ability to work with decentralized applications. You will have a short consultation before hiring. Please apply if you have the necessary experience and skills to handle this project.

    $41 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $41 / hr Сер. заявка
    109 заявки

    I'm seeking an experienced Jitsi Meet Developer & Integrator to customize and enhance our existing user interface. You'll help us by: - Incorporating our brand identity into the UI design - Revamping and improving the existing design to make it more modern and sleek - Adding new features to enrich user experience - Ensure the Jitsi Meet integration is highly scalable and can handle large numbers of users concurrently Your expertise in Jitsi Meet development and user interface design will be essential. A deep understanding of branding is also a priority. Alongside this, your ability to work in a timely manner will be appreciated, as we aim to have this project completed within a month. You'll be updating a live platform, so knowledge of live server operation and precauti...

    $362 (Avg Bid)
    $362 Сер. заявка
    8 заявки

    So my requirement for the project are from this site and this site majorly we have to extract the meteorological data of daily rainfall , precipitation and temperature data for extraction we may need to register and download from the first side but if u find information of these 3 things till date (data) for some other site u can extract from that too but try to extract this data mostly from imdpune and mausum site then I will share u some documents that which type of data I have to target to produce and share and from or some site where middle eastern country data is found we have to extract that too so basically we first need data for IMEA (India and middle Eastern Asia ) data then once we have scraped this data so I want data to be scraped for indian region to be overall India , st...

    $119 (Avg Bid)
    $119 Сер. заявка
    4 заявки
    Construcción canal de denuncias 1 день left

    Ver adjunto con especificaciones

    $529 (Avg Bid)
    $529 Сер. заявка
    23 заявки

    Introducción: Se necesita desarrollar una aplicación web que funcione dentro de un dominio existente. La aplicación tendrá dos tipos de usuarios: - Clientes: Cada cliente tendrá un acceso privado a través de un inicio de sesión único y personal. - Administrador: El administrador tendrá acceso completo a toda la información y funcionalidades de la aplicación, incluyendo la gestión de las bases de datos de los clientes. Funcionalidades: Inicio de sesión: - Implementar un sistema de inicio de sesión seguro para cada cliente. - Crear un sistema de inicio de sesión independiente para el administrador con mayores privilegios. Gestión de usuarios: - El administrador debe pode...

    $190 (Avg Bid)
    $190 Сер. заявка
    24 заявки

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