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Industrial design is all about creativity and out of box thinking. Products come with distinct features and in order to make your products easily differentiable from the rest you need ideas that work with your product and the brand image. You can hire an industrial designer and get the desired results in very little time. The designer will take into account the essential aspects of your products and brands. So, just post your job here and take the right step towards branding.
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Pre prototyping project - Industrial Design We are a company that provides sensor devices. We are currently working on a new project and we're ready to star with the product design. We already have all the electronics. We're searching for someone who can help us with the prototype design, build and launch. 24 Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн продукту, 3D-моделювання Feb 17, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 15г. $113
Renewing of product design We are manufacturing electric motors for boats and we would like to renew our product design. The motor itselves are working for several years and we don´t like to change the technical components inside, only the outside design. So we are looking for a product designer. 31 Техніка, Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн продукту, Дизайн Feb 17, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 13г. $6585
Mechanical/Industrial Design I need to design the housing of an electronic device. 41 Техніка, Промисловий дизайн, Solidworks, Технологія машинобудування, Дизайн продукту Feb 17, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 4г. $48
Seeing a New Reality with Apple With the rise of augmented and virtual reality systems, Apple has decided to join the party -- although, it may take a couple more years before the world-renowned tech giant releases their own VR/AR product. The current designs and technology we have today? They’re not impressed. In fact, they recently filed a patent for a design that uses a catadioptric system for their VR/AR model, whic... 1 3D-анімація, 3D-моделювання, 3D-рендеринг, Промисловий дизайн Feb 14, 2018 Feb 14, 201813д. 9г. $250
Create a world map for laser cutting and engraving A world map file for laser cutting should be created. Map should be with country's borders and without. The contour of the map must be one color and the other border. 10 Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн одягу, Дизайн інтер'єра, Corel Draw Feb 13, 2018 Feb 13, 20182д. 17г. $88
Design tablet Please read carefully and do not automatically respond. There are no points for being first Only points for being able If you respond without a cover letter you will be deleted, as many people respond and don’t know what they are asking for. Ok? Great, read on. PROJECT; To design a tablet designed for musicians. This includes many inputs etc, converters, third party hardware etc, b... 13 Промисловий дизайн Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 20182д. 2г. $545
Trade Show Stands Booth Designer High Photorealism Quality We are looking for an experienced designer of stands and booths. If it is possible knowledge of bematrix and octanorm system. We will need to create renderings of the designs and we are looking for high photorealistic images, Candidates without photorealistic skills wont be considered. 18 Графічний дизайн, Photoshop, Промисловий дизайн, 3D-рендеринг, 3D-моделювання Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 20182д. 2г. $81
Графічний дизайн, Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн логотипу, Photoshop Feb 12, 2018 Feb 12, 20184д. 15г.
I like logo best 's' letter I need a logo designed. 35 Графічний дизайн, Дизайн логотипу, Промисловий дизайн, Логістика та транспортування, Image Processing Feb 11, 2018 Feb 11, 201813г. 40х. $22
Design a Commuter Style Electric Bicycle We are a small start up that is working on bringing a commuter style electric bike to the marketplace. Our company has experience in mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering however we need a product designer / concept artist to help create the visual appearance of the bicycle. We would like to work alongside a concept artist / product designer to help bring our product to life. We have... 21 Промисловий дизайн, Ілюстрація, Концептуальний дизайн, Дизайн продукту, Концептуальне мистецтво Feb 10, 2018 Feb 10, 2018Закінчився $1214
Create an industrial design and CAD model for 3d printing I need a slick industrial design for my product. The design has to be very appealing and sophisticated. Attached are the functional diagrams. CAD models has to be created, which can be 3d printed to perfect dimensions. 69 Промисловий дизайн, CAD/CAM, 3D-рендеринг, Дизайн продукту, 3D-моделювання Feb 10, 2018 Feb 10, 2018Закінчився $137
Home Decore -VASE industrial Designer Home Decoration and Crafts in this case a Ceramic Vase and Brass Frame 10 Промисловий дизайн Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018Закінчився $169
Industrial Designer for Hardware Project We're an up and coming mid-sized window and door manufacturer looking for an industrial designer capable of evaluating hardware trends and recommending several design concepts based on existing hardware options and gaps within our offering. I'm happy to further outline the details of this project if you have an interest. ID's with experience with this type of work is preferred. Than... 9 Промисловий дизайн Feb 6, 2018 Feb 6, 2018Закінчився $2129
Design bottle for french luxury bottle Hello, I am looking for a designer to create a design for a bottle of vodka with an integrated flicker system. The bottle will have the same format as Belvedere or Gray Goose but with a full overlay of the old gold bottle. between glass and gold there will be SMD LEDs (micro LED) embedded in old gold aluminum). Before further develop my project, I would like to know if you do this kind of proje... 36 Промисловий дизайн, 3D-моделювання, 3D-анімація, 3D-дизайн Feb 4, 2018 Feb 4, 2018Закінчився $2536
user interface (only the skin) for an instrument for biological laboratories Our instrument is controlled by a labview software, which has limitations in the graphical aspects of the user interface. What I need is a skin, developed with another language (I accept suggestions), that replicates the functionality, but with a nicer graphical aspect. I need to see examples of other user interfaces before assigning the project. 12 Промисловий дизайн, Архітектура ПЗ, Дизайн продукту, User Experience дизайн, Дизайн користувального інтерфейсу Feb 3, 2018 Feb 3, 2018Закінчився $712
Design and manufacturer trophies WE are a not for profit looking to design and manufacture a new new trophy for a new look Awards program for the events industry. What has been used in the past is attached as well as a trophy that is used by other organisations. The trophies need to look sophisticated but must be able to be produced at a low cost. We are not interested in an off the shelf product. 19 Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн Feb 2, 2018 Feb 2, 2018Закінчився $350
I need an industrial designer I am looking for someone to create a model for what I envision for a simple laptop accessory. This is a big product, that I will be pitching to SharkTank. Similiar patents, but nothing like what I am bringing to the table. Hope to talk to someone with reputable experience and product knowledge. 32 Промисловий дизайн Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018Закінчився $166
I need someone to draw a prototype and to make it in CAD or similar I have a list of requirements and some basic drawings. I need a final drawing and to pass that final drawing to CAD. 34 Графічний дизайн, Промисловий дизайн Jan 30, 2018 Jan 30, 2018Закінчився $54
Diggital wristband for kids I need a 3D model rendering for a digital wristband for kids 50 Промисловий дизайн, 3D-рендеринг, Дизайн продукту, 3D-моделювання, Промислова інженерія Jan 29, 2018 Jan 29, 2018Закінчився $127
Електроніка, Промисловий дизайн, Виробничий дизайн, Дизайн продукту, Дизайн пакування Jan 29, 2018 Jan 29, 2018Закінчився
Design project I need a 3D model of something. Am a security expert and consultant. My organisation is looking to design special highway security toll gate system . 42 Промисловий дизайн, 3D-рендеринг, Концептуальний дизайн, Виробничий дизайн, Схемотехніка Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018Закінчився $423
I need a product designer and sound engineer to make me a headphones and design it I need a product designer and sound engineer to make me a headphones I need it come with sound the headphones must come in black and red and the earbuds must be in black leather the headphones needs to be wireless I can send a reference image on what I would like the headphones to look like if you need any more information let me know thanks 14 Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн продукту Jan 28, 2018 Jan 28, 2018Закінчився $220
I need some industrial design for a standing bed for physiotherapy exercise. Hello. My name is Mohamed Yasreen Bin Mohamed Ali. I am the co-founder of a start-up company, Nexus Synergy Tech PLT. My company currently doing a collaboration with Hospital Tengku Anis, Kelantan, to commercialized a standing bed for physiotherapy exercise. This standing bed for physiotherapy exercise is especially for patients who are bed-ridden and kids with specials need such as cerebral p... 7 Промисловий дизайн Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 2018Закінчився $2007
I need an Industrial designer I have an existing product ( a smart water meter ) and want to create a design language for our company. Need someone to take the existing design and enhance it to something appealing to target audience 30 Промисловий дизайн Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 2018Закінчився $1005
I need a design for 1 time I need assembly blueprints and renders of a product. A showcase. 21 Промисловий дизайн, Промислова інженерія, Дизайн Jan 24, 2018 Jan 24, 2018Закінчився $158
Estimating for Industrial construction projects -- 2 We require an estimator to produce quantity surveys and cost out a new 1000m2 industrial construction project. Architectural drawings and excel template will be issued for take offs and quantity surveys . 40 Промисловий дизайн, Архітектура будівлі, Проектування споруд, AutoCAD, Tekla Structures Jan 23, 2018 Jan 23, 2018Закінчився $151
Housing Design (Mechanical and Industrial Design) Please read [url видалений, увійдіть для перегляду] 24 Промисловий дизайн, CAD/CAM, Solidworks, Технологія машинобудування, Промислова інженерія Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018Закінчився $204
Project for Ahmed Mostafa S. -- 18/01/21 22:31:19 Hi Ahmed As discussed 1, Signature on inside of heart looking down at open heart— not on transparent top but on bottom- the right heart leaf has inscription “He Loves Me” 2 Transparent shell—inside top lid which begins below the screw. The transparent size dome width at the opening measures from outer edge to outer edge 1 1/4 inces and the inner top edge of dome is 1... 2 Техніка, Промисловий дизайн, CAD/CAM, Виробництво, 3D-рендеринг, Jan 22, 2018 Jan 22, 2018Закінчився $63
Design me a Product We are looking for innovative designs for a rowing machine which can adjust in height/incline, the rowing bar will be of stretchable rubber which must be able to be adjusted to increase the difficulty, the seat must be wide and very comfortable with a high back and neck rest. The seat and the back/neck rest must also be able to be adjustable to various angles. At the top back of the seat there ha... 17 AutoCAD, Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн продукту Jan 19, 2018 Jan 19, 201812г. 11х. $293
Project for Darius V. Hi Darius V., are you available to do some 3D sketchup work? Job is not very big - working on some components that have been imported from STL and need to be cleaned up. 5 Photoshop, Промисловий дизайн, 3D-рендеринг, Google SketchUp, 3D-моделювання, Jan 14, 2018 Jan 14, 2018Закінчився $23
Project for elliottbenzle2 Hi elliottbenzle2, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 PHP, ASP, Дизайн сайту, Photoshop, Промисловий дизайн, Jan 12, 2018 Jan 12, 2018Закінчився $12
Design a logo I need a logo designed. 3 Дизайн сайту, Графічний дизайн, Дизайн логотипу, Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн приміщень Jan 10, 2018 Jan 10, 2018Закінчився $42114
Plans required for a commercial shed in Australia Need some drawings for a commercial shed in Australia. Shed is approximately 250sqm and basic in design. Drawings must adhere to local council regulation, able to be used to gain building consent - basic rendering and survey will be provided. Thank you 8 Промисловий дизайн, Архітектура будівлі, AutoCAD, Дизайн Jan 10, 2018 Jan 10, 2018Закінчився $375
industrial design & 3D Design Need to have a 3D designer with industrial design skills modify my current 3D drawings to make an updated version that looks sleeker and more modern. 114 Промисловий дизайн, Solidworks, AutoCAD, 3D-моделювання, 3D-дизайн Jan 9, 2018 Jan 9, 2018Закінчився $402
Pictures Designer I'm looking for someone to make some professional and cativate pictures for a software. It's a steel structures simulator software, so I'll need some 3D pictures like those presented on the attached brochure, for example. 44 Графічний дизайн, Промисловий дизайн, CAD/CAM, 3D-рендеринг, 3D-моделювання Jan 9, 2018 Jan 9, 2018Закінчився $186
extra-execution I need Request quote about all industrial work AUTOMOBILE COMPUTER(and all devices) MINING NETWORK PHONE 1 Промисловий дизайн, Промислова інженерія, Індонезійська Jan 6, 2018 Jan 6, 2018Закінчився $35
Pattern making for Wrap Dress Sizing, Pattern Making and Sample Fitting for a dress type (wrap dress). I have created a dress type to sell but due to a high demand, I have to make different sizes for the same dress. Ideally someone who is knowledgeable in manufacturing of clothes in China and based in Hong Kong/Shenzen. 10 Промисловий дизайн, Виробництво, Дизайн одягу, Пошук постачальників, Виготовлення моделей Jan 1, 2018 Jan 1, 2018Закінчився $150
industrial designer I'm a UX Designer and former Graphic Designer living in Seattle. Also a huge cat lover. Here is my vision for a product to start a home based business: Problem/Opportunity: Many cat toys consist of a stick with a string and an "animal" (fake bird or mouse) at the end. I've observed that after the "animal" is inevitably shredded, cats still love playing with the ha... 20 Промисловий дизайн, Дизайн продукту Dec 29, 2017 Dec 29, 2017Закінчився $480
I need an industrial designer with engineering experience We are an air cleaner manufacturer. We are looking for a new design for a new air cleaner. The air cleaner must have a HEPA filter and a minimum CFM of 300 on high speed 16 Промисловий дизайн, Технологія машинобудування Dec 28, 2017 Dec 28, 2017Закінчився $13708
Industrial Designer - Format DXF File I am looking for an Industrial designer for a small project. To make a DXF File from a small sketch of 9cm x 9cm. Please contact me 21 Промисловий дизайн Dec 27, 2017 Dec 27, 2017Закінчився $60
industrial design Air pollution mask for the Chinese market. We have all tech specifications. We need person who can create industrial design 30 Промисловий дизайн Dec 27, 2017 Dec 27, 2017Закінчився $987
build me a Simulation Model with Arena software 1. An insurance company has a particular type of insurance policy which costs $100 for six months of [url видалений, увійдіть для перегляду] probability of a claim being filed per policy and month is 0.01. Given that the claim is filed, the size follows a triangular distribution with minimum value $50, most likely value $200 and maximum value $500. Assume independence in the filling of clai... 6 Excel, Промисловий дизайн, Бізнес-аналіз, Промислова інженерія Dec 22, 2017 Dec 22, 2017Закінчився $33
I need expert simulation with Arena software this is the problem: An insurance company has a particular type of insurance policy which costs $100 for six months of [url видалений, увійдіть для перегляду] probability of a claim being filed per policy and month is 0.01. Given that the claim is filed, the size follows a triangular distribution with minimum value $50, most likely value $200 and maximum value $500. I need the followin... 8 Excel, Промисловий дизайн, Статистика, Промислова інженерія Dec 22, 2017 Dec 22, 2017Закінчився $48
3D Models for board game (Printable/Injection Mold) I want 10 3D models for a board game. There's no need to be hyper realistic, the models have, thinking in a cube, 2cm max per edge. The 3d models are iconic personalities or things of the city culture where the board game is based on. 44 Промисловий дизайн, 3D-моделювання, 3D-дизайн, 3D-друк Dec 20, 2017 Dec 20, 2017Закінчився $552
I need a designer for a wallet Hello, whoever will see this. My name is Kyle, and I am 18. I just need a simple design for a wallet. One side has to be at least 0.4 cm thick, with a square bump for a fingerprint sensor. The other side of the wallet has to be at least 1-2 mm thick. The inner compartment of the wallet must have 6-8 credit card sized slots (that uses elastic fabric), with one slot being large enough to hold USD. T... 17 Промисловий дизайн, Ілюстрація, AutoCAD Dec 20, 2017 Dec 20, 2017Закінчився $31
Wheelchair designer We are looking for a designer a titanium, Magnesium, Aluminium wheelchair for active users. 6 Промисловий дизайн Dec 18, 2017 Dec 18, 2017Закінчився $6330
Design a paper bag folding machine - table top type I want machine that can folding a paper to bag. Size machine like photostat machine. Can be many drawer for different type of folding 14 Промисловий дизайн, Виробничий дизайн Dec 14, 2017 Dec 14, 2017Закінчився $195
Arena Simulation. I need very simple simulations done in arena.I will explain the details later. 15 Excel, Промисловий дизайн, Технологія машинобудування Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 2017Закінчився $219
I would like to hire an Industrial Designer I need a new packaging for my perfume bottle. I am specifically interested to hire a freelance industrial designer from Sweden or Scandinavian because I like the style and mindset. 14 Промисловий дизайн Dec 13, 2017 Dec 13, 2017Закінчився $19
Load calculations for columns of PEB structure bldg. Complete drawings of the PEB structure is in the attached .zip file. I want to install 8" sch40 pipeline for firefighting system at the height of 8m and it should be installed on the existing columns on the external side of the PEB structure, with suitable supports. So, I need the load calculations for the column/s to find out whether the columns are suitable to install the pipeline on it.... 26 Техніка, Промисловий дизайн, Громадьске будівництво, Проектування споруд, AutoCAD Dec 11, 2017 Dec 11, 2017Закінчився $378
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