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  • Зображення профілю baseone
    CSS Website Expert
    283 відгук(-и,-ів)

    Top rank Wordpress provider with over 5 years of experience in development of innovative websites and Genesis Framework. Provides semantic, valid and clean CSS code ideal for SEO.

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  • Зображення профілю siawa1985
    Фрілансер у Abbottabad, Pakistan
    392 відгук(-и,-ів)

    I am from Pakistan, having 4 years of Web Development experience. My objective is to work and satisfy my clients by providing them with high quality of work and communication. I am a full stack developer with following major expertise: HTML , CSS , JS (jQuery) , HTML5, CSS3, Vue.js. PHP ( Plain PHP, Codeigniter ,...

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  • Зображення профілю tenpixel
    Online CSS Designer
    184 відгук(-и,-ів)

    Specializes in HTML5, CSS, Responsive Website, Ecommerce and WordPress. Expert in developing HTML5, CSS3, fully responsive websites and complex WordPress projects.

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  • Зображення профілю Akajus
    Фрілансер у Vilnius, Lithuania
    24 відгук(-и,-ів)

    We are a professional website design team dedicated to professional service, quality web design, and trustworthy results. With careful audience targeting, we create highly functional user interfaces with the perfect mixture of simplicity, elegance, and innovation for each of our clients.

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  • Зображення профілю drupalashish
    Фрілансер у New Delhi, India
    91 відгук(-и,-ів)

    I am a Drupal/PHP developer with 8 years of experience. Full time freelancer. I have experience with different types of websites like eCommerce, Social Networking, Corporate, Portals etc. Specialty: Developing drupal Custom Modules and Themes, Integrating 3rd party API's I have very sound knowledge of Drupal 6/7/8...

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  • Зображення профілю dushan887mob3
    Фрілансер у Beograd, Serbia
    83 відгук(-и,-ів)

    Here is a brief outline of my experience and skills, which will show you what I will offer you: • Good efficiency in multi-tasking • I can operate all the tools that are necessary for your project • Thorough knowledge about computer modifying, developing, programming and coding • Good problem-solving, analytical and...

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Пошук CSS дизайнери на Freelancer

Hiring an expert to make modifications to your site or build a website is a great way to improve your brand image. The features, style, and all-around functionality of a website should reflect your brand and everything you have to offer. For example, bloggers will benefit greatly from having the ability to send their latest post directly to their landing page, and also the ability to format each post to fit their theme appropriately. Those with businesses will want to ensure that their designs are fluid and responsive, and also that their extensions, such as a shopping cart, blend in nicely with their designs.

Website viewers appreciate when a site is well organized, easy to navigate, and visually pleasing. A developer that is an expert at modifying and creating CSS will be able to know which of the two preprocessors, either LESS or SASS, will be best suited for the design or modification of a site. Both have some very identical features that can be used for creation and rendering, but the slight differences are what makes a developer pick one over the other for specific project types.

LESS and SASS/SCSS share several features that programmers look for, making it a tough decision sometimes. Below are a few of the tools the software’s feature:

  • LESS and SASS/SCSS support server side imports.

  • LESS and SASS/SCSS support the import of each other’s files.

  • LESS and SASS/SCSS support C++ Style comments and C-Style (/**/)

  • The softwares allow the use of numbers and basic arithmetic, but they do differ slightly in the way they handle the input of units.

  • Both preprocessors provide color math.

  • LESS and SASS/SCSS both have a selector that allows for the nested selector to parent scope.

LESS features three output formats including Normal, Compressed and Yui-compressed, whilst SASS/SCSS features four output formats including Nested, Compact, Compressed and Expanded.

Both preprocessors offer a few features that the other does not, or a variation that is slightly different from the other. Ultimately, the use of each software would depend on the project and which is best suited to your needs.

There are plenty of benefits to website owners looking to build their site or enhance the look of a preexisting site. No matter what the case might be, hiring an expert developer will grant site owners the reassurance that the project will be completed to their specific needs.

If you’re looking for a solution for your LESS/SASS needs or if you are looking to trial a freelancer to see if they provide the levels of expertise you are looking for, using a platform such as Freelancer.com is a fantastic option.

Simply log onto the Freelancer.com website and search through a bank of talented freelancers who are willing and able to provide their services to you for your project. Visit Freelancer.com today to post your project to find an expert in LESS or SASS/SCSS today.