debug flip-issue on safari and ipad -- 2



First step: please look at the attached demo.html. this is the file you will be working in. we need to debug an issue with regard to the iframe height and scrollabillity in safari and ipad. While chrome, firefox and IE are fine , The issue happens on safari and on ipad = see atttached html page -

Second step: please Read the following six articles to get you started = [url removed, login to view] The articles will tell you what will have to be done to solve the issue ,

third step: please solve the issue ! You must basically scroll the DIV instead of the iframe itself ! Once you have this established, the same issue will probably be gone on safari too.. The iframe-height does work well on all browsers, expect on safari and ipad.

fourth step: after you are done, please test the result on firefox and chome and IE again, to reassure no new issues have popped up due to your changes. please do clean up your adjustments in your new sourcecode propperly.

Please establish a reasonable, stable and reliable solution to the issue.

Навички: CSS

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