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Freelancer.com provides experts for software development services. If you want your business to be in professional hands, you should hire a freelance developer at Freelancer.com.Software development refers to the process of developing software products. It is the act of computer programming that involves the maintaining and writing of the source code. Software development comprises of two types of development like commercial and open source software to meet goals for potential users, to meet a certain need for customers and business or the software could be for personal use. Whatever the case might be, it is important to get a talented Software Developer to tackle the program. The best place to get the right skills is Freelancer.com.Freelancer.com is the best place for a software developer to offer design, research and testing software services to businesses. Many developer jobs are posted for people who do not fear putting in some real time to freelancing. With no expenses like travel costs, benefits and insurance to think about, the freelance software development experts will always charge lower prices. The good thing is that there is a lot of work for everyone on freelancer.com, no matter what their skill is. If you are very good, chances are that you will get a good long term software development job.
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Need help with kubernetes cluster, custom metrics I need help to implement some specific kubernetes cluster auto scaling based on custom metrics. Make sure you have experience with kubernetes custom metrics. We will discuss more details once I select the best candidate. 2 Python, Системний адміністратор, Linux, Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 23г. $152
Build an application to run a simple API I need to build a simple application to connect to an API. This should be a very simple project. 21 Розробка ПЗ, Кодування, Програмування, Web Development, API May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 23г. $53
I would like to hire a Software Developer for Web app but also App for Android + iOs Hi All, My name is Andrew and I work in Marketing and Recruitment. I am looking to develop an app which would be like a Tinder type app but in the form of Recruitment. Job Seekers will login and scan through specific jobs that they would be an expert in and be able to send resume or chat with employer immediately through a chat/SMS or call their phone number. The employer would be able to mana... 3 Людські ресурси, Добір персоналу, Розробка ПЗ May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 23г. $12
Blockchain/Altcoin Developer Needed. Must be strong C++ Developer. We are looking to hire for our powerful cryptocurrency project which is now live! See our project at [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] We already have a team of 4 developers, we are looking to add top-notch developers to add man power to our team. We are specifically looking for those with STRONG C++ skills, and ability to understand a project and cryptocurrency programming quickly and effective... 15 Javascript, Linux, Програмування на C++, Біткойн, Розробка ПЗ May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 21г. $38
i need keygen urgent hi, i need windows 10 keygen for creating keys keys will be need to activate online. key will not be blacklisted after registration. need demo before award. thanks 2 Архітектура ПЗ, Windows 8, Розробка ПЗ, Кодування, Програмування May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 21г. $17
Abinitio developer Experienced in Abinitio Unix PL/SQL 3 SQL, UNIX, Розробка ПЗ May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 21г. $153
Print billing software design Print billing software design Features description Insert information about limit quota to users in database. For each job sended to printer, is needed pause print, verify if user have a positive quota, and free job to printer, or, ir user dont have positive quota, the job must be canceled. Description: The basic purpose is to know who printed what. The software should be able to monitor all pr... 10 Розробка ПЗ May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 20г. $513
Software Development for CCTV remote veiwing Im after someone to develop a remote monitoring program for CCTV systems. I have found a open source program called ispy which is a good starting baseline but cannot login over the internet to a remote site (only local network). Must be able to log into NVR systems from following brands to start with (ongoing services will be required to add brands if we are able to get this done) - Hikvision -... 19 Розробка ПЗ May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 16г. $1725
Payroll System Development Hi, Inviting all expert Software developers to assist with developing an HR & Payroll System for a small company. The system should have all the features as seen in the below video [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] 21 Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ, Кодування, Програмування, Web Development May 22, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 15г. $349
Repository Project membuat platform repository (like a repository in a library) 2 PHP, Дизайн сайту, HTML, Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 10г. $161
Build MVP using Configure.it (Mobile App) I have the prototype for a mobile app built but do not have the time to build the MVP for it. I am looking to hire someone to build the MVP based on my design/guidance. I prefer the MVP to be built on [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] since it requires no programming and can be done rapidly. The app itself is robust and has many features. Message me and we can discuss the project in further details. 36 Mobile App Development, iPhone, Розробка ПЗ, Програмування May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 6г. $714
Simple mobile app for background working 1. This is not illegal app. It should be regularly installed and get camera permissions. There should be a notification icon that the app is working 2. It will take photos on every X (configurable) seconds, resize it to 1024x768 resolution and post it to some url, along with date and time of photo and with email that is entered during registration 3. If there is not network connection, it will ca... 4 Mobile App Development, Android, Розробка ПЗ, iOS Development May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 6г. $27
Double entry accounting system features added to existing Laravel Enso project We are working on a computerised maintenance management system and require an experienced Laravel developer with knowledge of Vue. Experience of Laravel Enso is preferred but not essential as it has extensive documentation. The structure of the application is nearly complete but it is still in the testing phase. The features required are quotation, invoicing and expense creation. When work order... 38 PHP, Архітектура ПЗ, MySQL, Розробка ПЗ, Програмування May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 5г. $35
Soundwaves meets subtitles I am working to build an Assisted Living Community and Wellness Centre, where I want to provide visualized therapies, merging art, nature and virtual reality. I would like to offer guided meditations both as individual and group sessions in a pool—I'm picturing floating in the water as someone gently drags you around by the handle of the life jacket. As you look up the Northern Lights f... 5 Аудіо-послуги, Анімована графіка, Пост-продакшн, Розробка ПЗ, Відеомонтаж May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 5г. $382
GitHub member I need some active GitHub members to participate in a research study. 5 Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 4г. $19
Ruby on rails project ( only expert) Hello This is Ruby on rails task. only bid who are expert on ROR. please check all the details on attach file. 11 Ruby on Rails, Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ, Ruby May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 4г. $679
blockchain app in python implmenting a tutorial on internet to build a cryptocurrency from scratch using python. Instructions are in a couple of blogposts . 9 Python, Кріптографія, Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 3г. $400
Clone Web-Classified Ads ***Read Carefully*** We need Clone Web Classified Ads CMS website and create admin dashboard and users dashboard to both roles can create, manage, edit and so on. We will provide the name of the site to clone by freelancer messenger. All have to be under our brand and company name. All will be install in our VPS we use https. ***NO SURPRISING FEES WILL BE ACCEPTED*** ***We need a Clean Job, a Pr... 9 PHP, Javascript, MySQL, HTML, Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 2г. $77
Downline Building Club This is our first time using Freelancer, but we own 6 Referral Marketing Companies. We would like software where our members can advertise a free downline building club before they join (replicated site) We would like the members to be able to see their downline grow and give them information so they can join our other referral marketing companies (member back office). The admin side back office... 9 Інтернет-маркетинг, Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 Сьогодні6д. 1г. $539
SQL, Архітектура ПЗ, MySQL, Адміністрування баз даних, Розробка ПЗ, Програмування баз даних, API May 21, 2018 Сьогодні9д.
Comparison between a json's file and an xlsx's file We need an app running on our Linux server that: 1- download a json file from an address, after login like the one attached 30 [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL]; 2- convert the json file in to xlsx file; 3- merge all the xlsx file in one file; 4- compare with an xlsx file like the file [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] attached; We have to search the column D (numero ordine file [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL... 24 Python, Linux, Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ, JSON May 21, 2018 May 21, 20185д. 22г. $78
Project for Christophe G. Hi Christophe G., I noticed you complted a project and I am interested in the same thing. https://www.freelancer.com/projects/php-mysql/pedigree-script-using-php-mysql/ Is this something you can do? 1 PHP, Java, Веб-скрапінг, ActionScript, , Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 May 21, 20188д. 22г. $200
AFL amibroker coding need to get coded a basic strategy for moving average cross over with some Filtration criteria. 2 Розробка ПЗ, Кодування, Програмування May 21, 2018 May 21, 20185д. 21г. $114
Looking for a developer from Eastern Europe I am looking for a developer in Eastern Europe and ready for discussing the details for the project. 26 Англійська (США), Розробка ПЗ, Web Development May 21, 2018 May 21, 20185д. 18г. $1129
I would like to hire a qlikview/ qlik-sense expert AppsGrade Technologies LTD is a consulting company specialized in the field of corporate performance management (costing, budgeting, financial analysis…). We need to implement Qliksense in one of our projects, and we’re looking for a Qlik expert to solve and develop some extensions like partial reload or specific graphic or objects, depend on our customers’ requires. 3 QlikView, Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 May 21, 20185д. 15г. $23
OCR Full stack developer required Hi We are looking for a part time/full time full stack developer to work on a business application development software. We are a startup software development company with 2 shareholders/directors on board. Both shareholders come from a technology background and have an active role in the Company. I am accountable for the business development, operations and project management side while my partn... 49 Java, Хмарні обчислення, Оптичне розпізнавання символів, Розробка ПЗ, Full Stack Development May 21, 2018 May 21, 20185д. 14г. $7130
Compilation c++ FIX Hello i need a c++ coder to fix some compilation errors in my c++ code to generate windows binary Goal : generate a working QT wallet on windows code : [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] Requirements : Before the hiring the freelancer should provide a full detailled report of the found errors and which line and which file , corresponding milestones will be created 29 Програмування на С, Python, Програмування на C#, Програмування на C++, Розробка ПЗ May 21, 2018 May 21, 20185д. 14г. $515
Wireless BizTalk I need a Microsoft Biztalk Developer to do 4 EDI Transactions. $90/hr - 5-10 hours. 10 Biztalk, Розробка ПЗ, Software Sales May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185д. 10г. $618
Data Structures and Algorithms Project Hello I need some clarification & help with questions on the following topics. Topics: Computational Complexity (Turing Machines) Greedy Algorthms(Optimal Substructure,Greedy Choice Property,dynamic vs greedy algorithm) Master Theorem Loop Invariants(Bubble Sort) Activity Selection Problems Dynamic Programming Safe Edge(Spanning tree) Prims Algorithim(Min spanning tree) Dijkstra Algorithim P... 26 Java, Алгоритм, Розробка ПЗ, Аналіз та обробка даних, Computer Science May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185д. 9г. $125
SOFTWARE Re-Write-PREP2 We are a company providing Educational tools of a technical nature for Colleges and Universities. The PROJECT is to re-write, unbuild/rebuild PREP2 (Primary Radar Engineering Program); a simulation of a Commercial/Aviation Radar Screen for use in the classroom. Our product "PREP2" was originally developed over 12 years ago in a Visual Basic format by a programmer who is no longer inte... 9 Техніка, Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185д. 4г. $24
Vistor Management System Visitor Management System by EITS is a simple, perfect and secured Visitor Management Software for Corporate, Industries, Modern Organization, and Research Centers and for multiple tenants like Tech part, Business Centers, Commercial complex, Hospital campus, Schools and residential complexes also… Typically EITS-VMS consist of three fundamental functional modules that is Visitor registrati... 8 Дизайн сайту, Розробка ПЗ May 20, 2018 May 20, 20185д. $490
Build me a Accountancy software i want to make my own simple accounting software for Print TAX invoice save expense and vouchers print tax report and other customer and vendor report. 16 Розробка ПЗ May 20, 2018 May 20, 20184д. 22г. $215
software developers video surveillance project. cloud. activation in case of movement. facial recognition registered subjects. counts preson in the frames. alerts operator terminal action. Excludes leaf-like actions that fall cat at home etc. activate timer in case of absence of movement after first action. The number of video sources is variable and connected via ip v6. the actions must be activated or deactivated... 6 PHP, Фріланс, Архітектура ПЗ, Веб-хостинг, Розробка ПЗ May 20, 2018 May 20, 20184д. 20г. $6253
I would like to hire a Software design/ develop Hey I am looking for a software engineer who could to build our new software about hotel booking. Our budget is up to 700$. All details comes after the agreement. 25 Розробка ПЗ May 20, 2018 May 20, 20184д. 20г. $600
Deep Lerning App consulatation and programming We need an deep lerning expert able to build and implement a working application for image recognition. Based on clarifai, amazon or google api. Whatever you prefer. 10 Розробка ПЗ, Штучний інтелект, Програмування May 20, 2018 May 20, 20184д. 15г. $167
I would like to hire a Programmer I would like some one to show me how to use a spread sheet I have. Good knowledge of excel / macros / vba required Initially an hr or less should suffice and I can use them repeatedly as I need them 23 PHP, HTML, Розробка ПЗ, Програмування May 20, 2018 May 20, 20184д. 13г. $121
Commodity trading software Hello, I am very interested in unique methods of speculation in the financial markets. Specifically, I have read online about method or models that can predict with near 100% accuracy when a specific commodity(futures) will spike up or crash down-creating super profits for the speculator. I would like to know if someone has or can make a simple software program that can tell me with near 100% a... 1 Розробка ПЗ May 19, 2018 May 19, 20184д. 9г. $250
PHP, Архітектура ПЗ, HTML, Yii, Розробка ПЗ, Laravel May 19, 2018 May 19, 20184д. 4г.
UNET Unity Experienced Programmer for Various Jobs Looking for a programmer with UNET Unity experience to work on my MMO Cooperative Shooter Game. Must be fluent in English. 11 Ігровий дизайн, Unity 3D, OpenGL, Розробка ПЗ, Розробка ігор May 19, 2018 May 19, 20184д. 3г. $151
Web Scraping + Refresh Application I want an application that can get me data from different websites + a refresher in the application. 55 Введення даних, Веб-скрапінг, Веб-пошук, Розробка ПЗ May 19, 2018 May 19, 20183д. 21г. $534
Translator Looking for Translator. 1. Must be familiar at English. 2. Must be live in Europe or America. 3. Must be able to discuss in private chat. 4. Must have some knowledge in Education or Software. 33 Переклад, Англійська (США), Розробка ПЗ May 19, 2018 May 19, 20183д. 21г. $954
Supreme and Adidas Restock Monitor I am looking to create a script that runs 24/7 that can catch as soon as possible when stock is loaded onto a website, when a product page is available, and automatically, with the most minimal delay possible, send that information (The Item Loaded and the corresponding link) to my discord channel. I would also love for it to be configurable so that I am able to add in additional sites. I would al... 13 PHP, Python, Установка скріпту, Програмування на C++, Розробка ПЗ May 19, 2018 May 19, 20183д. 21г. $172
Java Developer Needed Need an experienced Java developer to work on a two-hour project. More details will be given to the selected freelancer. Maximum budget: 25$ 50 Java, Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ, API May 19, 2018 May 19, 20183д. 21г. $23
I would like to hire a Software Developer Artists and Producers System which allows Producers to post their sample music beats, and allow artists to get registered, follow producers, listen to sample beats, and inquire full music beat by making payments. same system should allow rating of music beats by likes. Also artist can post their comments, have a wall to post issues they are doing like posting new music they have released, ask for... 31 Mobile App Development, Розробка ПЗ May 19, 2018 May 19, 20183д. 14г. $573
Sports Club Booking System - GUI for Java Bluej Console App You are required to develop a GUI of a sports club java program build in BlueJ that will work with the objects of already build application running in console mode and provide the same level of functionality. Code will be provided The Start class must be modified, so that the user can start the GUI or the Console Application, both must work with same set of business objects (one set only). Both t... 22 Java, JavaFX, Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183д. 7г. $124
virtual window server - gmail issue virtual window server - gmail issue looking for someone to solve issue with window server i am trying to verifiy phone number in gmail in virtual window server but getting error - cant use this phone number i tried my numbers but may b virtual window problem 2 Тестування / QA, Тестування ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ, Virtual Machines May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183д. 5г. $27
email marketing software I need someone to develop an email marketing software for my business which have similar features like this [увійдіть, щоб побачити URL] 7 Архітектура ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183д. 4г. $134
Web Application for Education I want a Web Application to ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contributi... 45 PHP, MySQL, HTML, Веб-хостинг, Розробка ПЗ May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183д. 3г. $250
how to reinstall software in 4g devices looking for someone to help how to reinstall software in 4g devices 9 Соціальні мережі, Комп'ютерна безпека, Тестування ПЗ, Розробка ПЗ May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183д. 2г. $26
Social Media SASS development I have a social media sass development that is needed most of the design work is done as well as a bootstrap 4 dashboard that will need a little modification. 18 PHP, HTML5, HTML, Bootstrap, Розробка ПЗ May 18, 2018 May 18, 20183д. $527
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